New: Standard version
This "new"section gives some information about the new features in FS2000. It's based on Microsoft information.


New Features

  • Two New Aircraft
  • Worldwide 3D Scenery Graphics
  • Over 20 000 Airports
  • Over 70 000 Navigation Waypoints
  • New Cities with Better Details
  • New Custom 3D Objects Existing Aircraft
  • Updated GPS
  • Improved Weather System
  • Two New Aircraft

FS2000 will include two new aircraft, British Airways Concorde and Boeing 777-300. Also the six "old" aircraft (Cessna 182S, Cessna 182RG, Learjet 45, Boeing 737-400, Extra 300S and Bell JetRanger III) are of course included and updated. Worldwide 3D Scenery Graphics FS2000 will feature new 16-bit color and true elevation data. Textures are dramatically improved. Seasonal effects are also included. Over 20000 Airports Due to Microsoft's contract with Jeppesen, FS2000 will have almost seven times more airports than FS98. All airport and navigational data are from Jeppesen's database, eg. real world aviation info. But this doesn't mean that all airports are detailed. Most likely majority of airports will have only the runways. Over 70000 Navigation Waypoints The amount of navigation waypoints will also include dramatically in FS2000. All of them from Jeppesen's database, as the airports too. New Cities with Better Details FS2000 includes at least six cities in very high details: London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. New Custom 3D Objects New version will have much wider variety of different buildings, structures and dynamic scenery. This will make the FS2000 world more realistic. Existing Aircraft Updated All of the current six aircraft in FS98 will be updated with new panels, virtual cockpits, sounds and exterior models. GPs A basic Global Positioning System will be integrated to FS2000 and it will have the information from Jeppesen's worldwide NavData database. Improved Weather System The whole weather system will be updated and improved in FS2000. For example rain, thunder and lightning's are visible now. Also clouds are improved. FS2000 will also include RealWeather style program which allows pilots to get the latest weather from Internet

New: Professional version

See my comments in the BAD section......


Definitely good is the introduction of the new Jeppesen database of all navaids and intersections, the integration of a planner and GPs and of course all new airports. FS98 introduced all US airports and FS2000 introduced the rest of the world public airports. Now we can fly to about 13000 default airports!

Another good part of the product is the support of more colors. FS95/FS98 supported only 256 colors now we reach to the 1999 standard of 16K colors. This improves scenery quality al lot. FS2000 elevation is more accurate. This makes a lot of FS98 scenery unusable however......

The user interface is more easy to use. Lot's of improvements to be found here. The clouds dialog is very good now. You can visually add cloud layers. Clouds are also a major improvement. They now look like the FLY! clouds. You can now update the weather according to actual worldwide conditions online. And we have rain and snow now. You can see the rain drops at your window and hear them touch the plane at the winds side! It's a good feature.


No Shadows anymore

Microsoft decided to leave shadows out just before the product release because using shadows will drop framerates even more. Probably shadows will be available again as soon as new generation graphical boards hit the market.

Files compression

The bgl (scenery) files can't be accessed now by flight planners. It is not possible anymore to access the *bgl files to read the used data. This makes it more difficult to make (freeware) programs using this code (f.i. new scenery assemblers) and external flight planners can't read the scenery data anymore to import the navaids. Files are not encrypted but compressed. Microsoft released a decompression utility for developers, available at my fs2000 utils page.

Hoover dam, Las Vegas and more removed

Not just because the Hoover Dam but also more scenery have been removed probably for the frame rates issue.

FS2000 professional is rip-off

The release of a professional version is a official rip-off. For the extra payment you will get

  • a few pages more Handbook (only difference is that panel layouts have been included with NO explanation how to use them)
  • two planes added, Beech King Air 350 and Mooney Bravo, they will probably also be available as freeware in the files-section
  • third CD rom including instruction videos, Jeppesen Simcharts sample and improved sound for all planes. Why didn't they add the sounds to the standard version???
  • Six additional detailed cities: Boston, Washington, Seattle, Berlin, Tokyo and Rome.
  • a tiny feature: aircraft editor. Can change colors and panels of planes.

The title professional is unexplaned here. Basicly buying the professional version is only needed as a collectors item.