Extensive Product reviews

There are great FREE add-ons available on the web. But also a lot of stuff will continuously be released to get some bucks out of your pocket. Beware that lot's of these products are not worth even the try. Just wasted money and this will make you anxious to spend more money next time. But this would be not very wise as there are also very good commercial products. You will find recommendations for good software on this page

Schiratti Control Center. The Swiss knife for FS2000. Features a scenery viewer, scenery editor, flight planner and much more. You can find detailled information on the authors site. Will be reviewed soon!
Airport 2000 part 2 by Wilco Publishing will cover Barcelona Airport, Miami International Airport , Nice Côte d’Azur Airport , Chicago O’Hare Airport , Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Will be released around March 9th 2000,
Airport 2000 part 1 by Wilco Publishing is one of the most realistic airport scenery's ever made. Almost as good as the LAGO city scenery's like Osaka and Tokyo. Covers the airports of Brussels Zaventem, New York JFK, Frankfurt Main, Atlanta Hartsfield, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Los Angeles International and Tokyo Narita. Also includes a lot of new aircraft to your collection. FS2000 update available (9Mb.

The latest product by Lago converts FS98 to a professional simulator with a highly realistic plane and more important: a very realistic panel.

This panel needs a extensive manual (almost like the real one...). To get the plane running you need to manually start the engine by charging the plane batteries and so on.

Very good and a must have

This Lago make it possible to make flights in one of the most challenging locations in the world with hard to approach airports. Includes 34 airports and scenery of Nepal and big parts of Tibet, Pakistan, India, Bhutan.

The Osaka scenery is also a Lago product and only for sale in Japan.

This is a bit disappointing as this is another masterpiece by scenery wizard Andras Kozma.

Osaka & Kansai airport is made in a photorealistic style of scenery, the 'One Meter' class. This is the first scenery that uses pixels that represent one square meter of ground surface (in the Kansai airport area, urban areas are 'only' 3.6 mt/pixel!). You'll be able to see the cars on the roads and individual shrubs in the urban gardens. By using very careful mapping techniques this scenery will not demand the utmost in computerpower but will run on most fast Pentium computers.

Many 3d objects and some of the most complex buildings ever. Outside the extremely detailed airport areas the scenery is made with the stunning landscaping technique first shown in Lago Vienna scenery. The most accurate airport you will ever land on. Can be used with Ms-Japan, default Japan in Fs98, or Lago Tokyo. It is part of more coverage of the beautiful Japanese islands by Lago. Covers the Osaka area (138°00'E to 134°30'E).

Italy 98 is another scenery produced by Lago and we see again the advantage that Lago uses the best scenery designers available. A very complete scenery covering all airports and detailed visual scenery, making even VFR flights possible. Even rivers, canals, lakes, major and many secondary roads have been included.
Scenery of some well known difficult to fly or impressive airports like Innsbruck, Katmandu, Funchal, Sondre Stromfjord and more. Includes 4 new aircraft's like a DHC 2 Beaver waterplane. Good designed airports. Released by Abacus.

INCREDIBLE scenery made by today's top designers like Mauricio Gavioli, Andras Kozma, Chris Wilkes and Mathijs Kok and released by LAGO.

Very realistic scenery of the Bahama's and Bermuda archipelago with the Florida scenery as a bonus. But the most surprising part of it is the Interactive Scenery. Strange things happened in this area, ship and airplane disappearances, UFO sightings...Be a rescue pilot; land your plane near a shipwreck site, get into a boat (!), to the plane again, back to the airport and wait for the ambulance, which really comes to you. A MUST HAVE for scenery and fun!

FS Action! Scenery by Abacus is a program that automates the making of dynamic scenery on default airports and on new designed airports. It is a useful tool for designers but you will need some lessons to have success.
s331-4.gif (27930 bytes) Aircraft and Scenery Designer for Fs98 by Abacus software. Be careful to get the correct version. Abacus released a FS98 version in November 1997.


  • Enhanced tool for creating coasts and shorelines.
  • Include or exclude any or all of the original Flight Simulator airports and navigation aids in your new design.
  • Instantly create new navigation aids - VORs and NDBs.
  • Design large uniform areas by visually selecting the texture and quickly laying tiles (six sizes).
  • Design other large areas by visually selecting the texture and drawing multi-point polygons.
  • Easily add authentic mountains (single peak, twin peak and mesa) and realistic lakes to your scenery.
  • Adjust scenery textures for different seasons.
  • Choose from a large library of pre-designed objects - ships, storage tanks, water towers, more.
  • Set of detailed global coastline maps lets you build scenery around the world.

Like all commercial scenery designers, you need to try the FREE Airport 2.0 scenery designer first. This product has also a lot of design function. The Abacus designer however has a strong capability to add accurate coastlines using a coastline database. The free Greece scenery has been made with this tool.

s336-4.gif (26077 bytes) Copilot vs2.0   (distributed by Abacus automates the flight planning. Using point and click, you simply choose your destination and CoPilot plans your flight - choosing waypoints, specifying compass headings and calculating distances. It's ready to be used with CoPilot's new GPS receiver (FS98 and FS95 only).

Be careful to get the correct version: Abacus released a FS98 version in summer 1998. Version 2.5 is updated for FS2000.

winpnn.gif (13219 bytes) Winplanner 4.0 for Windows 98 released by Lago

"WinPlanner Plus is the ultimate solution for planning flights with either Microsoft Flight Simulator 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows, subLOGIC’s A.T.P. and LAGO’s Airline Simulator. Written by an experienced pilot and software developer, Antoine Becker, WinPlanner Plus is the essential tool for adding full realism to your flights. WinPlanner Plus runs under Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT4, it is so easy to use that even unskilled users can get the maximum results in minutes.
Create complete flight plans with just a few mouse-clicks and then print it - complete with all the necessary data - on any Windows compatible printer."

No further comment for this product. It is a very powerful and reliable Flight Planner and Adventure Generator, made by Antoine Becker. A complete review of this product soon at this site!


The Jet Age 1. The new Jet age series of Aeti provides you with historic aircraft's in many different company colors (from the time those aircraft where on duty) including the panels of these planes! Installation is a piece of cake and this is maybe the most important part. Many people have problems installing an managing planes and panels and this product just puts everything in the right place for you. More Jet Ages to come. Good for people who don't like to search planes and panels on the web and who don't like setting it up manually.

Jet Age 1 includes the following planes.

  • B707- Air Force One, Braniff, Northwest, Pan-Am, Quantas Boeing
  • B727 - Air Canada, Braniff, Eastern, Flying Tiger, Northwest Boeing
  • B737 - America West, Continental, Delta, Jamaican, Varig Boeing
  • B747 - British Airways, JAL, Cathay Pacific, KLM, Quantas Boeing
  • B767 - Air Canada, British Airways, Delta, Hawaiian, TWA
Europe III. Don't have it so can't make a review. Released by Apollo
pfgb.gif (19289 bytes) Perfect flight scenery Great Britain

Great Britain features:

Over 250 Airports, all with correct runways, terminal buildings and hangars.
Over 500 Towns & Cities are included, all modeled with incredible accuracy!
Roads, Rivers, Lakes and Mountain ranges are all featured with stunning detail!
Microsoft Flight Simulator™ 95 and 98 compatible
FREE - Included in this box is a free trial for one month with an UK based Internet
Service Provider. Fly in real time with other Flight Simulator fans over Great Britain!
(NOTE: requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 98)

paibox.gif (48600 bytes)

PILOT's, a company of Stefan Schaeffer, who earlier made great free FS5.x scenery of HongKong andAustria started a commercial company several years ago. Fs98 Pacific Islands is the latest and very professional product including stunning static and dynamic scenery, including northern Marianna Islands, like Guam, Saipan, Rota, Tinian. Discover the old US-airfields full of history. Maybe parts of the US fleet are still around? It seems that this product can be used together with the free Tahiti Scenery (to be found on my FS98 scenery page.)

Pacific also includes 6 adventures, a online utility to fly online on Compuserve, 23 Jeppesen approach sheets in high resolution in BMP format

On the PILOTs  site you can meet earlier products, made for FS5 and FS95, like the Madrid, Rio and HongKong Scenery  and Aircraft Collections.

ven_cvr.jpg (30053 bytes) Venezia has been released in April 1997 by Lago

It is a extremely detailed scenery of Venezia and a connecting area in Northern Italy. Special about this scenery is that you can change your setup depending the season. Every season has a separate set of textures. This makes the CD-ROM filled with about 500 Mb of textures.

Compatible with FS98. Expect low framerates without 3D board.

tky_cvr.jpg (21841 bytes) Tokyo has been released in June 1997 by Lago

It is a detailed scenery of this city made by Andras Kosma, know from his Free Budapest/Hungary  and New Delhi scenery.

Fully Fs98 compatible. For good frame rate you need a 3D accelerator however.

Italy 98

Detailed scenery of Italy. 300,000 Km2 of detailed scenery, 140 monuments, 130 airports, all navaids, plus area map and approach charts!


fsshop.gif (30100 bytes) Flight Shop.

Flight Shop is made by BAO but just after the release BAO has taken over by Microsoft and Microsoft doesn't officially support this product. Flight Shop is still distributed by Apollo.

cdcase.gif (10606 bytes) Jeppview by Jeppesen. Professional product.

Jeppview provides a detailed information about every airport in a given area. It is for professional purposes but can be used for Flightsim as FS98 covers all major US airports.

JeppView chart databases include:

Jeppesen Terminal Charts (Approach, SID, STAR, Airport)
Airport Directory Information
Chart Legend/Glossary
Text Information

You first need the basic software: $329. And then buy USA Complete:for $ 508 or f.i. only USA EAst for $ 325 all with 26 updates a year!