All files on this page can be used with FS98. If conflicts with other files can be expected you'll be warned before!

Airline logo's
A 24-bit .JPG picture containing several different airline logos & icons you can use when repainting aircraft or making scenery such as stands, buildings or gates. By: Subin Jacob
Plane test facility
Ground test facility.(680Kb) Utility to test a new plane. Usefull and important to make realistic flying planes available. You will also need adam Szofrans flight data recorder and read this text file about how to use those data for analysing the results.
MDL to B23
A Program (504k) to convert user designed aircraft model files (.MDL) for Microsoft Flight Simulator versions 6.x (the 32 bit Windows versions) into static scenery assembler source files for use with either SCASM v2.03 and later (v2.17 preferred) or as macros with Airport v2.05 and later. By Trevor de Stigter
Cheat sheet for ADE98
Cheat sheet for the by Ian J. Donohoe to make planes fly properly in FS98. (19k) R. E. Turner
Airdec (70Kb) This package contains two little programs that allow you to decompile a FS6/FS95 aircraft flight dynamics file (.AIR, original FS95 and converted FSFS aircraft) into a textfile and recompile it to an AIR-file.  It therefore is a powerfull tool to change or create a flight model (does not affect the visual model).
ADE 98 (Aircraft Dynamics Editor)(2Mb) Very clever program allows viewing, editing and printing of aircraft descriptions plus the complete airframe dynamics, engine performance and avionics options of *any* aircraft designed for use with FS6.x (FS98 and FS95).
Graphics tool and PCX editor for creating aircraft textures for the AF5 aircraft designer.  Allows overlay of parts/components/structures as outlines on the PCX, works with the FS5 palette, allows night-lite colors in aircraft textures, and more.