Spain v4.2
Spain v4.2 Update.(434Kb) This package updates Spain v4.1 to v4.2. Requires (2,586k).By: David Pinero. More airports, and more detailled airports.
Arlanda Airport (Sweden) v3.0
Arlanda Airport (Sweden) v3.0 (100Kb) . Requires Sweden v3.0 by Swedflight group. By: Philippe Boyer
Helsinki static/Dynamic
Static and Dynamic Scenery for Helsinki v1.0. Requires also Finland v2.0 and exclude files by Finland Team. By: Philippe Boyer
Schiphol Intl
Schiphol Int┤l Airport of Amsterdam, The Netherlands v1.0. Can be used with or without Europe I. (928k) Stefan Breuer
Nord Italia 99

Nord Italia 99 II░ Edition. Covers the regions of Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia, Veneto, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Trentino and Alto Adige/Sud Tirol (North Italy) and Canton Ticino (Switzerland). By: Francesco Mandelli

You need all 5 files: (1,680k) (1,674k) (1,317k) (1,261k) (903k)

Millennium Dome
Millennium Dome, London, UK (191Kb) By: Iain Murray
Kukes, Albania
Mud runway near the Kukes, Albania refugee camps v2.0 (294k) Bob Hinckley
Munich Airport
Franz-Josef Strau▀ Int┤l Airport in Munich, Germany v1.0 (948k) Stefan Breuer. Compatible with both FS98 default and Europe I.
German countryside
German countryside from Cologne to Kassel with more than 30 airfields. By Michael Spengler (1,561k) Europe I (commercial) required.
Southern Netherlands
Southern Netherlands. Europe I not required. 3 files: SouthWest (vs.2.1, 396Kb), SouthEast (vs.1.0, 511Kb) and EHAM (vs.1.0, 79Kb). You will need the Airport2.10 (738k), and VOD2.7 (768k)textures. By Marcel Verdult.
Southern France
French Riviera and Southern France Scenery (314k) Jason M. Lange.
Innsbruck Dynamic
Innsbruck dynamic scenery. Europe I required. Adds a lot of trafic to this impressive and difficult to approach airport.(416Kb) By Rainer Bartl.
Tirana Rinas
Rinas Airport in Tirana, Albania v2.5 (189k) Paul K. Hansen. Adn a Dynamic C-17A aircraft taking-off and landing at Tirana Airport.(49k) By Dennis Thompson.
France Update
France98 update 2. (2.333Kb) The second update to the complete France scenery collection by Alain Leduc. Improved scenery quality. You will also need the complete France package and the first update.(780Kb)
Greece 3.0
Static and dynamic scenery Greece new version 3.0 includes all islands and accurate coastlines. Ted Katranas imported a coastline file from a government source. Includes new textures, dynamic scenery and more details. Includes almost all islands and all greece airports! This version/file includes all textures and the dynamic scenery made for this version of Greece by Panos Georgotas.
Malta v 1.1
Island of Malta v1.1(933k) Carmel Grech. Not compatible with Bonnici version (below). You may test them both. I prefer this one.
Canary Islands v 6.0

Canary Islands v6.0.Francisco Urquia and Antonio Quintana. Two Canarians worked together for this full update of the Canary Islands. They did a very good job using satelite images converted to textures and detailled airports. You need a 266+ processor to fly the scenery.... You need 6 files:

Ijmport Airport v2.0. Ficticous airport in the North Sea.(1,903k) Bert Kuyper
Estonia 2.0
Estonia 2.0 Full new version. Including Dynamic Scenery. By Stas Neznamov (763Kb)
Trondheim Vaernes
Trondheim Vaernes Airport. Add on for Norway98. Makes the Norway98 even more detailled.Kjell Arild Bersas (371Kb)
Baleares Islands
Baleares Islands (Spain), Mallorca, Ibiza, La Palma (993k) Toni Agramont. Not compatible with other version of the Baleares.
Spain98. (2.345Kb) Scenery covering the entire country, by Tonin Agramont. Not compatible with othe Spain scenery fount at this page.
Europe 1/2 new textures
Not a new scenery but it gives this 4 years old commercial product a face-lift.Complete revision of the ground textures for BAO (Apollo) Europe1 (347Kb) and Europe2.(693k) Terblanche Jordaan. BTW: Europe I get a major update soon by Apollo.
France98 scenery. Replaces all previous installed scenery of France. Requires all 9 zip files. Scenery files 1/3 (1.258Kb) 2/3 (966Kb) and 3/3 (1.147) and texture files 1/6 (361Kb) 2/6 (1.254Kb) 3/6 (1,003Kb) 4/6 (902Kb) 5/6 (997Kb) and 6/6 (852Kb). (By Alain Leduc) You will also need this patch (2333Kb). Please inform me if you get code 404 download error.
Estonia. Very good scenery of this nice country. By Stas Neznamov. (580Kb) New version available (see above)
Scenery for Ireland.Contains 41 airfields covering both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.All scenery and texture files neccessary for this scenery are included.Also works with FS95 By Terry Shields. (1641K)
Denmark. Not as much as detail as inPortugal98 or Norway98 but this scenery is covering 130 airports in this small country. By Jacob Laage (252K).
Ibiza. Nice looking scenery including static aircraft. By Garry Nickols (517K) Not compatible with Baleares scenery.
Iceland 3.0
Iceland 3.0. Perfect free scenery of this island. Very realistic and complete. By Frank Jager, Rob Shuitemaker and Sveinbjorn Olafsson(1,5Mb)
Canary 98 patch
Canary 98 patch. (98K) Solves some problems in Alfonso Bello's Canary Islands scenery (find it below). By Alfonso Bello.
EDDF Frankfurt/Main Germany Airport Updated version of earlier EDDFv11 with true elevation and Airport location menu entry. Also some improved textures. (141K) Richard Zeman. Not tested with Europe I scenery (Apollo). So no need to buy it too......
Baleares98 by Toni Agramont. There are a lot of Baleares scenery's available (with Juan Cabeza/Bert Vierstra version on top) but this one is also worth the try. (951K)
Gibraltar, outlines the basic areas of Gibraltar and local surrounding. Version 1.1. (269k) Royston Waddington.
Norway Winter textures
Winter-textures for Norway98 scenery. (2,070k) Roald Julin
Norway Dynamic
Dynamic scenery to Norway. This scenery includes sailplanes, helicopters, military planes and private planes traveling many real life routes throughout Norway. (3,379k) Einar Bendigtsen & Tor Nielsen. Great add-on for the one of the best free available scenery's: Norway98.
Rotterdam98 (vs2.0)
Rotterdam98 (673Kb) by Jeroen and Mark Arends and Robin van Dijk. Europe I (commercial) required.
Geneva Cointrin
Geneva Cointrin (Switzerland) Version 1.0 (1,168k) Julien Hamad-Gibert. Also download the 1 Kb update.
Malta and Gozo
Scenery of the islands of Malta and Gozo. Version 1.0 (961k) Carmel Grech. Updated by full version 1.1 (933Kb)
France airports

Series of French regional Airports for default FS98 scenery by Pascal Vallette.

Canary Islands

New version of Alfonso Bello's Canary Islands. previous version was buggy, but this version is better. Not compatible with other Canary Islands version! You need four files: one (89K), two(752K), three (1.061K) and four (1.018K). Give it a try. Looks good. If you don't like the included clouds scenery, just disable the 'clouds' area in your scenery library.

Entire Budapest with all streets, most of houses and buildings, all bridges over Danube, some simple dynamic scenery, the castle, the parliament, railway stations, the Mathias Church, all cemeteries, signs and more. (2,273k) Andras Kozma
North Eastern (518K) part of Italy: Including Venice, Verona and much more. Good free scenery made my Italian designers.
Spain (930K) Covers all major airports (24) in Spain, and Gibraltar by Toni Agramont.Textures needed 1197K
Contains an IRELAND scenery. (2061k). Unzip to a new temporary directory and run SETUP.EXE. Evaluation/Beta version of FSGlobal Upgrade by Pilots planned to cover the world with detailled scenery!
Norway98 update
Fix number 3 (2Mb) for the superb Norway98 scenery. Actually it not only fixes bugs but it also enhances the coastline.
Faroer vs3.0 (538K) by Rick Schuitemaker.
This scenery of Finland is originally made for FS5.1 but the designers made a Fs98 patch to make it compatible with FS98. This is why the scenery enters this site now..... You need the scenery files (399K) and the Finland 2.0 fs98 patch (3K). By Mika Hissa and Kari Kyher÷inen.
Sweden. Big project by Swedish people. By exception I will link you to the Swedflight site. You will find all download options there. The scenery is fully compatible with the excelent Norway98 scenery.
Baleares Islands
Baleares Islands (v2.0). (1076k) Antonio Agramont. Not compatible with Baleares98 (below) which I consider as a better one.....But give this one a try. Maybe you will judge different.
Portugal(1902k). Again a great country dedicated group making great FREE scenery: Luis Vieira de Sa'/Carlos Pimentel/Miguel "Kispo".
Copenhague and Stockholm
KASTRUP (EKCH), Denmark, STOCKHOLM-ARLANDA(ESSA), Sweden; STOCKHOLM-BROMMA(ESSB), Sweden. (278k) Bjoern Haerlin
Twente NL
Twente Netherlands (335K) by FA Mulder. Europe I required.
Emilia Romagna
Emilia Romagna, Italy (v0.5)(285k) and the required textures (701K)Filippo Natali
Pantelleria Island (South Italy ). (347k) Fabrizio Romussi. Requires textures from airport_205 (150Kb), VOD2.7 (768k), and (47k).
Former USSR part 3
Former USSR part 3(478k). Requires (1620k), (643k) and the complete GBS2EE?.ZIP set and GBS2TXR.ZIP (to be found below).By Fernand Verbraecken
Malta Island.(320k) Fabrizio Romussi Requires textures from (4,612k), VOD2.7 (768k), and (47k).
Very good scenery of Turkey. (1220k) (880k) (Both required). Untill now Turkey was quite empty.Almost all Turkish airports included. Very accurate and a lot of detailled visual scenery.Ahmed Bedir made this free product. Thanks Ahmed!
Northern England
Northern England (Formally called Teesside) (v1.3). 608k) Rev.P.Lintott
Canary Islands (by Urquia)
Canary Islands (v5.0) (167k) (981k) (1104k) (880k) (789k) (180k) Francisco Urquia (All 6 zips required). Not compatible with Alfonso Bello's version (below)
Norway98 EuropeI fix
Fix to make Norway98 compatible with FS98 CD-Europe.(138k) Bengt Larsson Replaced by fix number 3 on August 25 1998.
Canary Islands (by Bello)
New version of Canary Islands (1.485K) by Alfonso Bello. Not compatible with version made by mr. Urquia (below) I prefer the Urquia version 5.0 as the Bello version gives some fatal errors......
Norway new FS98 version! Top of the bill  free scenery made by real Norwegians, so they used the long winter-nights well! Very professional scenery. Belongs to the best I have ever seen, commercial included! Two files for download: Norway 1 (1500Kb) and Norway 2 (2500Kb) Picture of Hammerfest approach included. By Svein Holbo and Bengt Larsson.

FS98 missing navaids (123Kb) Missing navaids scenery for FS98. All navaids in the world not included in FS98. Also useful for flight planning import and for scenery design as a new FS98 default navaids scenery. Made by your humble webmaster.  Info about Allnav on my special ALLNAV page

Also available (180Kb) including ALL navaids (also FS98 default).

(former) USSR
Upgrade for the former USSR scenery Requires (1,541k). (544k) F. Verbraecken
GBS Scenery Europe
Global Base Scenery Project European Scenery. Using digital data from official sources Matthias Weidemann made a very detailled and accurate visual scenery. It includes rivers, roads, lakes, cities, coastlines and more. Impressive work and a must have for every simmer. No airports, buildings and navaids included. You can use default scenery or other and lay those over this scenery. Read the doc how to do this. The project consists out of about 45 scenery zips and one texture zip. If you don't like to download all you can choose the areas you like from this picture giving you the coverage of every single zip.

To use these scenery's you need the textures file. (2299Kb) Install this one first.

Central Europe

Western Europe

Eastern Europe



Big effort to download but if you choose the good moment of the day it will be no problem..Try one. If you like the result, download the rest! Pilots released a commercial version named FS Global upgrade. covering the world. Total file size: 1,2Gb!!! Buying saves a lot of download time.

GBS texture archive
FS98 scenery - Textures Archive (2,299k) for GLOBAL BASE SCENERY PROJECT (GBS) Matthias Weidemann  Requires at least 1 of the GBS2*.ZIP files above.
Canary Islands
Canary Islands (v4.0).(1,338k) Fco. Urquia
Denmark (v3.14).(271k) Jakob Laage/Strange Software

Another Denmark scenery   by Jens Peter Pedersen (v0.9)( 593k).

Don't use both together but just choose the one you like most.

Yugoslavia and Macedonia
Yugoslav & Macedonian sports and commercial airports.(3,047k) Zarko Gojkovic. Superb scenery of airports. A must have, very (photo)realistic.

yuscen07.jpg (12761 bytes)

Exclude file for Balearic Islands scenery (BALEA95.ZIP required) The famous Beleares by Juan Cabeza and Bert Vierstra.This exclusion file makes it possible to use this amazing scenery in FS98
Bremen, Germany (v2.0a). (328k) Manuel Kluge/Hajo Gerlach.
Requires BAO/Apollo Europe1 and
3D  scenery - Manchester 141k)   England (V1.4).
Requires textures from Airport2.02 (155k).John Hamer
EHAM exclusion file

When you installed Europe I you will notice a double Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Placing this ready for use exclusion scenery file (1K) into your EuropeI\Scenery directory will make the second one disappear. Please report problems. File made by Sindar of the Microsoft Simulation newsgroup. You may also like the Schiphol Europe I additional scenery. Adds the gates and the docking system to the airport.