A compiler will convert a text file, written in a certain 'language' to the scenery format. All compilers listed here will use it's own language. The first compiler available (bglgen) used a very simple language and will still show you the basics of scenery compiling. Later compilers like BGLcomp Scasm and Fsasm became more complicated and useful for very complex scenery.

These programs can be used by experienced designers. If you use one of the free or commercial graphical designers you will not need those files as they are mostly included.

FreeSCnew1.gif (3454 bytes)
FreeSC Beta 4 (477Kb) . A powerful scenery compiler for MSFS/CFS, and has compatibility with SCASM. FreeSC has many features: user defined function, preprocessor, control structures etc. FreeSC is free and open source software. You can use it not only for freeware but also commercial purpose. By Takuya Murakami
Scenery Disassembler 2.0new1.gif (3454 bytes)
Scenery Disassembler v2.0.(57 Kb) SCDIS can disassemble BGL files (also fs2000 if you first decompress the files using the decompressor below) , which are MSFS scenery files, and convert them into SCASM source files.Takuya Murakami
FS2000 Scenery decompressor
The detailed scenery files in Flight Simulator 2000 are compressed to reduce the amount of disk space required. The files are not encrypted, just compressed. If you're a user or developer who has modified and worked with .bgl files in previous versions of Flight Simulator, you'll need to use a free downloadable utility (152Kb) to compress and decompress .bgl files for Flight Simulator 2000. To download the free utility, click on the link at the end of this article. Made by Microsoft.
Scasm (70Kb) is the compiler, made by Manfred Moldenauer. Many Visual (WYSIWYG) designers include this program to convert the complete text file to the FS98 bgl format. It is a DOS program. Holger schmidt made a small Windows shell for it....I lost the location so please help me to refind it....Maybe you will need the latest version 2.04....In the meantime Scasmversion 2.39 is available but not for seperate download. It's included with free and commercial software. You can download it in combination with M98tobgl, to be found on the design 3d page

Fsasm (1.4Mb) is another text based tool to make scenery. It's a more or less stand alone compiler. Installation is using installshield setup but you will not be able to use windows to run the program. Using the program needs a careful study of the docs.

Fsasm was made by Adam Szofran. Detailled information on the Fsasm homepage.

BGLComp was the second scenery compiler available. (70Kb) Hiroo Umenoo
BGLgen was the very first scenery compiler available. To make simple scenery objects like runway's and navaids and to add texture tiles to the scenery. By Enno Borgsteede.
BGL Toolkit
This toolkit may be used to extract information from your active bgl files and to create exclude files. Exclude files will make double scenery invisible. (235Kb) by Ian J. Donohoe
SCDIS: MSFS Scenery Disassembler for SCASM version 1.7(86k) Takuya Murakmi. Converts bgl files to scasm format. Version 1.9 available sice January 2000
Bgl2bgs: one of the first available scenery decompilers. You will not need it anymore unless you still use Hiroo Umenoo's scenery compiler bglcomp.
Scenery tester
This is version 1.0 of a BGL Jump tester/analyser. This program will show you wrong directed Jump instructions if the scenery file was compiled with SCASM 1.7 (or 2.0) with the "-m" command line option active. But even if the scenery file was not generated by SCASM, or if a map file is not available, BGLTST is a usable "good/no_good" scenery tester. Copyright by M. Moldenhauer. (33K)
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