On this page you will find only scenery files that can be used without any problems on the default scenery of FS98. A complete listing of all available scenery can be found in this file.
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Brief introduction: The main part of the scenery is the standard scenery *.bgl file. This file contains the code of objects and positions. Scenery is also using texture files. These give color and shape to the area or objects. Texture files are always exactly 65536 bytes large (64kB) but have different extensions (*.r8 *.oav *.pat and more) The scenery (*.bgl) need to be copied to a scenery directory. Texture files need to be copied to a texture directory. You can best make new folders for every scenery area you install. If you want to learn more about scenery management, layers, folders, etc. you can best download this useful text file made by Ray Proudfoot (9kB zipped). If you want to know more about the internal structure of scenery files you can download the file fs5strc2.zip (180kB) made by Mauricio Gavioli and others. If you want to view textures you can drag and drop these files to this small utility: r8paint (36kB zipped). The files below are all FREE non-commercial so called third party scenery's. Many of these are as good as, or even better as, commercial scenery. If you want more information about commercial scenery you can go to my 'commercial' page.
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Iran airports
By Theodore Mourabas
Scenery listing 7a
ALL the MS-Flightsimulator WORLD - Version 7.a. An HTML-listing of about 3,800 scenery files (416Kb) for MS Flightsimulator (FS5.x, FSFW95, FS98). Contains information about download locations, size, author, coverage, compatibility and more. By Joachim Tangemann
Boeing Field
Boeing Field / King County Int'l. Airport (WA) v1.1 (838Kb) .By Florian Jindra
New Zealand
New Zealand Scenery. Includes very high detail of mountains, rivers, hills, and all airports including Hawera. By Colin Williams
Lahore/Multan, Pakistan
Airports of Lahore (465Kb) and Multan (347Kb) in Pakistan. By Jamie Al-Nasir.
Middle East airports
Ten major airports in Middle East (174Kb) . This scenery contains the major airport of the capital of the ten following countries in the Middle East: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. By Christophe Rouil
Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia
Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia v1.0.(41Kb) ca.1991 during Operation Desert Storm.
Lisboa, Portugal
Lisboa, Portugal (458Kb) By UltraOhm
Bombay (Mumbai)
Bombay (Mumbai) Airport (779Kb) with airport buildings and correct placement of Airlines By Manish R. Karnik
Tennessee Airport
Tennessee Airport Scenery.(4.530Kb) Enhancement of all FS98 default Tennessee airports and addition of most private airports, towers/stacks, city tiles, plus enhancement of interstates, major highways and parkways, all to provide VFR flying capability from a sectional. By: Dick Graham
Sharjah (SHJ-OMSJ) (24Kb) By Luke B
Montego Bay
Montego Bay (3Mb) in Jamaica. Includes Sangster Int'l and a recreation of the popular Bay. the scenery includes many custom objects and color palette.The main bitmap simulates a satellite picture. By Jorge Pagano
Peru airports
Peruvian Airports (442Kb) By Marty Mathias
Melbourne Australia 3.0
Melbourne Australia version 3.0 (full 3.0Mb) by Colin Lock. If the link doesn't work you can also try to right-click on the link and choose 'save target as'. Please report me when link is not available anymore.
Bolivia v3
Scenery of Bolivia v3. Includes 17 Bolivian airports, some with dynamic scenery. By: Dr. Carlos Romero F.
Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Scenery . This scenery file covers the US and British Virgin Islands. It features hand drawn and rendered bitmaps with accurate 'mesh terrain' elevation data, dynamic elements, extensive night lighting effects, custom 3D objects, and includes the islands of St.Thomas, St.John, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and St.Croix. With the release of Virgin2000, this scenery, originally Shareware, has been made FREEWARE. Requires all 11 files. By Chris Wilkes

  1. virgin1.zip (2Mb)
  2. virgin2.zip (1,9Mb)
  3. virgin3.zip (1,7Mb)
  4. virgin4.zip (1,7Mb)
  5. virgin5.zip (2Mb)
  6. virgin6.zip (1,8Mb)
  7. virgin7.zip (2Mb)
  8. virgin8.zip (2Mb)
  9. virgin9.zip (1,7Mb)
  10. virgin10.zip (1,4Mb)
  11. virgin11.zip (1,8Mb)
Warsaw Okecie
Warsaw Okecie, Poland v1.0 (93Kb) By: Marek Sikorski
Texas 99 v1.0
Texas 99 v1.0 (5,1Mb) By: Boyd Morris
Lahore International Airport v1.0
Lahore International Airport v1.0. (1,2Mb) By Raihan Shahzad
Georgia 99
Georgia 99. (5Mb) State of Georgia, USA. By Ken Dacey
Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta (1,3Mb) Canada v1.0 By: Kyle Duncan
Central Ontario
Central Ontario, (865Kb)Canada v.1.1 By David Malloch
Wegener Station, Antarctica
Wegener Station, (663Kb) Antarctica v1.0 By Volker Raab
Michigan 3.0
Michigan v3.0. Includes 234 Michigan Airports, some with Pilot Controlled Lighting and Elevated Mesh Terrain. All three zip files required: 1 (2,2Mb), 2 (2,3Mb) and three (540Kb) . By: Jim Bosworth
Norway98. Without any doubt the best free scenery on the Internet. New updated version. Remove previous version and replace it by the following files: norw98_1.zip (2.77 MB) norw98_2.zip (2.82 MB) norw98_3.zip (2.83 MB) norw98_4.zip (2.82 MB) norw98_5.zip (2.60 MB) Download main texture files - (required): norw98tx.zip (1.14 MB).Unzip all files to a temporary folder and click on the 2 Setup files to decompress the files and install the scenery. Follow the instructions on the screen.
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City (1,5Mb) Enhancement of the default FS98 scenery. Version 1.0 features Oklahoma City with downtown buildings, parks, rivers, lakes, golf courses, major streets, and highways as well as impressive night lighting. In this first release, the metro area is depicted from Edmond in the north to Norman in the south and from Yukon in the west to Midwest City in the east. Seven civilian area airports are depicted. By J.P. Santiago.
Quebec v5.2

Quebec Scenery v5.2 By: Pilotes Virtuels du Quebec. Five files needed:


Great scenery covering Brazil. You will need the following files:

Denmark 3.17
Denmark 3.17 (622Kb) The newest version of the Danish scenery. No detailed airports or other fancy stuff like dynamic aircraft here.. Nice landscape with good details though. Very good frame rates. By Jacob Laage
Beirut 99
Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. (1,5Mb) The scenery is highly detailed, and it includes the new airport, which is still under construction, with its modern terminal and new runways, one of them being built on a sea bed. By Lebanon scenery design team. Also documentation available. Please inform me when files are not available anymore. Updated by version 3.0 (see above!)
Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany v2.0.(1.789Kb) Includes static and dynamic scenery. By Stefan Breuer
Timor Area.(203Kb) Includes Kupang (WRKK), Dili (WRTT) and Baukau (WRTB). By Mark Dickinson
California-Nights 2.0
Scenery CA-Nights 2.0 (997Kb) Professionally done textures created to enhance the look and feel of night flying in FS98. This latest version includes improved night textures that provide an even better look. You will now see things such as lighted parking lots, and storefronts. By Chris Arrington
Curacao Hato Airport V3.0
Curacao Hato Airport V3.0 (634Kb) This scenery features a detailed version of the International Airport of the Island of Curacao, HATO aka "Dr. Albert Plesman". It includes detailed and accurate buildings, runwaytextures, taxiway signs & lining, parking positions which have working marshallers who guide you how to park your plane. By Marcel Ritzema
Germany 2000

Germany 2000. Includes 126 airports throughout Germany. You will need a bunch of files: Documentation (443Kb), Texture (184Kb), Berlin (271Kb), Hamburg (339Kb) and Rostock (100Kb)By: Gundolf Brust

The previously uploaded files of the Global Base Scenery is recommended but not required: gbs2ce82.zip (3,527k), gbs2ce84.zip (3,169k), gbs2ce86.zip (1,214k), gbs2txr.zip (2,299k), gbs2doc.txt (27k).

Komoro Int'l
Komoro Int'l. in Dili, East Timor(7k) By: Dennis Thompson
Chicago Scenery Add-On. Adds 800 new buildings to the west end of the default Chicago scenery. By: Andy Johnston. Screenshot....
Principe Island
Principe Island Scenery (Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe), Africa(2,157kb). By: Jorge Pagano
Florida air bases
Florida air bases (2,418Kb) : Patrick AFB, MacDill AFB, Mayport NS & Jacksonville NAS. Includes a variety of static military planes & dynamic scenery at each airfield! By Larry Kinsley .Also Airport 2.02 textures (155Kb) and VOD 2.7 (768Kb)needed.
Hanoi - Noi Bai International Airport (307Kb) located in northern Vietnam. Chares Taylor
Melbourne Australia
Melbourne Australia version 2.3 (full, 2,3Mb) by Colin Lock. If the link doesn't work you can also try to right-click on the link and choose 'save target as'. Please report me when link is not available anymore. Replaced by version 3.0 on March 20th 2000.
Millennium Dome
Millennium Dome, London, UK (191Kb) By: Iain Murray
North Carolina 99
North Carolina 99 By Ken Dacey (6,219k)
Santa Monica
Santa Monica California Scenery. By J. Lewis (947Kb)
Margarita DelCaribe
Airport Margarita DelCaribe Intl (Venezuela)(344k) By: David Maldonado
Israel v2.0
Israel v2.0. By: Mirko Stefanovic. Also Airport 2.02 textures (155Kb) and VOD 2.7 (768Kb)needed. (509K)
Ft. Lauderdale/ Hollywood
Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Int'l Airport v1.0 (410Kb) By: Rob Diebold
Aleutian Island
Aleutian Island. (1,4Mb) Normally I don't add fictitious scenery to this collection but I made an exception for the remarkable scenery of this island. Created with new technology using new terrain textures ( 100% photorealistic impression ) Magnificent effect for 3D cards with " bump mapping ". Full 3D terrain structure, seasons, real rocks, mountains, villages, night lights, canyon with waterfall, cliff coast and water with waves. Real fog effect - one water structure. Created by Robert Waszkiewicz. Must have!
Alabama 99. State of Alabama, USA.(5,686k) Ken Dacey. Requires textures from A&SD (61k), Airport2.02 (155k), and VOD2.7 (768k).
FS98 missing navaids
Allnav98.zip. (123Kb) Missing navaids scenery for FS98. All navaids in the world not included in FS98. Also useful for flight planning import and for scenery design as a new FS98 default navaids scenery. Made by your humble webmaster.  Info about Allnav on my special ALLNAV page

Also available Allnav97.zip (180Kb) including ALL navaids (also FS98 default).

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