At the bottom of this page a bonus: picture of the fs6 design team

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Eliminate Pauses Text file on how to eliminate most pauses in FS6 by copying the files from the CD to The HD.(3k) Ray Proudfoot
Stereo Sound vs. 2 Version two of fs6stereo. Adds stereo sound to fs6.(1,603k)
ALL enroute navaids Final version of my scenery file containing all 7653 navaids (150 Kb) for the fs6 world. Originaly made (by me) for FS6. FS6 ignores any doubled nav-aids. Contains all enroute NDB's and VOR's for Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Pacific, Pacific Bassin, South and Latin America and Africa. Based on the original APRIL 1997 Jeppesen database. Compiled with exclusive permission of Jeppesen! Third release with readable documentation...Please report any bugs or errors.
Corrected ILS's FS6 scenery for 151 Corrected ILS’s. (38k) Ted Denison
joystick control center vs2. Win95 program (new version 2.0) that allows you to program any joystick buttons to replace keystrokes. Help file includes using with FSFW95.(296k) John Hnidec.
Sidewinder installation New Sidewinder installation software: If you own Microsoft Sidewinder this is a MUST-HAVE. It enables you to easily add keystrokes to the buttons for all games you are using the Sidewinder for. (1650K) Microsoft file.
Euro I +II auto install Fully automatic install for the Europe I & II CD-ROM products for use with Flight Simulator for Windows 95. Includes the latest patch. Make sure to check the README before proceeding. (249K). Apollo file.
Stereo Sound These files will add stereo sound to FS6... I can't check it because I can't hear with both ears...Please inform me if it doesn't work.
FSFX installation file Official FSFW95 (FS6) files (171K) to install FSFX under FS6. These are installation files only not FSFX self. Distributed by PapaTango, the designers of FSFX.
picture 2 of the design team Another situation file for FS6 showing three people of the design team. Do you know who are the persons at the picture? Thanks to Angelo Moneta. Small 3K. stn file, not zipped.
picture of design team This is a situation file for FS6, which brings you within the Redmont campus of the University of Washington in Seattle and shows you the FS6 design team! Thanks to Angelo Moneta and Floris Wouterlood. Just keep looking, the second picture will show up too! It's a small file, not zipped. You can preview the texture at the bottom of this page.
NEW: FS6 patch!!! This self-extracting, self-installing .EXE patches one file in Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95. This patch solves the problem of missing ILS transmitters and incorrect ATIS messages in 3rd party scenery which overlays the default scenery. This problem can be observed in Europe I, and U.S. airports which are in areas covered by Atlas data, among others. Official Microsoft patch. If your connection is slow you can also download it from Microsoft's site
flight shop converter In the default version of FS6/MSFS95 planes and adventure made using Flight Shop will not work. Microsoft released a converter to convert flight shop planes and adventures to fs6/msfs95 32 bits format. This file comes directly from the Microsoft flight simulation site.
how to install flight shop without FS5.1 Many people are suffering problems installing Flight Shop without FS5.1 This small text file (7K) from MicroWings explains How-To-Install-Flight-Shop-When-You-Don't-Have-FS5.1
fs6 install for Madrid&HongKong Files to install FSWG HONG KONG, FSWG MADRID and SWISS AIRCRAFTCOLLECTION on systems running FSFW95(FS6) Note - these are just installation files not the sceneries or planes. Also available from
improved sound You may experience difficulty hearing ATC voices in adventures created using the ATC Workshop from BAO Flight Shop. AAFWAV.ZIP contains a set of replacement .WAV files that solve this problem when you fly converted adventures in Flight Simulator for Windows 95. Put the files in the ../ADV/WAV directory!(2633K)
virtual pilot driver For CH products visit the CH website or download the Virtual Pilot Pro W95 driver or read the CH W95 setup instructions



The pictures below can be found at a certain location in the fs6 world, you can find the design team using one of the situation files to be found on this page.

The girls texture on the left is found too! Don't look for it in scenery. It can be seen if you turn your head backwards (using shift-2) in the default 737. You need to set 'simple aircraft model' in the preferences/display/aircraft to see it.

Design Team Pictures