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Brief introduction: Adventures are originaly made to guide you through a flight from one location to another. During flight you can get instructions by a scrolling bar or by a voice. In this case most adventures needs some extra *.wav (sound) files.

Adventures however can also be used for other purposes, like a GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System). In those cases adventures can show up on every location on the world. GPWS can be found at the fs98utilities page.

If you like to make your own adventure you need to visit this adventure programming page.

Adventures can also be used for fs2000.

Las Vegas-San Francisco
Adventure-Flight 805 Las Vegas-San Francisco (32Kb)with callsign wav. included. By Kith Mason.
San Francisco-Las Vegas
Adventure-Flight 410 San Francisco to Las Vegas (32Kb) with callsign wav. included. By Keith Mason.
Rough Swiss Flights
Pilot commercial flights through the Alps (325Kb) in difficult weather, with King Air and B737. Use official SIDs and STARs, with much radio work. Also make a bonus mountain flight in clear sunny winter with the Mooney. Includes startup FS2000 flights at each airport, flight plans, and maps of all SIDs and STARs. No add-ons needed. By Michael Vone
Southern Cross (Pacific)
Recreate the first flight across the Pacific (206Kb) , from California to Australia in three legs, using the famous Fokker Trimotor 'Southern Cross' (a model by Stefan Doebereiner and Joe Ng, converted by me to FS2000, is included). Apply a simplified form of celestial navigation by dead reckoning. Includes startup FS2000 flights, navigation tables, and area maps. No add-ons needed. By Michael Vone.
Mini-race Hawaii
Mini-race Hawaii.(76Kb) Fly an aerial triathlon to beat the clock in gusty weather, using 3 aircraft flown over 3 different legs in Hawaii. You need to be a good pilot in a Cessna 182S, a B737 and an Extra 300S. The 10 best times will be posted on the web at Clearance Unlimited. Provided are: startup situations, flight plans. By Michael Vone and Jay Marin
Intercontinental round trip
Intercontinental round trip (812Kb). Pilot two long-haul passenger flights with true-to-life detailed navigation, even jet streams. Experience how real flights follow and deviate from flight plans, minute by minute. Included are: startup FS2000 flights with preset weather and flight plans; step-by-step instructions. No add-ons needed. By Michael Vone.(
South Africa adventures
Nine South Africa Adventures (215Kb) . Depart from any airport and arrive at: FADN = Durban Intl., FAEL = East London, FAPE = Port Elizabeth, FAUP = Upington, FAKM = Kimberley, FABL = Bloemfontein, FACT = Cape Town, FAJS = Johannesburg Intl., and FAHS = AFB Military S. Africa(MR)
Canberra to Sydney
IFR ADVENTURE - Canberra to Sydney (4.247Kb) Executive jet flight assignment. Complete IFR flight of Gulfstream VH-NCP from Canberra to to Sydney Intl. Airport. Designed by Fermin Fernandez.
Explore Osprey Tiltrotor
Osprey potential. (146Kb) Explore the possibilities of the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft: it takes off and lands like a helicopter, flies like a turboprop. Operate the Osprey from aircraft carriers, into small airstrips, to oilrigs, to distant places and islands without airports, and for distant search and rescue. Freeware add-ons needed. Included: FS2000 flights; a video; detailed instructions. Freeware by Michael Vone.
Sydney approach
SYDNEY RWY 16R (2.511Kb)Qantas Airlines B737 making an approach to Sydney Intl. Airport RWY 16R. ATC adventure code and sound by Fermin Fernandez.
Balloon around the world
Balloon around the World.(340Kb) Fly the first balloon circumnavigation, ranging to 37500 ft of altitude, and 115 kt of ground speed. Take off in wintry Switzerland, fly over the sunny Alps, and view highlights of the 20-day trip. Includes: startup FS2000 flights; video; flight data; detailed instructions. Add-on file (520Kb) is required. By Michael Vone
Kai Tak mishap
During take off from Hong Kong's old airport (234Kb) , you suffer an engine failure. Return to land on feared runway 13 with only one engine in the B777. Included are: startup FS2000 flights with flight plan; FS2000 videos; step-by-step instructions. By Michael Vone.
Bridge inspections by helo
Make precision flights with the JetRanger to inspect large bridges over the San Francisco Bay (389Kb) , including the Golden Gate Bridge. This requires hovering while turning, climbing and descending. Large bridges give ideal conditions to practice your helo skills. Included are: startup FS2000 flights; a local navigational map; FS2000 videos. By Michael Vone.
Tropical Solomon Islands
Tropical Solomon Islands.(211Kb) Pilot a round trip in the King Air with three intermediate landings at small airstrips, starting from the island of Guadalcanal. Face a rainy storm, with turbulent winds and wind shear. This trip is of moderate difficulty. Includes startup FS2000 flights at each airport, a flight plan, and a route map. By Michael Vone.
Offshore oil rigs
Offshore oil rigs. (328Kb) Pilot windy, foggy helicopter flights among offshore oil rigs near Santa Barbara and in the stormy North Sea (add-on sceneries needed). The oil rigs offer perfect conditions for varied and precise maneuvers. The strong wind makes hovering skills unnecessary. Included are: startup FS2000 flights; local navigational maps; FS2000 videos; extensive instructions. By Michael Vone
Alaska local
Alaska local. (300Kb)Pilot a scheduled round trip with four landings in small communities of beautiful, but stormy Southeast Alaska in mid-summer. The Cessna trip faces poor visibility, narrow fjords, and limited navaids. Included are startup FS2000 flights with flightplans, FS2000 videos, and step-by-step instructions. By Michael Vone
Concorde flights
Learn to fly the FS2000 Concorde as realistically as you can from London to New York (471Kb) along supersonic tracks, with very detailed instructions. Then apply your skills to historic or current scheduled flights by BA and AF, with varying weather and levels of difficulty. No add-ons needed.
Arctic Norway
Arctic Norway (404Kb) challenge. Pilot a B737 under the midnight sun and in noontime dusk, between Bodö and Tromsö. Face rough weather, poor visibility and narrow fjords. Get great views. Included are: startup FS2000 flights; 2 flight plans; local navigational maps; FS2000 videos; extensive instructions. No add-ons needed.
High Andes
Challenge - High Andes.(135Kb) Take the Cessna 182 RG to its altitude limits, by attempting three crossings over very high passes of the Andes between Chile and Argentina, in turbulent winds. Enjoy great landscapes. Included are: startup FS2000 flights with flightplans; step-by-step instructions. No add-ons needed. By Michael Vone
Alpine Valleys
Challenge - Alpine Valleys.(472Kb) Pilot a B737 through narrow Austrian and Swiss valleys. Depart Innsbruck for Samedan in rough weather (even with a failed engine). Return at night under a starry sky with gusty winds. You must make 180-degree turns deep in the Innsbruck valley. Included are: startup FS2000 flights with flightplans; FS2000 videos; step-by-step instructions. No add-ons needed. By Michael Vone
Alaska Fjords
FS2000 adventure: MV Challenge: Alaska Fjords. Pilot a Boeing 737 through wintry Alaska fjords from Anchorage to Seattle with 4 scheduled stops, an emergency landing and a missed approach. Face stormy weather, poor visibility, narrow fjords, limited navaids, and night flying. Included are: startup FS2000 flights with flightplans; FS2000 videos; step-by-step instructions. By: Michael Vone
Belfast, Ireland to Dublin (16k) By Mike Hall
Corpus Christi-Rio Grande
Corpus Christi to Rio Grande Valley (16Kb) near Brownsville By Mike Hall
Corpus Christi-Houston
Corpus Christi International Airport (612Kb) to Houston Intercontinental Airport By Mike Hal
Belfast to Dublin
Belfast, Ireland to Dublin (16Kb) By Mike Hall. Made for FS2000
Athens-Thessaloniki-Athens. (207Kb) Fly these two full sound adventures with an Olympic Airways or any plane of your choice from Athens (Greece) to Thessaloniki and vice-versa. It includes also flightplans and approach charts. Requires the sound file By Spyros Diamantis

Daily service LH9630 Paderborn/Lippstadt, Germany to Munich, Germany. Not recommended for beginners! Includes a huge amount of specially created ATC and cockpit waves, two pilots reading all checklists, other flights on the COM, special dynamic scenery.... Follows real world ATC conventions and Dash8 cockpit procedures. Holding procedure overhead Moosburg. Files 1 through 6 are required. (Totaly 16Mb!!!)


Airbus320 GPWS "adventure"
A320 GPWS. GPWS 98 by Wilco van Deijl with cockpit warning sounds for the Airbus A320 aircraft. Prepared for use with the A320 Panel by Andreas Jaros. GPWS98 required.

Daily service LH4432 Munich, Germany to Brussels, Belgium. Includes a huge amount of specially created ATC and cockpit waves, two pilots reading all checklists, other flights on the COM, special dynamic scenery....Follows real world ATC conventions and A320 cockpit procedures. Optional goaround procedure at destination. Four files required: 1/4 (3,147Kb) 2/4 (2,225Kb), 3/4 (2,269Kb) 4/4 (3,086Kb). By Steffen Gerlach.

Argentina Adventures
Some adventures in Argentina. Argentina scenery needed (available at my scenery page) (334K) By Pablo D'Adamo
Adventure at startup
Adventure at Startup Add-On for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. Very useful for adventures running during all your flights, like GPWS. Only 2K By Timothy Gregson.
Geneva Cointrin adventures
60 adventures from Geneva Cointrin. (421k) Julien Hamad-Gibert. You are advised to download the Geneva Cointrin scenery and it's update.
FRA-STR (LH 390)

FRA-STR (LH 390), Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Germany to Stuttgart, Germany. including real world SID and STAR, GPWS, virtual copilot, automatic pushback, and lots of ATC chatter, all files required. Steffen Gerlach. (3k) (971k) (923k) (933k) (951k) (940k)

TWA840 to Rome
TWA840 approach and landing in Rome Fiumicino. Requires Italy Center scenery by P. Morini and A. Moneta or Italy98 by Lago. (6630k) Patrizio Migliola. Italy center scenery comes in two zips: the first and the second (thanks to PVI)
AirUK 954 London Stansted to Paris CDG (All 3 zips required). Requires Europe2 (commercial) Patrizio Migliola/Federazione Italiana Volo Simulato Three zips required: (1301k) (993k) (575k)
Concorde London-New York
Concorde (Speedbird 001)London Heathrow(LHR) to John F. Kennedy, New York(JFK). (44k) Stephen Coleman Requires (3780k), (2,695k), and (460k).
TWA Flight 800
TWA Flight 800 crash based on transcriptions of CVR tapes. All 6 Zips required. Patrizio Migliola. Use Converter to run it. (963k) (991k) (987k) (989k) (991k) (552k) Judge yourself it you find this a tastless adventure.
Puerto Rico-Bogota
Solaris 215 (SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO BOGOTA).(31k) Requires (1,356k), (1,380k), (1,181k), (357k), (337k), and (445k).
Calgary-Los Angeles
FS98 adventure - Calgary International to Los Angeles International.(56k) Steve Mudry
Calgary-San Francisco
FS98 adventure - Calgary International to San Francisco International.(56k) Steve Mudry
Vancouver-San Francisco
FS98 adventure - Vancouver International to San Francisco International.(57k) Steve Mudry
Canadian Adventures
FS98 adventures - 5 actual Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International flights from Edmonton to Vancouver, Calgary, Winnepeg, Ottawa and Toronto.(266k) Steve Mudry
FS98 adventure - Toronto-Pearson International to Chicago-O'Hare.(58k) Steve Mudry
Virtual Co-Pilot
Virtual Co-Pilot (V3.30)-GPWS, ATC background chatter , checklists,
flaps, gear and speed calls, and much more.(184k) George Dorkofikis
Requires (1234k).