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Most realistic IFR flying. Why navaids are missing......

Since the release of FS1.0 people try to simulate the flight as real as it gets. Flight Simulation makes it possible to simulate real world flight using real navaids using real Jeppesen enroute charts and flight planners.

But unfortunately Microsoft added only a part of the real navaids into the simulator. In the latest version  (FS98) they included more navaids then ever before (Mostly in the USA and Europe) but in the rest of the world navaids are mostly missing. They probably didn't include more because they just don't think people will really fly around the globe. But they are making a big mistake in this. We all like to fly where we prefer and don't like unreal limitations.

Take a look at South America. See the default FS98 coverage of navaids on the left. On the right you can see the ALLNAV coverage.

FS98 defaultAllnav!
The database: thanks to Jeppesen

Jeppesen, market leader in professional enroute charts (most airliners are using Jeppesen charts and data) was prepared to send me the database. I had to sign a contract for this in which I had to declare that the database should only be used for non-commercial purposes. This is why I had to add a strong copyright into the files. Some "illegal" commercial CD-ROMs has been taken out of the shops as they included a ALLNAV file!

Jeppesen send me the first database in 1995. I also received databases in 1996 and 1997. The latter covering the globe, except USA and Canada. Fortunately all navaids of these countries are included in the FS98 default scenery. To top of page

The making of......

The database is about 12 Mb text file in the so called ARINC format (Aeronautical Radio, Inc).  It includes data concerning airports, runway's, navaids, intersections, localizers and markers.

I started working with the navaids and this resulted in the ALLNAV files. I also have the complete intersection list available on request.

The ARINC format gives a three line, each line 132 positions, of information about ONE single navaid! See this example of the Djibouti VOR.

I used a powerful text editor (Semware TSE 2.0 which can handle big files without lock-ups) to get rid of all information I didn't need. This reduced the size of the information to one about 100 positions text line.

Next step is to translate the included ARINC code into the SCASM code. SCASM is the most important scenery compiler for FS95/98. This has to be done for instance for code giving information about the purpose of the navaids (High, Low, Terminal, Enroute) and the range of the navaid.

And the last part of the job was the making of the final source files to generate the scenery file. A few lines of the final Africa source (including Djibouti VOR) can be found in this piece of text.

Most important ALLNAV file at this moment is ALLNAV97.zip. It includes all navaids and can perfectly be used in FS95/FS6 and FS98/FS6.1. It is also a useful file to import the data into some flight planners

The last step I made was the making of the FS98 file, just because lot of people kept asking me for a file without the default FS98 data. For this ALLNAV98 file I took the data from the FS98 facilities directory and dragged them into a text editor. This made it possible to remove the double navaids in a fast way. It took me about three day's.....To top of page

The files

At this moment there are three versions of ALLNAV available:

ALLNAV97: (191Kb) for FS95/FS6: including ALL navaids

ALLNAV98: (124Kb) for FS98: All navaids excluding FS98 default navaids. 

ALLNAV99: (126K) for FS98: The last version with minor changes compared to ALLNAV98.

Jeppesen provided Microsoft directly with the data for the latest version of Flight Simulator. So this maked it possible for me to retire...<g> But.... The allnav98 package will be useful to import data into flight planners.


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