FS98 will need a special converter.

  Brief Introduction on planes: FS6 default version delivers only a very few planes. New planes can be made using Flight Shop. Flight Shop planes are originally for FS5 but using a converter they can be used for FS6. All planes on this list can be used for FS6 and already have been converted. If you unzip a plane file, you will find the actual plane files for shape and flight behavior (*.air and *.mdl) to be copied to your pilots directory and texture files (*.0af ..*.8af) to be copied to your main texture directory. If you want to take a look on how a plane has been painted you can view the separate texture files using the small program r8paint. You can even change a texture using this program and write your on signature on the planes tail...<G>. Note that it's not only important that a plane looks nice, but it's even more important that it is flying realistic. If you are seeing that the plane is originally made by somebody else it means that this other person designed the flight behavior.
Piper PA-18-150 PIPER PA-18-150 "SUPER CUB" with standard Tires.(32K) Jerry Arzdorf
Air Lingus 737-400 FS6 Aer Lingus 737-400 (v3.0).(36k) Chris Bawden
Ansett BAE146-300 FS6 Ansett Australia BAE146-300 with landing lights (v2.0).(33k) Chris Bawden
Thai Airbus A330 Thai Air AirBus A330-300(101k) by June-Yuee Lee
Lockheed 1049H FS6 only Lockheed 1049H Super Constellation - Transocean(45k) Dave McQueen.
QANTAS 737-300 QANTAS 737-300 VH-TAK with landing lights (34K)by Chris Bawden
United Airlines 737-400 United Airlines 737-400 with landing lights(36K)by Chris Bawden
Ansett Australia 737-300 Ansett Australia 737-300 VH-CZX with landing lights.(34K)by Chris Bawden
Grumman XF5F-1 Grumman XF5F-1 (G-34 Skyrocket)(101k)by Eric C. Johnson.
737-200 FS6 Boeing 737-200 with landing lights.(37k) Diego Nogueira
SAS Fleet The SAS Fleet (ver 3.1a). Includes 8 planes (737-300, 737-400, 767, 747-200SF (Cargo), DC9, MD-90, F-50, Saab 340).(330k) Kalle Magnusson
Pacific Airlines 777-200 FS6 Pacific Airlines 777-200.(41k) Robert Rindt. Pacific Airlines is a virtual airline.
Douglas Super DC3 FS6 Douglas Super DC-3 Capital Airlines.(93k) Trev Morson/Barry Blaisdell
Antonov AN-14 The AN-14 Pchelka (Little Bee) was designed as a small STOL feederliner/transport that could be flown by in experienced pilots. 300 were built in the 50's and 60's before being superceded by the AN-28. This version is of civil Bulgarian registry. Made by Eric C. Johnson (92K)
Martinair Holland 767 FSFW95(FS6) Martinair Holland Boeing 767 (76K).
Royal Brunei 767 Royal Brunei 767 for FS5 & FSW95/FS6
Convair VC240 FSFW95 (FS6) Pan American Convair CV240. Dave McQueen/Rich Boehringer (Freeware) Tom Gibson/Keith Waugh original
Swissair A330-200 This Swissair Airbus A330-200 "Luzern" will be a member of Swissair's A330 fleet till 2003. In Dec 1996 Swissair announced to buy/lease 9 A330-200 to replace it's A310 fleet. The first A330 will arrive by SR in 1999. But now in your FS6! Updated version of the file below (painting, lights) Made by G. Heiniger .
Beech Baron Repaint of Flight Shop Beech Baron by Angelo Moneta (52K) No conversion needed.
PTERADACTYL  A Pterodactyl (prehistoric bird) for FS5. By Tom Miller (84K) It's FS5 so it must be converted. But I couldn't resist it to make it available here.....Watch this: this animal need some flaps to get up and it can be overstressed easily....
Varig 737-300 Boeing 737-300 VARIG - NEW CORPORATE COLORS. Includes versions for both FS5 and FS6. .(223K)