fs2000 panels


Airbus A340
Photorealistic Airbus A340 (9.228Kb) . With photoreal permanent and toggled virtual overhead panel, throttle quadrant, pushback gauge, altitude
callout, moveable stick, windshield wipers, flight deck views. Best view with 1024x768 resolution. Best compatibility with Airbus A340-300 ProMaxL2 by
Camil Valiquette. Panel by Norbert Jaun
Concorde (3.972Kb) Now with permanent overhead panel and optimization of instrument grouping. Added a new overhead panel, altitude callout, seatbelt/no smoking signs, aircondition gauges and more. Readable gauges with 1024x768 resolution.
DeHavilland DH-88 Comet
DeHavilland DH-88 Comet-panel, Grosvenor House.(1.148Kb) By Gerard Bonneke. Dave Haskell original. Also plane available.
Generic helicopter
Generic helicopter panel (242Kb)with lower part of the panel see-through so it provides a great view downward for landing. By Craig "tailboom" Snyder. Gerardo Taccoli original.
McDonnell Douglas DC-8 (1,469Kb) Series Panel v2.0.By Olav M. Roenningen. Modified for FS2000 by Michael Verlin.
Fokker 50
Panels a becoming better and better. Look at this great Fokker 50 panel( 6,505Kb). Fully working overhead panel. Checklists read to you by a virtual First Officer. Push back with ground communication. Primary flight displays made using "Vector Gauge" technique. Fully working electric system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, airconditioning, cabin pressurization, electronic engine control system, ground proximity warning system and auxiliary power unit. Engine startup sequence as in the real thing, and lots more. All gauges have been custom coded for this panel. By Espen Øijordsbakken.
Cessna 172
Definitely the most realistic Cessna panel (10,5Mb!) ever released. Must have! Use it with this Cessna aircraft file. By Dreamfleet Team.
ATR42/72. (3.750Kb) This panel will only work with the Turboprop model found in FS2000 Pro. This panel has been in the making for the last 4 months, many gauges are new for FS2000 and are a first such as the one piece engine gauges! The panel layout is exactly as the real ATR pictures that are enclosed in the archive. This panel includes a semi working electrical panel, by this we mean that if you loose electrical power or shut it off, many of the gauges will go dark and the red flags will come on indicating they are off. Screenshot available. Includes American Airlines ATR 72-500. By David Durst. Only for FS2000 PRO.
Boeing 737-400 panel. (789Kb) This new version is a more accurate reproduction as it is really, obtaining an ergonomic location of all instruments. It has the wonderful ND – freeware – created by Mr. Tony D’Ambrosio: many thanks Mr. Tony. Such instrument can be replaced with shareware one. I added a static yoke that can be excluded switching over WARN (yellow colour) button. By Marcello Lugari.
Extremely good 747-400 panel (4.245Kb) . RealCrt & FMC (requires Navigation Data 1.2 or higher). Selectable: FMC, Overhead, Pedestal, Fuel Control, and ACS-GPS. Only forFS2k. By Francisco Moreno. Screenshot available.
B 747-400
Boeing 747-400 panel(3,662Kb). This version features internal views and sounds, overhead panel, pushback, fuel calculater, MFD's, Altitude Callouts, Seatbelt/No Smoking signs, and the FS2kGPS. Optional configuration to include GPS98-ver3 or a GPS of your choice. This panel should be used with the SE-B747-400 ver 3 dynamics "air" file included. Screenshot available. By John J. Schumacher
B737-600 panel. (2,579Kb) In Scandinavian Airlines Version uses mostly FS 2000 standard gauges, but other too! Works best in 1240x720 resolution or higher! By Christian Johansson. By Christian Johansson
Swissair MD-11
Swissair MD-11 (3,350Kb) .You also need two other files: parts 1 ( 823Kb) and parts 2 (4.637Kb) Dual screen gauge technique to display in all 7 different CRT displays. Full integrated GPWS, compatible with GPWS98 sounds. Global Control Logic, Pushback and Crew features for more enjoyment.(MR) Two liveries & 3D models with full moving parts of Freeware Works MD11. By Alain Capt & Saul Loeb. If files are not available anymor: please inform webmaster. Screenshots at this site.
Antonov AN-74
Antonov AN-74 (1,371Kb) panel v1.0 By Matthias Lieberecht
DC-3 panel patch
Patch 2 (2.104Kb) for the wjrdc3v4 panel and Douglas R4D-6 NATS v4.0 aircraft. Also included in it is patch 1, previously released on the RCS website. By Bill Rambow
B747-400 Deluxe Panel ver 1 series 2 ( 3.702Kb) This version features internal views and sounds, pushback panel, MFD's, Altitude Callouts, Seatbelt/No Smoking signs, fuel calculater, and the FS2000 GPS. Optional configuration to include GPS98-ver3 or a GPS of your choice, and Navstar99 (Night lighted). This panel should be used with the SE-B747-400 ver 2 dynamics "air" file included.(By John J. Schumaher). SCreenshot available.
Very good panel of 747-200 (1320Kb) by Staffan Ahlberg. Screenshot available. Please inform me when the file is not available anymore.
V22 Osprey tiltrotor
V-22 panel (362Kb) for use with MV/CV-22 aircraft. FS98 and FS2000 panel.cfg files included. Complete re-make of version 1 with on-screen controls for moving map, engine instrument display, and GPS (FS2000 only). FS2000 version includes stock FS2000 GPS integrated with the panel. Also fix (66Kb) needed
IFR Beechcraft KingAir
IFR Beechcraft KingAir (849Kb) FS2000 Pro Only. Based on Elite 6.0, this panel includes all the gauges to practice IFR : standby frequencies, chrono, fuel gauges, GPS, etc. In addition panel has a button toggled yoke. Panel incorporates also Alain Capt's ACS-GPS98 (required separately). Freeware.(Edouard Halbert)
B767-300 Realistic Panel (6,301Kb)for FS2000 Conrol Pedestal,Overhead Panel,GPS,FMC,APU,PUSHBACK,SIGNS, AIRCOND,STANDBY ENGINE.(Nikolay Poriazov)
DC3 panel. Two files required: wjrdc3v4a.zip (11Mb) and wjrdcv4b.zip (12Mb). Latest version of this extremely realistic panel MUST HAVE. But beware: ftp server is overloaded for this file. Keep trying again and again Early morning GMT seems to be best time. By Bill Rambow, Roy Chaffin. Use it with the DC3 aircraft by Jan Visser. Please inform me when the files are not available anymore. Also download this patch (2.104Kb)
Boeing 777-300
Boeing 777-300 Hi-Teck panel By Einar H Bendigtsen
SAS Fokker F28
SAS Fokker F28.(3.032Kb) Includes aircraft and sounds. By Fredrik Forslund. William Shedd original.
Pilatus PC-12
Here is the new v5.0 panel for the Pilatus PC-12! The most releasitic Aircraft/Panel package there is for the PC-12 today. Incorporates many new features, changes, sounds and most of all the instruments! Cockpit Designed from many new pictures from inside the aircraft itself! Aircraft Design from one of the best out there, Marcel Ritzema. Screenshot available. By David Durst. Very good! Must have!
C-130 Hercules
C-130 Hercules (2,373Kb) This panel features full night lighting,a pop up control column and individual start/feathering of all 4 engines even in flight. Includes plane. By D. Macs
Weather radar gauge
FS2000 weather radar gauge (79Kb) It's fake but it responds to the aircraft's speed and heading and includes on/off and range switches. By Chuck Dome. Please inform me when the file is not available anymore.
C130H Hercules
The Royal Norwegian Air Force C130H Hercules (2,039Kb) panel with a new FS2000 aircraft and sound package. Screenshot available. Please inform me when the file is not available anymore. By Jan Harry Sorensen. ACS-GPS98 program by Alain Capt required. It takes some attention to install this panel but it's great!
Beechcraft King Air 200 T
Must have Beechcraft King Air 200 T panel. (1.150Kb) New adaptation of a panel based on Elite v6's using a 23 bit color panel for King Air 200T. Uses FS2000 Pro default gauges (not incl.), and a few more. Made for Angeneaux-group. Graphic adjustments by Alex Yanes. Included are gauges sounds. This panel is intended mainly for IFR practice, landings, procedures, TOL and maybe emergencies. Requested by Angeneaux-group. Tested with TNT2Ultra and GeForce 3D video cards. By Angeneaux-group. Screenshot available.
DHC8-311 Deluxe Panel
DHC8-311 Deluxe Panel (532Kb) . This panel uses the FS2000 GPS. Includes an FS2000 based performance "air" file. Screenshot available and you will also need this fix. By John J. Schumacher.
B737-700 Glass panel
B737-700 glass panel. Default FS2K gauges. Works best in full screen mode any resolution. Pedestal panel with radio, GPS and pushback gauges. FPDA pushback zip included. By Brian Novick
Cessna 172 2.0
Realistic Cessna 172 panel (3.230Kb) and an airfile. This file is a complete installation; not an upgrade. The objective of this project was to produce an FS2000 flight model that would be of maximum practice value to pilots flying real Cessna 172's. By Roger Long
Boeing 747
Very accurate B747 instrument panel (2.730Kb) . Which includes realistic instruments, bitmap True Color 1024x768 Conrol Pedestal,Overhead Panel,GPS...By Nikolay Poriazov. Screenshot available.
Embraer Super Tucano MP-2
Embraer Super Tucano MP-2. (5.406Kb) Great panel for this military training prop plane. With plane and sound. Screenshot for plane and panel available.
Twin Engine Deluxe
Advanced Twin Engine Deluxe Panel (2.043Kb) Using the Collins FCP65 Flight Director as freeware. Optional configuration for GPS98 by David DrouinBy John J Schumacher. Update needed (883Kb) .(Screenshot available)
Bell 206b
Replacement panel for the Bell 206b (174Kb) . This partly photo-realistic, color, replacement panel for the FS2000 Bell helicopter gives high visibility and uses only original FS2000 gauges. By Tony Smith
Mooney M20M Bravo
Mooney M20M Bravo Panel (401Kb) Instrument panel for the Mooney Bravo By Rob Clark and Michael Verlin Incorporates Alain Capt's ACS-GPS98. (screenshot available)
Super Cub red
"redCub" Super Cub (847Kb) with new red panel, new full interior with operating cockpit doors, steering tailwheel, 180hp engine and tundra tires. Model by Bob Wening, panel and textures by Yannick Lavigne.(screenshot available)
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-400 V2.0 by JAN HARRY SØRENSEN. Very good panel with part contributed by about 10 other contributors. Also screenshot available. Please inform me when the files are not available anymore.
Embraer 120 Brasilia panel
Embraer 120 Brasilia panel. (2.704Kb) Night lighting switch, moving yoke/pedals, select- able VORs for HSI.Includes version 2 of Embraer EMB-120 in United Express colors. By Bill Grabowski. Screenshot available.
Boeing 717 v5.1f
Boeing 717 v5.1f. (4,598Kb) This panel includes:- Engine Startup and Shutdown, and Avionics ON/OFF systems. Working throttle quadrant with all moving parts, all of which are mouse controlable. Mouse switchable MFD's. Working Fire system. Internal cockpit views. Incorporates MS GPS, and interactive checklists. Extensive Manual. A B717 Aircraft with authentic handling is also included. Designed for 1024 x 768 or higher, but will work in 800 x 600. By Roy Chaffin
Challenger 601-3A Panel
Challenger 601-3A Panel and plane (1034Kb) . The Concept of this panel belongs to a Gentleman, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. The data of aircraft, spec sheets, Cockpit layouts etc are of the Challenger series by Bombardier, which made the panel as realistic as possible for Flight Simulator. By David Durst. Screenshot available. Includes the plane.
Transocean Air Lines Boeing Stratocruiser.(3,067k) Panel and sounds. Includes plane. By Stephan Grille. Plane by Dave McQueen.
Metroliner III
Metroliner III Series Turboprop Ver. 1.1. (496Kb) David Durst. Screenshot available.
Jetstream 31/41
Jetstream 31/41 Series Turboprop Ver. 2.1 for fs2000 pro (990Kb) David Durst. Screenshot available.
Beech King Air 350
BEECH KING AIR 350 Blue Color Panel v2.1.1. (524Kb) By Jan Harry Sorensen. This file is also required.(1Mb). Screenshot available.
737-400 JSP
BOEING 737-400 JSP Panel (1,281Kb) with FPDA Pushback gauge, Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), Digital Radio Altimeter and Wind Speed Indicator.By Jan Harry Sorensen.
Concorde 3D Photorealistic Panel (1,2Mb) made from scan from a British Airways panel picture. Removable Visor/Yoke. Push back, brake sound. All FS2000 hot buttons are operable. The most accurate gauge placement. Readable gauges. By Chris Alevritis. Screenshot available.
Learjet 45. (607b) By David Durst. Screenshot available.
TWA Express Jetstream 31
TWA Express Jetstream 31 (1,2Mb) also includes Aircraft. The Flight Model is based on the Kingair and modified with the specs of the Jetstream 31 Aircraft. All Data is as accurate as can be. By David Durst.
B777-230 (2Mb)Supports Real CRT, ND99_10,TA747FMC by Tony D'Ambrosio. Panel by Nikolay Poriazov. Screenshot available
B747-434 (2Mb) very realistic panel.Supports Real CRT, ND99_10,TA747FMC by Tony D'Ambrosio. Screenshot available. Panel by Nikolay Poriazov
B747-400 Deluxe (921Kb) Panel Updates the RealCRT TA-B747 (FS2000 version 1.4) Features 5 switchable MFD's with upgrade flexibility. Uses the FPDA Pushback, Altitude callouts, FS2000 GPS, autocoordinator, and Seatbelt/No Smoking signs. Includes options for the FS2000 format B747 (default) or, FS98 format B747's running in FS2000. Optional configuration to include GPS98-ver3, and instructions for using GPS98ver3 in other FS2000 aircraft. By John J Schumacher
Light Helicopter
Reworked FS2000 version of Generic Light Helicopter Panel (1,1Mb) . Uses mainly default FS2000 gauges. Includes 3DFX HUD option as well as standard panel option. Features FS2000 GPS, Radio stack and stock FS2000 Bell-206Bstart-up gauges and collective. For use with any light helo of your choice. By Dave Giles.
737 panel (265Kb) With Throttle Quadrant for FS2000 Pro. This panel works best in 1152 X 865 or higer. The panel are designed from a photo of an real 737-400 to get the right aspect ratio, but i have changed some gauges. FPDA_Boeing_Callout.gau are Copyright © 1998 Andreas Jaros. The rest of the gauges are Copyright © by Microsoft. Screenshot available.
MD11 Swissair
MD11 Swissair. A very good, highly detailed panel, very realistic with many features. Must have panel by Alain Capt and Staffan Ahlberg. Originaly made for FS98 but now updated for FS2000. You need to download the fs98 files first: panel and aircraft (1.8Mb) and sounds (4,9Mb) a small upgrade and finaly the FS2000 update.(507Kb). Panel screenshot available.
Pilatus PC-12
PC-12 (1,9Mb) Features a simulated electrical system, and pop-up radar altimeter, weather radar, critical speeds placard, and throttle console. ACGPS and FS2000 GPS included, and perhaps a first for MSFS, a photo realistic cabin view, with the panel's author seated, reading the Wall Street Journal! Made with the assistance of Pilatus Aircraft, this PC-12 panel is a must-have for any PC-12 enthusiast. By Louis J. Bettis
King Air 350
King Air 350 (2.966Kb) By Peter Dasso. Michael Verlin original.
King Air
King Air Panel.(304Kb) By Mike Toussaint
Douglas DC-3/R4D/C-47 (977Kb) Dual Panel v3 upgrade. By: Roy Chaffin and Bill Rambow. Requires the FS98 panel files to be installed: The main module (4,439Kb) and the gauges. Aircraft by Jan Visser.
B777. (571Kb) The following features have been added. 1. Gear wind sounds 2. Altitude Callouts 3. Radio Altimeter 4. Passenger Signs 5. Pushback gauges 6. All instuments visable on same screen 7. Added 3rd MFD to add realism 8. Compass on winshield post. Update includes - the gear + wind and altitude callout wav files. By Michael Toissaint.
Learjet 45
Learjet 45 panel for FS2000 (845Kb) . Made from photos, charts and diagrams, features a Semi-photrealistic backgroud, and very accurate viewpoint and layout. Throttle quadrant now includes the starters and fuel controls, like the real aircraft. Gear and light, and electrical switches are all placed correctly as well. By Ian Grant File
MD-90.(1,1Mb) Best viewed in 1024x768, but will work in lower resolutions. By Chris Arrington
737-700 (525Kb) Package includes radios by Chuck Dome. For FS2000 only. 3DFX tested. Best viewed in 1024x768, but will work in lower resolutions. By Chris Arrington
737-400 (597Kb) Package includes radios by Chuck Dome. By Chris Arrington