Microsoft released a updated patch on March 30th 2000.
FS2000 is full of bugs, they will be listed here. Please inform me if you find one. In the meantime you can read the 10 commandments for the use of FS2000....
Incorrect Timezones
A really annoying non-critical bug. Microsoft programmers seem to think that western europe shares GMT with the u.k. so holland for example is GMT instead of CET. There are more mistakes in Timezones. A piece of software corrects it. Look for it in the fs2000 utilities section.
FS2000 and Windows 2000 problems!
Flight Simulator 2000 runs a lot smoother under Windows 2000 But....You will not be able to use the new "moving parts" aircraft and the night lighted aircraft. And those are just our nicest models.... Basically it seems that if the *.mdl file in the aircraft's folder is about 71Kb in size there will be no conflict. More complicated flight models, with a about 132 Kb file size for the *.mdl file, will make FS2000 crash under Windows 2000. This is not a real bug, because Windows 2000 is not a gaming platform, but still annoying. We have a solution for it: MDL repair
Missing Airports, Floating runways

Missing airports like Faaa Airport at Tahiti and Wheeler AFB on Oahu. These airports seem to be just below the elevation of the surrounding terrain. This same bug exists for Molokai Airport. Molokai is the island just east of Oahu (Honolulu). But in this case the runway and taxiways are sometimes there, sometimes not there. At San Diego Airport the runway disappears during approach.

Missings tarmacs
At quite a lot airports we can't find a tarmac. For instance Almeria , Madrid , Santander and Sevilla (all Spain)
Panama Canal

The Canal isn't there but how did the ships get on this location????

WTC helipad
There's one(Heli pad)on top of the World Trade Center in NYC .. but don't bother with it. Try landing on it and just when you're close to being able to touch down, the building DISAPPEARS. Great! I used to have fun doing that in FS98.. No one's answered my questions regarding this as a bug.. so ....