This FS6 page hasn't been updated since april 1997. Some FS98 utils can be used in FS6 v.v. So maybe you can updated version at my fs98 utils page!
Vis structure Text file describing the structure of the FS6 .VIS file.(3k) Siegfried Zapke
Adventure Generator Replacement for Flight shop's APLC program (ver. 1.17, 119k). Generates FS6 adventures directly. Requires Flight Shop or another flightplanner that can produce adventures like Winplanner 4.0 . Martin H. Smith
Scenery Manager FS6 Scenery Manager. Win95/NT program to enable or disable single or groups of scenery areas without having to have FS up and running.(168k) Alessandro Antonini
Setpan95 2.1 FS6 Sound, Aircraft and Panel Manager (Setpan95 v2.1).(96k) by Richard Lewis. Requires the free Flight Shop Converter from Microsoft (482k). Yet another (Panel) Manager, but this one is small and simple and doesn't load tons of dll's into your harddrive. I like it, let me know what you think.
Pre-Flight Center 2.0 This is version 2 of Pre-Flight Center, the complete plane, panel, and sound manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95. Allows you to save a complete sounds and panel setup for each and every airplane you have. As this is a big file the author decided to split the file into 5 seperate zips. You can download the program is the following parts:pfct2d0.txt,,,,, The five main zips are all about 1.4 Mb big:(This is a new update May 14, 1997) Guy LaRochelle (Shareware)
Panel Manager FS6 Sound, Aircraft and Panel Manager (Setpan95 v2.0).(96k) Richard Lewis Requires the free Flight Shop Converter from Micro$oft (482k) Yet another (Panel) Manager, but this one is small and simple and doesn't load tons of dll's into your harddrive. I like it, let me know what you think
Addon manager Addon manager 'Addit! Pro' (ver2.0)-Installs and removes addons; Archives addons; Manages panels and sounds; Group addons to form associations; Automatically adds scenery.4 files needed (1,133k), (1,366k), (1,207k) and (522k) Joe Stearns Looks good and usefull but this is a limited shareware version, registration for full version $17,95
Microsofts lessons Microsoft released the Teacher’s Activity Guide. It is designed "to help you tap that natural curiosity about aviation to help students learn and apply important skills in many disciplines". You can download lessons about Geography and Navigation, Flight Instruments, Principles of Flight and Aviation Vocabulary, If you want to know more about this Activity Guide visit the Microsoft homepage or download the Introduction page.
HSI Tutorial Tutorial, in FS95 WORDPAD format, on using the HSI for VOR navigation and ILS approaches.(832K)
GPWS V6.0 Update GPWS V6.0 Update(29k)for the FlightShop ATC Custom Module.Requires (493k)Wilco van Deijl
AF5PAINT AF5PAINT v2.0. (71k) Graphics tool and PCX editor for creating aircraft textures.Requires Flight Shop, and SVGA graphics card (800x600x256) By 'Doe' Doebereiner
Change the moon Automatic moon shape changer (ver1.1). Changes the moon shape to reflect the real moon phase.(35k) made by Jorge Santoro
ILS Utility FS6 ILS Utilities. Adventure modules that provide information about localizers within any given area.(117k) Cor Dikland
FS6 manager update Fs6 manager Update Version 1.21 (396K)Complete file below
Ground Proximity Warning System v6.0 Ground Proximity Warning System V6.0 (for Flight Simulator 6 only) Warning Systems, Autopilot Heading and Altitude and Radio Utilities.Note: there is no Autoland, Vertical Speed or Waypoint Navigation Mode in this version because of limitations of Flight Simulator 6. You also need to download AAFWAV.ZIP (2.7 MB) to use this file. (493 KB) Made by Wilco van Deijl
ATC controller Windows ATC/Approach Controller (ver 1.1). An adventure designed to give a simple means to complete a fully gudied ATC flight.(1,842k) R.G. Foster
Koch Chart Koch Chart - The effect of temp. and altitude on aircraft performance (194k) Richard Bowman
Banner creator Program to generate a banner to be attached on the back of your Cessna. Requires VBRUN300.DLL and SCASM. 193K, made by Rafael Sanchez.
Improved night lights FS6 replacement textures to improve night lighting in areas that use the New York City area texture files (272K).And replacement textures to improve night lighting in areas that use the metro area texture files (321K). Dave Kelly, Freeware
Improved screetch... Add a new SCREETCH to FS6. FS5.1/FS6 replacement for SCREECH.WAV (5k). Joćo Miguel Amaral (Freeware) 
Improved 747 sound Pratt & Whitney Turbofan engine WAV's(571k) Pratt and Whitney Turbofan engine wavs from a 747-200 recorded from the cockpit. 15 WAV files: at take off, flaps in different settings, in the climb, and in cruise flight. Also different volume levels available....
Panel Manager Panel Manager -(115K) New version. PANMAN (PANel MANager) allows one to assign a specific panel to each default or FSFS-converted FS95 aircraft from a list of up to 24 panels. Version 2.1 makes searching for aircraft a bit easier by presenting not only the file name but also the aircraft's descriptive name.Made by Chuck Dome. Also available in Germany.
Change flight model Very usefull programs to decompile FSFW95(FS6) .AIR files to text and back to .AIR. Use for changing flight models. Flight Shop not needed! (42k) Matthias Weidemann (Freeware) 
ILS tutorial A detailed tutorial (185K) on techniques required to successfully fly the Instrument Landing System approach. Includes a discussion of current Australian flight rules relating to the ILS. This is a Wordpad document complete with inline pictures and diagrams, an approach plate for the runway 16R ILS at Sydney, Australia, a description of approach plate symbols and startup situation and video files.
Lost panels help Text file (1K) that explains how to restore lost panels in FS6. By Leonard Spasiano.
Edit Aircraft information This program allows you to display and modify the text-data contained in .AIR files of Flight Simulator for Windows (version 6 and above).The interest consists of changing the information which appears while selecting an aircraft as long as the order in which they are displayed (sorted by name).(32K) Made by Jacky Brouze.
change flight dynamics of planes 2 Win95 programs for decompiling/compiling FSFW95 .AIR files to change flight dynamics of planes in FSFW95. (35K)
aircraft modifier 4.03 Version 4.03 AIRMOD (AIRcraft MODifier) allows you to change flight characteristics and colors of MSFS95 aircraft. Version 4.03 works not only with the default planes, but also with those converted from FSFS. Made by Chuck Dome. (29K)