Brief Introduction on panels: As you probably know FS6/FS5 panels are not compatible with the FS98 panel system as FS98 panels are vector oriented and fully resizable. But new FS98 panels already showed up and can be found here. We can also expect other navigation radio's. I will consider this for the time being as a panel file. FS98 panels cannot be used for FS2000.

IMPORTANT: Read/print this text file and each doc. file included carefully before installing the panels!!!!

Convair CV880
Convair CV880 / CV990 v1.0 (1.469Kb). By Matthias Lieberecht
Swissair MD-11
Very realistic Swissair MD-11 panel (1.512Kb) with 26/28 ACS custom gauges, fully enlighten at night. Sophisticated PFD. Full auto-landing with auto-reverse engine/airbrake and auto-brake. Dual screen gauge technique to display in all 7 different CRT displays. Full integrated GPWS, compatible with GPWS98 sounds. Global Control Logic, Pushback and Crew features for more enjoyment. Realistic aircrafts included with full moving parts. By Alain Capt & Saul Loeb.
An upgrade for FS98 of the most authentic DC-3 flight sim package. New photo-real dual panel, quadrant, and overhead panel. All new radios and auto pilot located on the overhead. Features realistic starting system. Sound pack, start-up and shutdown, recorded from actual DC-3. Real DC-3 flight dynamics. Illustrated manual. By Bill Rambow, Roy Chaffin, and Jan Visser
Piper Aerostar
Piper Aerostar (1,450Kb) By Ken Mitchell
V-22 Osprey
V-22 Osprey (516Kb) By Scott Thomas. David Giles original.
DC-7 IFR Panel Version 4 (187Kb) By Tom Gibson
Douglas DC-6 IFR Panel Version 4 ( 2,014Kb) By Tom Gibson
Lockheed 1049H Connie Constellation
Lockheed 1049H Save a Connie Constellation.(5Mb) Panel by Tom Gibson. Includes Sound and aircraft.
Boeing 707-320 v2.1
Great Boeing 707-320 panel v2.1 (4,4Mb) By Paul Golding/Project
Fokker F-27
Fokker F-27 Panel v1.0 (1,611Kb) By: Matthias Lieberecht
DC9-41 (1,880Kb) Including sounds Gear and trim sounds are recorded in a real DC9 cockpit. By Stellan Hilmerby
Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12.(1.242Kb) Perfect panel by David Durst
This is a brand new Boeing 747-200 panel (911Kb). Very good panel by a experienced designer: Staffan Ahlberg. Screenshot available.
B767-400 Panel
Nice 767-400 panel (1,7Mb) made by Nikolay Poriazov
Douglas DC-6
Douglas DC-6 (3.1Mb) By Dave Haskell
B747 Glass Cockpit
Impressive B747 Glass Cockpit (3,436Kb) By Nikolay Poriazov
767 panel manual
Very good 767 panel manual.(997Kb) Word document for use with Eric Ernst 767 panel. Every sigle part of this complicated panel is explaned using lots of pictures(below) By Terry Yingling.
Constellation Panel (2,156k).By: François Ouellette. Tom Gibson original.
Fokker 100
REALCRT enhanced Fokker 100 Panel (2,432 Kb) By Greg Gott
Great C-133A panel also includes the plane. The C-133a features a unique paint scheme, panels, sounds, landing lights, full array of moving parts as well as a fully tested FDE. You also need this additional file. (Total 8,9 Mb)
L1011 Plane & Panel Package v1.0 (1,5Mb) Aircraft by Mike Vidal. Visual by Brian Quayle. This is a must have package!
Boeing 737-600 panel V2.0
Boeing 737-600 panel V2.0(1,482 Kb) based on original drawings of the Scandinavian Boeing 737-683 flight deck. Custom made switches for the main panel displays. Custom made panel night lighting. The ACS-GPS98 V2.0 by Alain Capt is integrated into the panel. Be aware that the latest version of ACS-GPS98 has to be installed before installing this panel! This version also include the FPDA EHSI and the FPDA-Pushback gauge by Andreas Jaros. The RMI made by Wade Chafe and Brian Magby, with working knobs for VOR 1/2 and ADF. The panel is also suitable for EFIS V2.5 and EFIS 98 users. By Jan Harry Sorenson Update available (184Kb)Adds new toggle switch on the lower panel for the FPDA Pushback panel. Added missing GPS/ENG switch. Screenshot....
Generic 2&4 Fan Engine
Advanced Generic 2&4 Fan Engine Deluxe Panels (1.317Kb) . Features RealCRT, and 4 switchable MFD's with upgrade flexibility. Optional Shareware configurations for GPS98-ver3, and Navstar99 are also included. By John Schumacher.
DeHavilland Dash 8-300 v2.0
DeHavilland Dash 8-300 v2.0 (2,543Kb) . Features new, original gauges and a greatly 3D enhanced artwork. Designed for 1024x768 resolution. By Alexander Lawrence
Douglas DC-3/R4D-6
Douglas DC-3/R4D-6 (4,439Kb) and a update (292Kb) Dual Panel and Plane. Version 2 of the most authentic FS DC-3 panel and matching R-4D-6 by Jan Visser with a new flight model, photo-real textures, astrodome, landing lights, control locks, chocks, and moving parts. Many gauge improvements and new central dual panel switch by Roy Chaffin. New Sperry Mark III AP by Arne Bartels. Gauges from (6,6Mb) required. Illustrated HTML manuals for panel and plane. By Bill Rambow.
Lockheed 188
Lockheed 188 By Kevin Trinkle
Super Caravelle 12b
Super Caravelle 12b v3.0 By Jalmari Pipo (1,093k)
Dornier 328
Here is a really nice Dornier panel (768 Kb) that is very close to the actual panel fully nite lighted and ready to go, I'm sure you will enjoy this panel! This can be used with the Dornier 328 Turboprop or the Jet model. By David Durst
DC-9-51 Panel & Flight Model Package (1.995Kb). The most realistic DC9 available Now includes nite lighted windows detailed paint scheme on all area's now includes Moving parts. PANEL CHANGES: Complete redraw of the main panel! Correct colors for the panel. Placed Correct main gauges in the right locations. Added Press Ratio gauges to the main cluster. Added Correct Autopilot to the Glare Panel. Added working Engine Fire Panel, Cleaned up overhead panel, all Switches relocated to overhead panel, correct ADI w/ GS-LOC-SPD indicators correct, HSI with GS, & other minor changes.By Mike Vidal & David Durst.
Ligh/Medium Piston panel (2.075 Kb) bij Ian Kaplan (screenshot available)
Tupolev Tu-154
Tupolev Tu-154 Panel v2.0. (2.002Kb)All Gauges are placed and work like in the real Tu-154. Don't worry about the many Altimeters because this is realistic. By Matthias Lieberecht
Lockheed Electra L-199
Lockheed Electra L-199 v3.1 (2.987Kb) By: E. M. "Bear" Zapp. Michael Grueterich original.
Convair 580 v1.0
Convair 580 v1.0 (14.43Kb) By: E. M. "Bear" Zapp. Christian Connesa original.
Convair CV-240
Convair CV-240 or 340 IFR By: James Underwood. Thomas Ferber and Don Alexander original.(1,629k)
Bell 206B
Bell 206B (197Kb) Includes Realchop120 air dynamics. By: Carl Gallups.
Bell 206B
Bell 206B (238Kb) By: Simviation Heli-Ed
Junkers G-24
Junkers G-24 (1,111Kb) By: Alexander Belov
General Aviation Single Prop
General Aviation Single Prop (251Kb) By: Sierra Bravo PanelWorks
757/767 v.7.0 update
Update number 1 of the recently released version of the 757/767 panel by Eric Ernst and others (1Mb)
Boeing B737-200
Boeing B737-200 panel (1,936k) Terblanche Jordaan
Augusta Helicopter A109K2
Augusta Helicopter A109K2 v1.0(399k) Eduardo Beck and Marco Zambelli
Twin Engine for GPS98
Twin Engine Deluxe Panel for use with GPS98 by David Drouin (1,841k) John J Schumacher
KLM Boeing 747-300
KLM Boeing 747-300 v1.0. Craig Moscher and Robert Randazzo original. (99k) The Freeware Works
Fairchild Metro III
Fairchild Metro III v1.0 (984k) Matthias Lieberecht and a fix for ths panel....(125Kb)
P-47. Oscar Everitt original. (663k) R. E. Turner
Fokker F-27Mk.500
Fokker F-27Mk.500. Includes sounds. (3,254k) Brian Magby
Lockheed L-188
Lockheed L-188 v1.0. Ralph Tofflemire, Colin Abbott, William R. Dailey, Michael Grueterich original. (2,332k) Kevin Trinkle
Ilyushin IL-62
Ilyushin IL-62 v2.0 (1,798k) Matthias Lieberecht. Screenshot available.
Boeing 737-200 Advanced v1.0. Designed for 1024x768, but works on 800x600 resolutions. (1,875k) Renato D. Pullin
757/767 v.7.0

Boeing 757/767 Panel v7.0. Definitely the best and most realistic panel available. And it's free. Made by a international team leaded by Eric Ernst. Before you start: get at least a PII/300. Second: read the manual (1,7Mb). This is a realistic panel so you need to learn your lessons!

The panel can only be downloaded using this avsim panel download page. The zipped panel eats 1,5 Mb from you HD. The Update number 1 is directly available (1Mb)

Eric advises to use this plane (1,5Mb)for the panel. Including sounds.


Douglas DC-3 v2.2
Douglas DC-3 v2.2 (606k) Don Alexander
MD11 upgrade to V1.11
Swissair McDonnell Douglas MD11, The full package - v1.10 to v1.11 upgrade.(539k) Alain Capt & Staffan Ahlberg. Main file available below.
Piper J4 Cub Coupe
Piper J4 Cub Coupe Panel.The file contains a left seat view option and a center view option. All gauges were designed specifically for this panel. It is drawn for 800x600 resolution and has been tested in 3D. Brian Kostick and J.L.Stubbs. (573Kb)
DHC-5 Buffalo
DHC-5 Buffalo Panel. The design for this panel was completed using Scanned and actual photos of the cockpit supplied by the 442sq. David Durst (1.402Kb). Screenshot available.

Swissair MD11 full package. Great panel with a lot of integrated functions:.

  • Complete sound package.
  • 21/23 custom made gauges.
  • Integrated GPWS sound.
  • Fully working/high detailed PFD.
  • Dynamic Fuel gauge.
  • Fully working Autolanding.
  • Integrated Autobrake.
  • Auto Pitot heat.
  • Completely Night lighted panel.
  • Custom made Flight dynamics.
  • Three high detailed Aircraft from Project Freeware.

You will need two files: the main panel file (1822Kb) and the sound package.(4668Kb) but you need to have ACS-GPS98 (361Kb) installed before . Please inform me if the files are not available. Alain Capt and Staffan Ahlberg.

v1.10 to v1.11 panel upgrade available.(539k)

Fairchild Metroliner III
This panel is based on the Fairchild Metroliner III series of Turboprops out there. By David Durst 1,223 Kb
Saab 340B remake

Remake of the Saab 340B Captain Panel V3.0 of Eric Ernst. The original panel of Eric Ernst has been released a year ago, and since then a lot of new gauges have become available. This remake is an attempt to come a bit closer to the real panel The panel comes in 2 versions: - a Collins Navigation set version - a Allied Signal EHI40 Navigation set version (both links to screenshots) . By Egberth Drenth (838Kb)

Version 1.0 with Saab 340B - KLM Cityhopper, by Marty Baclawski & Tony Bolton.

Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12(789k) Michael Tscherdantzew, Jr.
ATR 42/72 v2.5
ATR 42/72 v2.5 (981k) Nicolas T. Gourna-Douath
Cessna 150-52
Cessna 150-52 Series 1977-78 (761k) J.L. Stubbs
Cessna 172
Two Cessna 172 Panels (1,970k) Stephen Hayes
Cessna 182
Cessna 182(RG) panel made for more realistic basic IFR training. High Resolution panel for Flight Simulator. (FS-200 Jeppesen, IFT PRO or ELITE style) by Mario L. Nienhuis. (1.197Kb)
DC-4 or C-54 IFR (1,600k) James Underwood.
Lockheed Constellation
Two photoreal Lockheed L1049 Constellation panels.(1,892k) Marco Caflisch
Boeing 707 1966
Extremely good photorealistic 707 panel by Louis Betti. (3.1Mb)
Concorde v2.1(1,870k) Paul Delaney
Bell 412EP/RAF
Bell 412EP/RAF Bell Griffin HT1(1,316k) Nige Thorpe
Airbus A340
Airbus A340 Panel v1.5(2,724k) Roy Chaffin. And a A340 sound package.
Cabin View Panel
Panel - Cabin View Panel v1.0 for Boeing 767 (24k) Yukio Kashiwa. Mostly remarkable panel....View screenshot....
Database Utility for Navigation Display
Database utility for Navigation Display MAP/PLAN modes. Updated version with Airports, Intersections, etc... Needs at least one of the following panels: A320-RCS, RCS-A340, TA747-400, TA777-300. This is a screenshot. By Tony D'Ambrosio. (2.047Kb)
Bell 47
Bell 47(348k) Jim Laskowski
Dornier Do-228 v1.0
Dornier Do-228 v1.0 (931k) Matthias Lieberecht. Screenshot available. If you have the 3D Voodoo you will need a fix (93Kb)
Shorts 360
Shorts 360 (1,655k) Damien Decaix. And if you want the Shorts sounds.(524Kb)
Boeing 707/720
Boeing 707/720. Petros Protopapas and Stephen Grille original.(1,947k) Kristopher Crook
Airbus panels
Airbus A320/A330/A340 v5.0(876k) Fred Carter
Antonov An-12
Aeroflot Antonov An-12 heavy transport aircraft (68k) Alexander A. Belov
Douglas DC-3 (1,231Kb) by Dave Haskell.
Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle Columbia Mmm. didn't see the Space Shuttle as a plane yet bu the panel is available.....Dunno if this is a realistic one.....(162k) Marty Berr
Airbus A320
Very good A320 panel (3,174 Kb) by Andreas Jaros. As good as commercial panels.It's a complicated but realistic panel (Be honest: real panels ARE complicated....) Screenshot available.
Learjet 45
Advanced Freeware 1024x768 2D/3D Learjet 45 panel, with 3 CRT'S, switchable displays, and places for GPS98 and EFIS or NavDash. Try ALL knobs and buttons. Engines start from panel and the park lever works! By Rolf Buckman. (750K)
Boeing 737
Boeing 737-300, 400 or 500. New to Version 3: Adjustments in the cfg-files and the bitmap, a couple of new gauges and a first officer option. Flight Director (ILS FD and H/A FD), stall-, overspeed- and brakewarning lights, accurate Autopilot, radio altimeter, functional spoiler slide gauge with sound, operational flaplever with sound, thrust reverser- and enginewarninglights, fuel cut-off switches, aircond. switch, autocoordination-switch and more. Screenshot available. By Olav Roeningen (1.527Kb)
Airbus A330
This is the instrument panel of the two engined Airbus A330 for FS98. It is designed in 1280 x 1024 resolution but also works in all other resolutions too.Works in 3D Mode. Switchable ARC and Rose Modes as well as Weather radar. Also included are sign switches. With a reworked accurate Gear Gauge. This panel also has four great Displays (PFD, ND, PED, SED). By Bernd Hirnschrodt (840Kb). Screenshot available.
Learjet45 vs 3.0
Complete rewrite of the Panel and Glare Panel Added Autopilot as in Real Lear 45 along with complete panel layout Added Mach meter and Radio Altimeter to PFD, also colored as in the real Aircraft. David Durst. (508Kb)
Yakovlev Yak-42
Yakovlev Yak-42 Panel Version 1.0 by Matthias Lieberecht (1180K)
Cessna 172 Elite 5.3
IFR Elite 5.3 Cessna 172r.(1,335k) Alex Yanes. A FS98 remake of the professional Elite panel..... Screenshot available. You also need this 304K fix.
Cessna 337 Skymaster
Cessna 337 SkyMaster instrument gauges. (2,107k) Jay Crawford
DC-9 Version 3.0. (1,102k) David Durst
SAAB 2000
SAAB 2000 Version 3.0. (744k) David Durst
PhotorealisticLearJet panel Version 3.0. (498k) David Durst. Screenshot available.
Baron B56TC
Baron B56TC Panel Version 5.0. Instrument panel for the Beechcraft Baron. This panel is ment for all Barons manufactured before 1984. This includes the B55, C55 and B56TC (1,548k) Michael Verlin
Cessna 210
Cessna 210 Centurion Panel. (466k) Michael Tscherdantzew Jr.
Cessna 337
Cessna 337 Skymaster Panel Version 4.0. Instrument panel for the Cessna Skymaster. (1,489k) Michael Verlin
Regional/Corp Jet-Bombardier Global Express, features include Stall and Overspeed warning lights, No Smoking and Fasten seatbelt switches, Moving Map mode, and Panel Switches to operate the MFDs. All instruments are lighted at night, and tested in all modes and 3Dfx. (548k) Paul Schwerdtfeger
Photorealistic B747-230
Photorealistic B747-230 panel. Includes new gauge for realistic sound of the wind blowing around gears on approach. Works with 3DFx/Monster3D. (1,275k) Chris Alevritis. Screenshot available
2 Engine Turboprop
2 Engine Turboprop Panel. (1,003k) Igal Kaplan
General Dynamics FB-111A
General Dynamics FB-111A Version 1.02, including an Airspeed Gauge thats work above Mach 4. (1,223k) Todd Munsell
A320/A330 FS98 Panel Ver 1.0. The panel displays all navigation instruments and is usable in all resolutions. (315k) Nicolas T.R. Gourna-Douath
de Havilland DHC 8-300
de Havilland DHC 8-300 (Dash 8) Release 2.0 including sound for cockpit switches. (836k) Alexander Lawrence.
Piper PA46-350p
Piper PA46-350p New Malibu Mirage Panel. This panel was prepared from a photograph of a current 1998 Mirage Panel. (1,416k) Michael Verlin
DHC-5 Buffalo
DHC-5 Buffalo Panel. (1,506k) David Durst.
Boeing MD-11
Boeing MD-11. (346k) Staffan Ahlberg.
Embraer 120 IFR panel
FS98 Embraer 120 IFR panel 1024x768 Release 1.2. This is the first 3D enhanced panel using a technique that makes panels "pop-out" of the screen. (585k) Alexander Lawrence
MD83 update 1.2
MD83 Eric Ernst update to vs.1.2.(195K) Basically this will update the EPR gauges to have rotating knobs when moving the limit pointer.  Also a new Fuel Flow gauge that now has a Fuel Used digital indicator incorporated (just like on the real plane) By Laurent Crenier.
Boeing XXX panel
A fully functional self-illuminated panel for Boeing 737-200,300,400 or any twin engine jet aircraft. (438k) Nikos Kritikos
B717-200 Panel V1.0, complete with aircraft , sound files and Alain Capt's GPS98. Original aircraft by Eric Johnson. (3220k) Roy Chaffin
MD83 update to vs 1.1

MD83 update to vs1.1. (80K) Not to solve bugs but to add a working fire panel! Update only if you have downloaded the version 1.0 of the MD83 panel ( By Eric Ernst and Christian Kogler. The link below points directly to version 1.1 now as I presume everybody will like the fire button......


MD83 Series Panel v1.1. (788K) Eric Ernst (a 13 other contributors) did it again.Highly accurate MD80 panel based on the -82/83 series as flown by American Airlines. (vs1.1 includes working fire panel). Most of the gauges are custom built (or modified) to look as close to 100% accurate as possible. View this screenshot. MUST HAVE PANEL! For detailled information go to Eric's MD83 page or a text file. If you need a MD80 plane you can download a very good American Airlines version.

Here is a list of features of the panel: 

  • 1. EFIS system with Flight Director  
  • 2. EHSI has ARC and ROSE modes selectable my mouse. 
  • 3. EPR gauges with selectable limit bugs. 
  • 4. Stall and Overspeed warning lights. 
  • 5. Accurate Autopilot layout with some modification for better functionality. 
  • 6. Flight Mode Annunciator panel that displays the status of the Autopilot.  This is not accurate for the MD83...that will come later. 
  • 7. Fuel cutoff switches for easier engine starts. 
  • 8. Throttle panel switches off by mouse click to reveal space for custom addons. 
  • 9. Separate window struts/overhead panel selectable by mouse. 
  • 10. Window struts designed to give you an "in-the-seat" perspective instead of the jumpseat.  This is very close to the same view an MD83 Captain would have. 
Beechcraft A-80
Realistic Beechcraft A-80 Queen Air Excalibur (249k) Michael Tscherdantzew Jr. Screenshot available.
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 747-400 (v3b). (951k) Staffan Ahlberg. Updated 30/1/99
Bell Boeing 609 Tiltrotor
Bell Boeing 609 Tiltrotor. (398k) Captain Slug. Also plane available.
Piper J3 Cub
Piper J3 Cub. (479k) Michel Polski. Screenshot available.
Turboprop II (v5.0)
Turboprop II (v5.0). (1249k) David Durst
Boeing 737-200 (v2.2)
Boeing 737-200 (v2.2). (842k) David Durst
Cessna Citation
Cessna Citation (v1.1).(981k) David Durst
Learjet (v2.3)
PhotoReal Lear (v2.3). (512k) David Durst
Dassault Falcon 900EX
Dassault Falcon 900EX (391k) Matthias Lieberecht
Skyfox Gazelle
Skyfox Gazelle (3166k) John Dow
Boeing 737-232
Boeing 737-232Adv Delta N382DL New Livery. (124k) Garry LewisBrian Quayle original.
F/A-18 Hornet (v2.0)
F/A-18 Hornet (v2.0). (695k) Paul Schwerdtfeger. Screenshot available.
F-14d Tomcat Fighter
USN F-14d Tomcat Fighter panel. (647k) Chuck Dome/Paul Schwerdtfeger
Piper Navajo
Piper Navajo. 1024 x 768 resolution. (1188k) Michael Verlin
F-15E Strike Eagle(628k) Chuck Dome
Parking Brake Light
Adds a bright orange parking brake light to your panels. (88k) Alex Yanes. Screenshot available
Turboprop II (v4.0)
Turboprop II (v4.0). (1015k) David Durst. Replaced by vs 5.0 (above)
SA365N Dauphin and S76 Sikorsky
SA365N Dauphin and S76 Sikorsky Helicopters panel. (229k) Ian Standfast
Concorde panel.(1234k) Paul Delaney
C-130 (v2.0)
C-130 (v2.0) with HUD, moving map option, and GPS (364k) David Giles .
NavDash 1.0
Navigation Support System "NavDash" Ver. 1.0.(110K) Graphic navigation display capability like a real B747-400 or B777. Fits in latest 7x7 glass cockpits by Eric Ernst. By E-chan. Screenshot available
777 Glass Cockpit
777 Panel by Stefano Caporelli.(454K)  Reworked by Eric Ernst. It features the new 747-400/PFD I created for the 7x7 panels (see below). Eric also added back the DME for Nav 1/2 and this will work with 3D cards.  Also Tony Bolton has created a great wind speed gauge that has a direction arrow.   Stefano created an extremely nice 777 panel.
7X7 Glass Cockpits
7x7 glass cockpits vs3.01 (April 10, 1998)  by Eric Ernst.  These panels feature many gauges and displays found on the 747-400, 777 and 767.  There is a 2 engine version and a 4 engine version.  Both versions feature a 747-400 style PFD.  Completely overhauled!  Both panels feature a 747-400 style PFD plus extensive EFIS system.  Now with Mode Select buttons for all EFIS modes.  Version 3.01 adds the new wind gauge from Tony Bolton that has a wind direction arrow.  Also the 2 engine panel will work in 3D and a small graphic problem with the EHSI has been fixed.  Screenshot of 2 engine cockpit available.
Regional Jet/Saab2000
Regional Jet/Saab2000 vs 2.0. (337K) Glass cockpit by Eric Ernst. Screenshot available
Boeing 747-200
Boeing 747-200 panel(1267k) Adam Kovalsky & Zeev Kovalsky. Screenshot available.
Universal Prop Panels
Cessna, Piper, and Mooney Single Prop Panel Collection Universal Prop Panels (1.056 Kb )for FS98 - vol. 1 - v. 2.0 More than 30 Cessna, Piper, and Mooney general aviation airplanes are covered in this collection of 82 panel configurations. It includes 17 gauges and 7 backgrounds, configurations for high and low screen resolutions, HSI layouts, and GPS 3.x layouts for many of the planes. Panels for most popular mainstream singles from the last 30 years.

B767 (vs 6.4) by Eric Ernst and Christian Kogler:THE BEST PANEL EVER RELEASED. MUST HAVE!! See screenshot Incredible secrets hidden is this panel! One more screenshot; the nightview....Released in FS2000 version by WILCO publishing (commercial) around december 2000.


Boeing 717-200
Boeing 717-200. (394k) David Durst. Good looking!
707/727/737 (60er)
Boeing B707/B727/B737 (1960er) (v1.03).(451k)Michael Stramm
Boeing 747-400 panel(v3.0).(1452k) Gianmarco Bettiol
Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12.panel(329k) Basil L. Copeland Jr.
DC10 (vs1.2)
DC10 (v1.2)(502k) Eric W. Ernst New version of the impressive DC-10 panel
Saab 340B Cpt
Saab 340B Captain(v3.0).(434k) Eric W. Ernst. Top panel. And free.
Saab 340B first officer
Saab 340B First Officer (v2.0).(379k) Eric W. Ernst. Top panel. And free.
Siai SF260
Airmacchi Siai SF260.(577k) Plane included. By Angelo Moneta.
PhotoReal Learjet panel (v2.0, 220k) David Durst
A320 Panel (127k) modified for GPS98. Bruce Upperton. Integrates GPS window in the panel.
SF340B panel(426K). Made by Eric Ernst. SF340 pilot in real life. GREAT panel. Also available: Co-Pilots panel (327K). Check this page for detailled information about this panel. MUST HAVE! If you also want the SF340 plane: download it, 520K by Jens Borgstroem.
Cessna 182RG
Very good Cessna182RG panel (794Kb) with moving map display and radio altimeter made by Ms. Leslie Rhoton.
Heavy Heli
- heavy heli's panel such as the chinook or CH53 type.
C. Canup II original.(135k) Ken Castree
Cap 10 aerobatic
Cap 10 French training aerobatic plane (v2.0).(495k) Michel Polski
747 photo real
Photo-Real 747.(951k) Yuji Hamada
MD82 (v3.0).(347k) Matt Frischmann.
CH53 (heli) panel
heavy heli's such as the chinook or CH53 type. C. Canup II original.(135k) Ken Castree
Piper panel
Twin Piston Duchess/Piper.(164k) Alex Yanes. Used to be a commercial product but is now free.
Airbus A321
Airbus A321 (v3.0).(536k) Michel Polski Screenshot
777-200 Glass
Boeing 777-200 with Glass Cockpit (v2.0).(258k) Antonio Ambrosio
Radio Altimeter
Universal radio altimeter for use in any panel.(20k) Harald Geier/Helmut Busch
Piper Arrow De Luxe2
Piper Arrow DeLuxe - AOPA custom version with Moving Map on MFD.
Requires (971k).(493k) Michel Polski Very impressive! View image.
B737-400.(85k) Enno Borgsteede welcome back in upload town! From the maker of the first FS5/6/98 scenery compiler
Beech King Air 200
Photorealistic Beech King Air 200. Includes King Air plane and sounds.(622k) James H. Whittles
Copper Panels
8 in Copper and Bronze 1 to 4 engine.
Requires the Free FS98 converter from Micro$oft.(597k) Max Spoerri


777-200 Glass Cockpit

Boeing 777-200 Glass Cockpit.(286k) Antonio Ambrosio
747 Glass Cockpit
Boeing 747-400 Glass Cockpit (v2.0). Roy Vega original.(208k) Christian Zeil. The install is a piece of cake. Second when you select that panel you will
fall out of your seat. It is GREAT!!!
Photorealistic C-P210 with HSI, Nav2, ADF, and GPS.(520k) James H. Whittles
Hang glider
Funglider (Hang glider).( 266k) Michel Polski. See this picture: have fun!
Cessna 182S
Photo-Real Cessna 182S. Michel Polski original.(510k) Ian J. Donohoe
Boeing 747-400
Photo-Real Boeing 747-400.(550k) Ian J. Donohoe
Twin Prop
twin engined prop aircraft (68k) Ferry Herfst
Military Jet (rev)
Generic Military Jet (corrected version).(227k) Alexis Thambwe
Beechcraft Bonanza
Beechcraft Bonanza (v.1a).(320k) Michel Polski
Learjet 45a
Photo Real Learjet 45A panel by Ian J. Donahoe (308K)
B737-400 panel
FS98 panel - B737-400 complete redo, new autopilot, resized gauges, x-feed
enabled, new color scheme. (375k) James J. McKay/SkyView Panels
Learjet 45a
Lear Jet 45a panel(v1.1).(38k) Ralph L. Tofflemire
B206 vs 3.0
B206 Jet Ranger (v3.0)Heli panel.(28k) John Bell
Big Gauges
2 Cessna replacement panels with big gauges.(192k) Alex Yanes Preview:(127K jpg)
Katana DA-20
Diamond Aircraft panel  Katana DA-20 (useable for any 1 engine prop plane).(96k) Andrew Plunkett
Enlarged AP
Replacement PANEL.CFG for 737 - Enlarges autopilot panel and flaps indicator.(2k) Pete Dowson
Cessna IFR pnl
IFR panel Cessna 182S - switchable between the normal split-screen view and full-screen.(6k) Jon Stratfull
Twin Jet
Military Twin Jet with HUD.(38k) Chuck Dome
Cessna 182RG
"Advanced Avionics Suite" for the Cessna 182RG.(188k) Basil Copeland
Elite style
Large (Elite style) easy on the eyes Cessna panels.(190k) Seymour B. Wills/Alex Yanes. Preview picture (89K)
B206 heli panel
B206 Jet Ranger.(21k) John Bell/Ultimate Panels Also available version 3.0