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3D: Objects

3D objects can be the most impressive part of a scenery. There are a few great utilities to make 3D objects. You can use pre-defined objects (macro's) and you can change those objects. You can also convert your FS98 planes into static scenery objects.

Trees Object Libraries
'Trees' Object Libraries (424Kb) for FS2000/CFS SDK Module. The SDK for the new 'Trees' series of static object libraries for creating trees in FS2000 scenery. Contains documentation and 24 macros in API format for use with Airport 2.60 and similar scenery design programs. Also requires Module 0, the basic object library containing a set of generic tree types (1,619k) and an update (521Kb) By Gerrish Gray
Wide Visual Range Tool
WVR.EXE (Wide Visual Range Tool) v1.0. (159Kb) This tool expands the visual range of 3D objects scenery designed for FS2000. When an island etc. is designed by polygon based, the visual range in FS2000 is about 20km. However an about 50km range can be obtained by converting the SCASM source file by WVR.EXE. By Kazuo Kawamura
M98tobgl 3.51
Very good program (1,15Mb) (September 26, 2000) to convert all available planes to static aircraft in your scenery. FS2000 compatible. Includes Scasm 2.39. By Trevor de Stigter. Alternate download location available. Read the download licence.Please inform me when links are not available anymore.If you can't download these files from the authors site, you may want to download the previous version 3.50 from simtakeoff.
Wall API macros
Wall API macros (131Kb) for Airport 2.xx and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Five API macros to add 3D Walls to your Flight Simulator scenery. Compatible with Airport 2.xx and VOD 2.7. Compatible with FS 5.x and later. Not tested with FS 2000, but should work. By: Jorge Merino
VOD 3.0a
Visual Object Designer v3.0a. (351Kb) This is a program update for VOD v3.0. By: Rafael Garcia Sanchez
FS2000 VOD Macro's
A collection of 19 macros compatible with VOD, Airport 2.10 and ASDv2.0. Contains all macros used in the library file scenery_fs_veh.bgl located in the SCENEDB\VEH\SCENERY folder of FS2000. By: Rafael Garcia Sanchez
VOD 3.0
Visual Object Designer (VOD) v3.0. Requires two zip files 1 (2,618Kb) and 2 (2,315Kb) and texture file vodtex30.zip (910k). Also available a new set of macro's (218Kb) Program to generate a great variety of objects for scenery design, like hangars, towers, control towers, lines, surfaces, runways, roads and more. You will probably also want the previous sets of macro's There are two: one and two .
VOD 2.7
VISUAL OBJECT DESIGNER VOD (v2.7). Zip 1 (2.118k) and Zip 2 (1,993k) Rafael Sanchez (Both Zips required). Requires vodtex27.zip (768k) and vb40016.dll (463k)
VOD 2.7 Macros
48 macros to be used with the Visual Object Designer VOD v2.6 or later, and/or Airport 2.0 version or later. (318k) Rafael Sanchez
Requires vbrun300.dll (225k)
Object viewer
3D Scenery Object Viewer for "api" or "scm" format files.(177k) Masakazu Irie
Very neat Win95 program (new version 3.40, January 2000) to convert FS6/FS98 planes to static scenery assembler source files for compiling with SCASM (2.03+) or Airport (2.05+).(597k) by Trevor de Stigter. Requires SCASM 2.04.
Marshaller Macro
Moveable marshaller (the guy that guides the planes on the ground) macro for usewith the Airport compiler. Requires Pascal Meziat's Airport compiler (any version).(5k) by Naoyuki Nomura/Yuji Hamada/Didier Bur
Banner creator
Program to generate a banner to be attached on the back of your Cessna. Requires VBRUN300.DLL and SCASM. 193K, made by Rafael Sanchez.
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