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Pro Pilot 99 90Mb update download.....

Sierra Pro Pilot 99

Pro-Pilot99 by Sierra. Nothing to do with FS98. It's a completely different civil flightsim. If you have the product: go to the Sierra updates section to get an upgrade to version 1.03. It's a terrible 90Mb upgrade. Yes, 90Mb to download! It's mainly a european scenery upgrade and it solves some minor issues. You can read the patch text file. the patch is only for the first versions of PP99. The patch brings your version to build 15. First release seems to be build 9. IMHO Sierra should offer new CDROMs to protect users for these kind of massive downloads. It took me 4 hours download time using ISDN connection.

Please contact Sierra for more information.

Pro Pilot '99 offers realistic 3D terrain representing the United States, Western Europe and Canada. Developed from a geological data base of over 38 million elevation points, Pro Pilot '99 shows landmarks, highways and rivers, ensuring geographical recognition to support the thrill of visual navigation. With 35 major metropolitan areas highly detailed and over 3,500 airports, users can fly to just about any destination, all while experiencing audio air traffic control.

The product looks good but the aircraft behaviour is not too good. Scenery quality is OK, only a few 3D objects however. Clouds are famous.....


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I got it for free at