Utility's are programs extending the possibility's of FS98 or teaching you how to get most out of it.


GPWS98 v 8.0
Ground Proximity Warning System 98 v8.0.(38Kb) Warnings, Autoland, Autopilot and Radio utilities. By: Wilco van Deijl, David Lennon. To be honest: I didn't want to test this file....since I allready have the one and only GPWS98 vs 8.0 at this site for a long time...Please inform me about your experience with this file.
FS98 folder layout explanation
Tutorial (32Kb) on FS98 component files, and how they are organised in a specific directory structure of Sub-Folders. There are also descriptions of files, explanations of their purpose and info on how to go about creating such components. In both Text and HTML format (with diagrams). By Jamie Al-Nasir.
Sim Logbook
SimLog (1,609Kb) the quick and easy Flight Simulator logbook. Log your flights in the log book and get on screen summaries and detail and printed as well. SimLog is written in Microsoft Access 97. You will need Access 97 or Access 2000 to use SimLog. By Mitchell Atchley
METAR File Getter
METAR File Getter (1,580Kb) is a small, easy to use utility for retrieving METAR weather report files from the internet. It was designed to give FS98 users a more realistic experience while flying. METAR File Getter will automatically download the METAR text files from the chosen website every hour. By Rich Stiver.
Addit! Pro v3.1.8
Addit! Pro v3.1.8.(5,9Mb) Easily install, manage and remove adventures, aircraft, panels, scenery, situations, sounds, textures and videos. Archive addons you are not using. By Joseph Stearns
Radar Contact Version 1.2.0
Radar Contact Version 1.0.2 (388Kb) By JDT, LLC.Requires aplc130.zip (793k).
Module to connect planners and gps to FS98. By Adam Szofran. One of the most important add-on files available. Used by GPS 1.x, NAV, CoPilot, SquawkBox and more programs. A fs2000 version available.
FlightZip v2.0
FlightZip v2.0. (188Kb) Extracts ZIP files containing aircrafts, panels, sounds, scenery and adventures for FS98, and installs the files in the correct directories.
ICAO Code Search
World Wide ICAO Code Search-Addon. Addon-DLL. By Andreas Widmann.
Get weather 2
Get weather 2, is utility for use with Real weather, for adding real time weather to FS98 simulations! (328Kb, by Keith Bingham)
Navyg and Navygsvr
Navyg.exe v0.9.8.0 & Navygsvr.exe v0.1.3.0. (1.156Kb) An addon allowing to visualize as on a radar some objects of navigation as vor, ndb, runways, airports, ATIS, fixes. By Yvan Chambault. Also doc. available (84Kb)
WidevieW 98 4.0
WidevieW 98 4.0 (397Kb) Can be used to create multi-monitor virtual cockpits with panoramic outside views and large instrument's panels using networked PCs. New version: now includes an additional module for more complex, full bidirectional configurations. Freeware module for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.By Luciano Napolitano
Blue Sky 2.11
Blue Sky v2.11. (22Kb) Changes the default FS98 sky colour from purple to blue. Does not effect colour of aircraft or scenery. By: Iain Murray. Fully functional shareware. The author only asks you to send $3 to his address.
Aircraft Installation Utility
Aircraft Installation Utility v3.1 By: Francesco Aruta (177Kb). Very neat and free program for easy installation of aircraft. Read the manual but it's simple. After installation just click on the *.air file in your zip and it runs.
IFR lessons
FlyingIFR.pdf (5,072Kb) is an adobe acrobat pdf file containing all of the IFR lessons written by Andrew Ayers (asapilot@ix.netcom.com) and published on AVSIM.
Thrustmaster setup
HOTAS controller setup for the ThrustMaster FLCS stick and TQS throttle for the sim "Flight Simulator 98" by Microsoft, Inc. The text file enclosed in the ZIP file explains more about the use of the various included files. (34Kb) by David Sandberg
Flight Logbook
Flight Logbook v2.0 (600Kb) . By: Hrvoje Grcic
Blue Sky v2.0
Blue Sky v2.1. (22Kb) Changes the default FS98 sky colour from purple to blue. Does not effect colour of aircraft or scenery. By: Iain Murray. Fully functional shareware. The author only asks you to send $3 to his address.
scenery listing (vs.6a)
HTML listing (232Kb) of about 3,000 scenery files for MSFS (5.x/FS95/FS98) continuing the work of Javier Gallego. Information about download locations, file size, author, date, coverage, compatibility and more. By: Joachim Tangemann
GETVIS v1.8.(35Kb) Using command line parameters, you can add sceneries manually, or through the use of a batch file, automatically. All previous versions are obsolete. By: Dennis Thompson
CH Client/Server vs 2.0.0

CH (Claude Hanssens) Client and Server. Based on a excisting TCP/IP connection it provides you with a great set of tools. You can connect 2-30+ PC's and simulate the ATC (with true Radar screens ) on the server side and the planes on the client side. Perfectly suited for flight clubs and events.

The CH Client part will take information from FS98 and send it to the CH Server part over the TCP/IP network. The CH Server will display the information coming from the FS98 via the CH Client part. This information will be displayed in a tabular format on a special form. An other form will show the aircraft on a radar screen. This radar screen will also display other information like beacons (VOR, NDB, ...) , geographical data and airports. This information is taken from a MS Access database. The CH Server part has also the capacity to generate "Devil orders". These are commands sent to the planes: the CH Server can modify almost every thing in FS98: weather conditions, position, aircraft control,… It is possible to connect together many CH Client (aircraft) and many CH Server (radar screens). CH Programs has the possibility to send text messages between FS98 and CH Servers. CH Data Manager allows the user to add, edit or delete data from the CH database.

If you have two or more PC's connected your may first download the documentation (458Kb) and if you are still interested you may download the client file (2469Kb) , the server files 1 (2696Kb) and 2 (2221Kb) and the data file (3595Kb). Information on the CH-site. Please inform me if these files are not available anymore.

Screen message patch
MCFS Screen Message Patch. Files for disabling the red fonts "BRAKES", "PARKING BRAKES" "STALL" and "OVERSPEED WARNING". For the English version of MCFS only. (60k) Pieter van Wyk
Addit! Pro v3.0.2
Addit! Pro for FS98 v3.0.2. Easily install, manage and remove adventures, aircraft, panels, scenery, situations, sounds, textures and videos. Archive addons you are not using. Modify aircraft, panels and sounds. Add scenery to Flight Simulator 98's scenery library. (Big file: 5,723Kb!) Joseph Stearns
13 checklists

Series of 13 complete FS98 checklists, to be integrated in FS98 (read the manual) including:

  • Airbus A320-200 AI(R)
  • ATR-42 AI(R)
  • ATR-72
  • BAe 146-300
  • Boeing 717-200
  • Boeing 727-200
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Boeing 777-200
  • Douglas DC-10-30
  • Lockheed L1011


Autoland: a simple adventure utility adds autoland ability to virtually any FS98 aircraft, when using the autopilot's ILS "approach" mode feature. (4k) John Cillis New version 1.12 improves flare and touchdown.
APLC v1.25
APLC v1.25 Adventure Compiler for FS5/FSFW95/FS98. APLC32 is a replacement for the APLC program which came with the original Flight Shop by BAO. By Martin H. Smith (734 Kb).
Boeing 747-400 Checklist
Boeing 747-400 Normal Checklist, 12 checklists in DOC and FS98 Formats. (6Kb)
Embraer checklist
A professional Checklist for the FS98 Embraer Emb-120. Tom Bogaert (2Kb)
WIDESERVER and WIDECLIENT - Version 1.60 Network interface for FS98 applications using the FS6IPC interface. It allows you to use FS98 Add-Ons on a second computer ! Known Utilities work with it are; Nav 1.9, RealWeather, Wideview and the commercial EFIS98 , but it's not restricted to this. (114Kb) by Pete Dowson
Wetter 2.5
Wetter version 2.5. (996Kb)Great weather tool to create various weather layers for your trip. You can use online metar service to import real time weather. You can get the actual real weather metar files, ready to view and import at the noaa metar ftp site or use the noaa frontdoor...... Tool made by Klaus Prichatz. Handicaped version: Shareware.....
Squawkbox 2.1.2

Full version 2.1.2 of the Squawkbox (3,5Mb) aircraft system which commmunicates with ground ATC over the SATNET system. This version of Squawkbox will be required to be used by all pilots starting March 1999. Further, in order to use this system, you must have be a registered pilot with SATCO. You may find that other files (*.dll's, etc) are required to use this program. For further information, go to the Squawkbox home page. By Joe Jurecka.This version also requires DirectX 6.0.


Keyboard Control listing
There are a few more available, see below, but this is a 1999 version of the FS98 keyboard listing. (77Kb) By John Hirsch.
Gauges Manager
JABGau98 Gauges Manager v2.0: reads every gauge (*.GAU file) and panel (PANEL.CFG file) in FS98 or CFS. It displays which gauges are used by each panel and vice versa. It allows you to move unused gauges to a sub-folder in the FS98 or MCFS GAUGES folder. It checks your panels, showing which gauges are missing - if any.
Real Moon
This file reads the current system date and changes the moon shape in FSW98 to reflect the real moon phase. (754Kb) The Stars are left unchanged. Make a backup copy of the file grant.r8 first (in textures folder)
GPWS 98 V8.0 final(672K) Wilco van Deijl. AAFWAV.ZIP required. (2,3Mb) One of the best FS98 utilities. Must have! Add's a new, realistic dimension to your flights!
Pocket Assistant
Flight Simulator Pocket Assistant v1.4-Beta. Combines several utilities into one larger package. Includes: Time Enroute Calculator, Character Calculator, Navigation Form Creator, FS Sound Changer, Calculator, Notepad, Fahrenheit/Celsius Converter, Distance Conversion, Squawk Code Generator, GMT Time Clock, Top-of-Descent Calculator, Top-of-Climb Calculator, FPM Calculator, Fuel Usage Calculator and TAS/IAS Converter. (1,928Kb) Christopher Vig
Neat module, Quick-To-Go. Can be used to keep a list of the most frequently used departure locations, so it is no longer necessary to search for the airport through the FS98's AFD menu and to "Slew" the aircraft to the departure gate each time. By Luciano Napolitano (16Kb)
WideView98 3.0
WideView98 3.0. Can be used to create multi-monitor virtual cockpits with panoramic outside views and larger instrument's panels using networked PCs. New version with many important improvements. Luciano Napolitano. (312K) Version 4.0 available since September 1999.
ProController 2.2
This is the ProController system which allows you to act as a real-time ATC interacting with pilots flying with the SquawkBox system. You need to become a member of the Satcom network to use the program as a controller. On this site you will need to certify as controller. By Jason Grooms(2,6Mb)
GPS heliports data
GPS data for all heliports (Helicopter landing pads or ports) of the original FS98 program. The information for the locations comes from a text file in the root directory of FS98. Coordinates located and added by Pieter van Wyk. (25,5K)

VISOR 2.0 is graphic tool to show your flight performance. Kind of 'black box'....

It reads a Fltrec file produced by the Adam Szofran utility and bgl's files from your sceneries. This new version shows your flight track with navaids and waypoints and more. It shows a side and bottom view of your final approach, showing the ILS (conus) templates. You need Fltrec from Adam Szofran. (102,5K)

Weather Generator
Random and Real Weather Generator (wetter22) for FS95 and FS98, creates much more than three different weather areas depending on the location of the airport, writes weather to a situation-file (.STN) or directly to FS, generates weather for enroute, destination and departure airports, online help for almost every step, works well together with FSClouds (Pro), simulates rain or snow showers. Replaces previous version of Wetter (426K) by Klaus Prichatz. Again replaced by version 2.4 see above)
Voice command
Real COM v1.2. (772Kb) A voice command interface that allows you to send command to Flight Simulator using your voice. It was especially developed to replace the keyboard in sending ATC messages in adventures. Wide Full duplex support: now compatible with other add-ons that produce sound (GPS98, etc.). By Tony D'Ambrosio. You will need the file RealCOM1.zip to use it (3.300Kb) including some Microsoft realspeech files. These files are already available for some time but hard to find on the net. This is why I made them available at this site. PLEASE INFORM ME IF THE LINK TO THESE FILES IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE.
Descent Calculator
Flight Utility - UP&DOWN Descent Calculator Version 2.2. (17k) José Eduardo de Oliveira de la Cruz.
Background chatter
Background chatter. Put the .dll in your modules folder of FS98 and you will have endless background chatter without loading an adventure. (28K) Author unknown. Read the doc first (like you always do...<G>)
Adventure at startup
'Adventure at Startup' Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. (2k) Timothy Gregson. Very neat .dll file (to be placed in your fs98/modules folder for automatic loading of basic 'adventures' like GPWS.
Control 98 v. 6.03
Control 98 v. 6.03a Author's Edition. Full featured aircraft, panel, and texture manager. This version is specifically designed for screen resolutions of 1024x768 minimum and a high color range. (6,010k) Garry J. Smith. Requires Access 97, VB5 runtime files.
Gauges Cleaner
GAU Cleaner 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. gaucln10.zip (24k) gaucln11.zip (24k) gaucln12.zip (24k) GAU Cleaner will help you to remove unused gauges. Version 1.0 does not include any supplementary DLL. Version 1.1 and 1.2 require the Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Runtimes. Nicola Marangon
Fuel Calculator
Fuel Calculator for Flight Sim Version 1.1 (52k) Bryan Samis
How to add aircraft doc.
Documentation - HTML pages describing how to add aircraft to FS98, FS95 and FS5.x. (16k) Rick Davis
ADVDUMP for FS98 - Adventure File Disassember Utility Version 1.01. ADVDUMP is a utility which will take a compiled adventure and produce an source code file in APL (Adventure Programming Language). (57k) Tom Hiscox
Checklists for the A320, Cessna 172 and 747-400 by Sami Puro. Each file about 2K small.
Handy Sheet 3.0
Handy Sheet 3.0. A very useful one-page guide for all your simulated flights. Features: approach and landing speeds diagrams; fuel, air pressure and distance conversions, plus much more. (212k) Wagner B. Beskow
Control 98 Version 6.0
Control 98 Version 6.0. Panel Manager, Sound Manager and Texture Editor for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. (1,396k) Garry J. Smith
Full FS98 Software Development Kit (SDK) by Microsoft (650K) NEW: Includes also Scenery and Multiplayer programming language. Three parts included now: Part One: Instrument Panel System SDK. Part Two: The Aircraft Container SDK. Part Three: The Adventure Programming Language SDK. Part Four: The Scenery SDK and part Five the Multiplayer SDK. This Kit makes development of new end-user utility's possible. Full SDK released on August 21st 1998. Separate help file available or programmers on ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/deskapps/games/public/flightsim/sdk
Frame rates display
Frame Rate Display add-on - Displays Min, Max, Avg. and current frame rates. (5k) Timothy A Gregson. For a more accurate Frame Rate control
ICAO Airport codes
ICAO Airport codes listings in TXT and Excel Spreadsheet format. (304k) Mike Vidal
Takeoff Calculator
Boeing 747-100/200 Takeoff Calculator v.1.1. (566k)Daniel Schonfeld/Tomer Haim
NAV 1.9
NAV 1.9, (1100K). A scenery viewer, printer, and flight planner. This version of the BGL viewer was modified to add section 10 and section 15. Ted Wright original.(1100k) Larry G. Fortna
Panel creator
Utility to create/modify FS98 panels with a WYSIWYG method (v2.53). Optimized for Pentium-2 and Pentium-Pro. (155k) and for x86 and Pentium1. Michel Polski (Shareware)
Control98 (5.5)
Control 98 - Panel Manager, Sound Manager and Texture Editor (v5.5) for FS98.(1159k)
Requires Microsoft Access 97 for Win 95 and Paint Shop Pro.By Garry J. Smith This version has been released at June 10th 1998.

Very good utility if you have Access97: Organizing and running FS98 from the database!

DynKit (1,4Mb): A program by Konstantin Kukushkin. DynKit is a set of tools for creating new dynamic object shapes, such as different aircraft in varying liveries. New object shapes can be used to enhance dynamic sceneries. Take a look at the included movie and manual before you start!
Final Approach
Final Approach (v6.0). Display/Create approach plates. (3645k) Georges Lorsche. Limited but still useful shareware edition.
Tools (v2.0)
Tools (v2.0) for creating new dynamic object shapes for Fs98, such as different aircraft in varying liveries. Suitable both for beginners and experts. Complete package. (1413k) Konstantin Kukushkin
ADE 98 (Aircraft Dynamics Editor)(2Mb) Very clever program allows viewing, editing and printing of aircraft descriptions plus the complete airframe dynamics, engine performance and avionics options of *any* aircraft designed for use with FS6.x (FS98 and FS95).Inform me if the file is not available anymore.
S98Class update
Update FS98Class to (v2.0.2).(165k) Cor Dikland Active-X dll containing methods and properties permitting programmers to develop adventures using VB5 along with FS6IPC.DLL. Requires fs98cls201.zip (541k). Full new version 2.02 also available.(566Kb)
Descent Calculator
Very small Windows program calculating decent rates. Very useful if you don't have confidence in your own brain.....Only 9Kb by Adam Batkin.
Handy Sheet 2.0
Like the name say's: Handy Sheet: Just one document with useful information for flights: descent rate table, small check list, conversions, V-speeds and more. 50K by Wagner B. Beskow.
Moving Map
Moving Map 2.2a by John Hnidec. The Moving Map is an instrument which is designed to sit on top of your existing instrument panel (or anywhere you want really) and display navigation information as you fly. It will display VOR, NDB, RWY, ILS, OMI and Airport information as well as Indicated Airspeed, True Airspeed, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Heading information.  Full version $20.
Adventure Disassembler
(Beta) FS98 Adventure File Disassember Utility (v0.9b). Win95/NT utility which will take a compiled adventure and produce an source code file in APL (Adventure Programming Language).(287k) Tom Hiscox
(541k) Cor Dikland FS98Class (v2.0.1). Active-X dll containing methods and properties permitting programmers to develop adventures using VB5 along with FS6IPC.DLL.
Virtual Co Pilot V3.42
Virtual Co-Pilot (V3.42) (76K) -GPWS, ATC background chatter , checklists, flaps, gear and speed calls, and much more. Requires vcp3_30.zip (184k) and vcp3wav1.zip (1234k). By George Dorkofikis
Plane converter to static
Win95/NT program to convert FS6/FS98 planes to static scenery assembler source files for compiling with SCASM (2.03+) or Airport (2.05+).(313k) by Trevor de Stigter Requires SCASM 2.03 or higher - 2.04 is included in apt_205.zip (4,612k).
Airliner Environment

FS6/FS98 adventure - Ultimate Airliner Environment (V3.0). (110k) By Didier Bur.

Provides a complete environment during your heavy jets flights: ATC sounds, flight crew messages, GPWS warnings and functions, automatic pushbacks, thunderstorm sounds, and more. Requires aafwav.zip (2,695k), atc_eur1.zip (1,876k), uaev24sc_1.zip (1368k), uaev24sc_2.zip (1403k), uaev24sc_3.zip (1394k), uaev24sc_4.zip (1402k), uaev24sc_5.zip (653k), and firstoff.zip (127k).

ProController sector files (tower 2)
ProController sector files for much of the whole western world (161 Major tower sectors) (v2.6). (3296k) Stephen S. Odgaard
Pro Controller sector files(tower1)
ProController sector files for much of the whole western world (427 remaining tower sectors) (v2.6). (8670k) Stephen S. Odgaard. Pro Controller to be found below.
Instructions (449k) for the installation and management of panels, scenery and adventures. Martin Berr
No Flick
Program to remove flickering night-lights from FS95/FS98 texture Files.(19k) Neil Park/OzPack. Very easy tu run and very small golden utility to remove the flicker in FS95/FS98 textures. Makes a nice backup of your original textures and makes undo possible in a mouseclick. Must have if you are getting tired of flickering night lights......
Sidewinder driver
New Microsoft Win95 driver for Sidewinder joysticks (v3.02).(sept.2000)
GPS data Africa
GPS data covering the whole of Africa (South and Southern Africa included) for DPGPS 3.0(26k) Pieter van Wyk
Scenery Disassembler

Scenery Disassembler for SCASM - decompile BGL files to SCASM source files.(121k) Takuya Murakmi. Only usefull for experienced scenery designers!

In good old times we had bgl2bgs.exe, a scenery disassembler made by Olivier Briot to convert FS5 scenery's to the format of one of the first free designers: bglcomp of Hiroo Umeno. It took a long time bud we have finaly a disassembler which unlocks the secrets of the FS6/FS98 scenery format and disassembles to the recent Scasm scenery compile format, used by most recent scenery designers.

Aircraft and Panel Organiser: Jab98
Jab98 vs 1.10:(280Kb)   Aircraft and Panel organiser by Jacky Brouze. Very professional (but FREE) Windows95 program which installs most planes automaticly from zip and organizes which planes you want to load in your flightsim session. It also organizes the panels! Zip includes French and English version. More info on this page. New version 1.10 released February 14th 1998. Default with Freanch and English language sets. Also available Dutch, German and Italian language sets.(25K each)
SquawkBox 2.0 Build 2 dated 01/25/98 (700K) Pilot Client of the Real Time, Real People, Virtual Air Traffic Control Environment You will need Adam Szofrans Fs6ipc.dll installed. SquawkBox has it's own homepage. Version 2.1 released November 21st 1998.

You will need to have linked PC's to use these utils!

Pro Controller
Pro Controller 2.0 Build 2 dated 01/25/98 (3,5Mb) ATC Client of the Real Time, Real People, Virtual Air Traffic Control Environment. Makes it possible to link only two or  up to 100 PC's and give them actual ATC. For local networks and Internet use! Version 2.2 released November 21st 1998.
Control 98 version 4.2
Control 98 - Panel Manager, Sound Manager and Texture Editor (v4.2) for FS98.
Requires Microsoft Access 97 for Win 95 and Paint Shop Pro.(551k) Garry J. Smith This verion has been released at January 26th 1998.

Very good utility if you have Access97: Organising and running FS98 from the database!

Virtual Co-Pilot
Virtual Co-Pilot (v3.24)-GPWS, ATC background chatter , checklists,
flaps, gear and speed calls, and much more.(25k) George Dorkofikis
Requires vcp3wa1v.zip (1234k). New version 3.3 released on February 9th 1998.
DP-GPS airport coordinates
List of all FS98 airport coordinates FORMATTED to Masakazu Irie's DP-GPS.(76k) Sam Chin
DP-GPS 3.0
DP-GPS GPS System for FS6 / FS98 Ver.3 (22k) It's getting stronger and stronger. Let's hope that this file will have free updates also in future.... By Masakazu Irie.  It is a very simple GPS planner but it works without any problem and its small.  Add a lat-lon position and fly around the globe. Not to be used together with GPS 2 or NAV18
Aircraft and Panel Organiser
Jab98:(378Kb)   Aircraft and Panel organiser. Very professional (but FREE) Windows95 program which installs most planes automaticly from zip and organizes which planes you want to load in your flightsim session. It also organizes the panels! Zip includes French and English version. More info on this page. New version released February 14th 1998
SDK Panels 3rd release
SDK Panels from Microsoft (unofficial release December 19th 1997)
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System & Flight Management Computer.(387k) Chris Brett (Shareware)

This is a promising product. A very sophisticated Flight Planner, to be connected to your autopilot. Limited free version. Full version costs $25. I felt like being a Beta tester installing and using this product. Installation should be done carefully and manually, the database is limited and changing the EFIS map caused a FS98 lock up due to a runtime error....But it's anyhow a very good product and we will keep an eye on updates! I expect this to be a leading FMS system in the near future!

Real Weather and GPS
Real Weather and GPS 5.0. (4,857k) Program that changes the weather environment as you fly to actual weather that can be downloaded off the internet. It also has a simple GPS system to help navigate.   Jeff Wheeler
SDK Panels
Official Microsoft Software Development Kit. The first component (126K) contains the information you need to create and modify panels. Beware. This is only for C++ users! Most recent panel_sdk.zip file (with gauge updates): 3 December 97. Now new filename. Just download the file again and replace the previous zip.There are now five gauges with examples of every element type, as well as a bug fix for strings.

Components that focus on the aircraft container system, the adventure programming
language, scenery, and multiplayer are coming soon.

VOD 2.7 Macros
48 macros to be used with the Visual Object Designer VOD v2.6 or later, and/or
Airport 2.0 version or later. (318k) Rafael Sanchez
Requires vbrun300.dll (225k)
VOD 2.7
VISUAL OBJECT DESIGNER VOD (v2.7). Zip 1 (2.118k) and Zip 2 (1,993k) Rafael Sanchez (Both Zips required).

Program to generate a great variety of objects for scenery design, like hangars, towers, control towers, lines, surfaces, runways, roads and more.
Requires vodtex27.zip (768k) and vb40016.dll (463k)

HeliHelp 2
HeliHelp version 2 Flying the helicopter in FS98 (v2.0) - more text, more recorded videos, and NEW oil rig scenery. 338K by Rick Lee
Scenery Killer
SCenery area KILLer Tool to delete some objects from scenery files to prevent double scenery.(132k) Takuya Murakami. Download file is executable.(.exe)
Random Weather
Random and Real Weather Generator - Wetter.(373k) Klaus Prichatz
APLC 1.19
Replacement for Flight shop's APLC program (ver. 1.19). Generates FS6/FS98 adventures directly.(669k) Martin H. Smith
Requires Flight Shop or another flightplanner that can produce adventures.
GPWS v7.2
Ground Proximity Warning System (V7.2). Warning systems, Autoland, Waypoint Nav, Autopilot and Radio utilities.(460k) Stephen Coleman/Wilco van Deijl. AAFWAV (2,7Mb) required.
IPC programming
Ipcclass.zip: Programming the FS6/FS98 IPC Client with Delphi(12k) Alessandro Antonini. Only for experienced programmers!
FS98 adventure - Ground Proximity Warning System (V7.1). Warning systems, Autoland, Waypoint Nav, Autopilot and Radio utilities.(475k) Stephen Coleman/Wilco van Deijl. Version 7.2 released at November 11th 1997
Weather altering
FS98 adventure - alters weather randomly over time and/or distance.(15k) James E. Donnelly
World.vis editor AMAN8
FS5.1/FS6/FS98 WORLD.VIS File Editor/Scenery Manager (v8.0). Win95/NT program to enable or disable  single or groups of scenery areas without having to have FS up and running. (1,066k) Alessandro Antonini/Central Park Informatica
New Haze files
Modified haze files (V2.0). Removes the gray wall effect on
the horizon, and enhances the red sky effect at dusk and dawn.(29k) Richard Lewis
Official Microsoft FS98 Plane and Adventure converter. (1,5Mb) Can convert any planes: FS5.1 format but also FS95/FS6 format planes. Not only converter solves also about 20 known bugs in FS98! Click here to see what it seems to solve..... You will need this file even when you don't intent to convert planes or adventures!!!

The Converter readme.txt mentions the AAFWAV.ZIP without mentioning where to find it: I added the link for you....

FsFacts v2.1 - freeware collection of documents describing the inner working of
FS98, FS5.1 and FS6 and some scenery design technique (73k) Konstantin Kukushkin
Scenery Library Editor
FS98 Scenery Library Editor - .VIS editor also allows you to install scenery.(365k) Gernot Unger. Read the doc and save the original .vis file!
FS98 version of Wilco Van Deijl's Ground Proximity Warning System. Warning systems,
Autoland, Waypoint Nav, Autopilot and Radio utilities.(521k) Stephen Coleman Never heard of it? New version 7.1 November 6th 1997!
Win95/NT BGL viewer/printer/flight planner (ver.1.8).(955k) Ted Wright. Great  easy installation, links to FS98. You can make a route or just give start and end. In this case NAV18 calculates the best route. Link to FS98, start autopilot and make a nice "GPS" flight. And it's FREE.  Don't use it together with other linked GPS-linked planner
GPS v2 01
GPS (v2.01) for FS98. Compact and movable Color GPS display - comes with all
Navaids (6761), Airports(3791) and Runways(5869) in FS98.(1,776k) David Drouin If you have 2.0 installed you may download the v2.01 update only. Don't use it together with other linked GPS-linked planner. Update to vs 3.0 released February 7th 1998.
Gauges editor
Gauges panel "editor" converts gauges files to bmp and back.22K, by Chuck Dome.
GPS 2.0a
GPS (v2.0a)  Replaced by v201 on October 13 1997))Compact and movable Color GPS display - comes with all
Navaids (6761), Airports(3791) and Runways(5869) in FS98. Shareware. Full version costs about $12. But it is a very usefull utility!(1,775k) David Drouin  If yopu allready downloaded vs. 2.0 you may download the vs 2.0-->2.0a update.(236K)
Easter Eggs
FS98 scenery can be influenced by time/date. And this is giving great opportunities. Put these situation files into your pilots folder: Place yourself on December 17th 1903 in this situation: ever seen the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk? The Olympic Stadium in Atlanta: do you remember when the stadum was full? Yes: July 1996, the 21st? Do you remember the Berlin Wall?In what year was it broken down?If your browser want to download the files as .exe files, Just rename the files after download to .stn files and place them in the pilots folder....If you have problems with the download: you may download the three-in-one zip
New Sounds
High quality stereo WAV files to replace existing mono WAV files for: Extra 300 (2,591k) Cessna182 (3,7Mb) Learjet45 (543K), Bell (580K) , 737 (958K). Made by Bob Fasoldt 
FS6 utility's which work also for FS98
Vis structure
Text file describing the structure of the VIS file.(3k) Siegfried Zapke
Adventure Generator
Replacement for Flight shop's APLC program (ver. 1.17, 119k). Generates  adventures directly. Requires Flight Shop or another flightplanner that can produce adventures like Winplanner 4.0 . Martin H. Smith. Version 1.19 (669K) is available too.
Microsoft lessons
Microsoft released the Teacher’s Activity Guide. It is designed "to help you tap that natural curiosity about aviation to help students learn and apply important skills in many disciplines". You can download lessons about Geography and Navigation, Flight Instruments, Principles of Flight and Aviation Vocabulary, If you want to know more about this Activity Guide visit the Microsoft homepage or download the Introduction page.
HSI Tutorial
Tutorial, in  WORDPAD format, on using the HSI for VOR navigation and ILS approaches.(832K)
GPWS V6.0 Update
GPWS V6.0 Update(29k)for the FlightShop ATC Custom Module.Requires gpws_v60.zip (493k)Wilco van Deijl
AF5PAINT v2.0. (71k) Graphics tool and PCX editor for creating aircraft textures.Requires Flight Shop, and SVGA graphics card (800x600x256) By 'Doe' Doebereiner
Change the moon
Automatic moon shape changer (ver1.1). Changes the moon shape to reflect the real moon phase.(35k) made by Jorge Santoro
Ground Proximity Warning System v6.0
Ground Proximity Warning System V6.0 (for Flight Simulator 6 only) Warning Systems, Autopilot Heading and Altitude and Radio Utilities.Note: there is no Autoland, Vertical Speed or Waypoint Navigation Mode in this version because of limitations of Flight Simulator 6. You also need to download AAFWAV.ZIP (2.7 MB) to use this file. (493 KB) Made by Wilco van Deijl
ATC controller
Windows ATC/Approach Controller (ver 1.1). An adventure designed to give a simple means to complete a fully guided ATC flight.(1,842k) R.G. Foster
Koch Chart
Koch Chart - The effect of temp. and altitude on aircraft performance (194k) Richard Bowman