Introduction: GPS programs are linked to your fs95/fs98 autopilot, They make it possible to enter a route manualy or by loading a flight plan and connect it to your autopilot. GPS programs make it possible to let your plane fly from New York to LA while you are asleep......And when you wake up, you can make a nice appraoch. (If you had enough fuel loaded.....<G>) Before using a GPS program you may need to copy a *.dll file to your Flight Sim Modules directory. That file will link the simulator to the GPS. How to do this and what *.dll to use can be found in the GPS programs manual. GPS programs often include more features, like realistic weather (like RWX5) or online flying using ATC (Squawkbox)
ACS GPS instructions
Simple instructions (113K) to add Alain Capts ACS GPS or the FS2K default GPS to any panel of your choice. By Steve Burnett
ACS-GPS database
Database (2,8Mb) for ACS-GPS by Alain Capt. This database consists of intersections from witch is offered on FSNavigator's home page by Helge Schroeder. replaces the previous file. By Gert Troester.
Swiss made GPS display. (1393Kb) Full featured programmable GPS. Up to 32 destinations in GPS memory. "Tour" or single destination mode. Several arrival behaviors (continue, circle, pause). Two display modes for coordinates (standard or FS98). Compute and display distance to destination and ETA. Best of all: It's FREE.
very simple Free GPS planner (vs4.1) by Makazu Irie. It works without any problem and its small.  Add a lat-lon position and fly around the globe. Not to be used together with GPS 2 or NAV18
GPS data Afr.(dpgps3.0)
GPS data for Africa (V2.0 by Pieter van Wyk)(26K) for DPGPS 3.0-4.0 (GAU) by Masakazu Irie. Requires (32k).
Real Weather database
The original RWX database is a bit limited. Most US waypoints are in but lots of others are missing. I made a new database file (4,6Mb) based on original Jeppesen data which includes all navaids in the world and about 25000 official waypoints. The unzipped database (used by RWX5.X is about 25Mb big....) The zip also includes a weather file covering the actual weather of about 2000 worldwide stations and a sample RWX flight plan from Amsterdam to HongKong
Real Weather 5.21
Real Weather update to vs. 5.21 (208Kb) Includes all previous version fixes, a fix to the GPS, the ability to use the GPS without using a weather text file, and finally the small adventure text module that allows you to run adventures while using Real Weather.
Real Weather 5.1
Real Weather and GPS 5.1 update (166K) Makes importing weather from HTML pages easier. Not needed anymore as there is a update 5.21 (above)
Real Weather 5.0
Real Weather and GPS 5.0. (4,857k) FREE Program that changes the weather environment as you fly to actual weather that can be downloaded off the internet. It also has a GPS system to help navigate.   Jeff Wheeler
DP-GPS airport coordinates
List of all FS98 airport coordinates FORMATTED to Masakazu Irie's DP-GPS.(76k) Sam Chin
DP-GPS 3.0
DP-GPS FREE GPS System for FS6 / FS98 Ver.3 (22k) It's getting stronger and stronger. Let's hope that this file will have free updates also in future.... By Masakazu Irie.  It is a very simple GPS planner but it works without any problem and its small.  Add a lat-lon position and fly around the globe. Not to be used together with GPS 2 or NAV18. Version 4.1 available (above!)
SquawkBox 2.0 Build 2 dated 01/25/98 (700K)Pilot Client of the Real Time, Real People, Virtual Air Traffic Control Environment You will need Adam Szofrans Fs6ipc.dll installed. SquawkBox has it's own homepage.
GPS98 3.1
GPS98 for Flight Simulator 98 (v3.1).(1805k) David Drouin (Shareware) Information on changes to prior versions. Registering $12
GPS98 patch
Patch (48K)to fix the Eastern longitudes problem with GPS98 version 3.0
GPS98 3.0
GPS98 for Flight Simulator 98 only (v3.0  2/7/98).(1857k) David Drouin (Shareware) This version is now capable to handle 3D and used the new Gauges format from the panels SDK. Limited version: Registering $12. Latest version is 3.1 (see above)
ALL enroute navaids
Final version of my scenery file containing all 7653 navaids (150 Kb) for the fs6 world. Originaly made (by me) for FS6. FS6 ignores any doubled nav-aids. Contains all enroute NDB's and VOR's for Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Pacific, Pacific Bassin, South and Latin America and Africa. Based on the original APRIL 1997 Jeppesen database. Compiled with exclusive permission of Jeppesen! Third release with readable documentation...Please report any bugs or errors.
ILS Utility
FS6 ILS Utilities. Adventure modules that provide information about localizers within any given area.(117k) Cor Dikland