Commercial product review:

The Triangle

Product name and company

The Triangle. By Lago. Released December 1998.

Product objectives

Adds Bahamas and Florida scenery and a game to FS98

Is it good or is it bad?

INCREDIBLE scenery made by today's top designers like Mauricio Gavioli, Andras Kozma, Chris Wilkes and Mathijs Kok.

It is a very realistic scenery of the Bahama's and Bermuda archipelago with the Florida scenery as a bonus. Scenery is very well done by Chris Wilkes and Andras Kozma. Great new textures. If you have seen the Free Society Islands scenery by Chris Wilkes you know what you may expect. And this is even twice as detailed.

The most surprising part of it is the Interactive Scenery. Strange things happened in this area, ship and airplane disappearances, UFO sightings...Be a rescue pilot; land your plane near a shipwreck site, get into a boat (!), to the plane again, back to the airport and wait for the ambulance, which really comes to you.And even more of these kind of challenges. These are not adventures as another techniques has been used.

A MUST HAVE for scenery and fun!

Can it be improved?

No, give me more!