There are some free tools to edit plane behaviour and plane texture. You can find them at a seperate plane design page.

Documentation: HTML pages describing how to add aircraft to FS98, FS95 and FS5.x. (16k) Rick Davis

Aircraft Installation Utility v3.1 By: Francesco Aruta (177Kb). Very neat and free program for easy installation of aircraft. Read the manual but it's simple. After installation just click on the *.air file in your zip and it runs.

Iberia Airbus A319, A320, A321
Iberia Airbus series A319-111 (285Kb), A320-211 (191Kb), A321-111 (181Kb) By Valerio Perondi. Kim Simmelink original
Atlas Air 747-2D7B
Atlas Air Boeing 747-2D7B. N522MC (111Kb). By David Bracci. Marcel Ritzema and Matthias Lieberech original.
Alitalia 747-243B
Alitalia Boeing 747-243B. I-DEMN. (107Kb) By Alessandro D'Allago. Marcel Ritzema original.
Liat DeHavilland Dash 8-311
Liat DeHavilland Dash 8-311 (76Kb) Design & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell (c)1999. Flight Dynamics: Jens Borgstroem, Duckling Air Virtual Airline and Aircraft Factory (c)1999. Screenshot available.
Iberia 737-300
Iberia Boeing 737-300 (155Kb). EC-EAK. By Valerio Perondi. Kim Simmelink original.
Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400F
Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400F "MEGA ARK".(134Kb) By: Ali Mujtaba. Christian Kanakis original.
Beechcraft Bonanza V35TC
Turbocharged Beechcraft Bonanza V35TC (1,864Kb) version 3 AFX: Dennis Wasnich FDE, Paint and Panel: Michael Verlin. Includes revised panel bitmap. By Michael Verlin
United DC-6A
United Airlines Douglas DC-6 Mainliner. (307Kb) Delivery livery ca.1947. By Harry Follas and Tom Gibson. Flight Model by Brian Horsey
PanAm DC-6A
Pan American Airways Douglas DC-6A.(334Kb) N90908 "Clipper Ocean Express". By Harry Follas and Tom Gibson. Flight Model by Brian Horsey
Tu-154M, s/n 85660. (3,3Mb) Includes fully functional realistic captain and flight and flight engineer panel. Russian co-pilot sound. Docs in Russian.By Dmitri Kolesnik. D Gordeev original.
Swissair MD-11
2 liveries & 3D models with full moving parts of Freeware Works Swissair MD11. (1.518Kb) Includes sound and a great panel. Sophisticated PFD. Full auto-landing with auto-reverse engine/airbrake and auto-brake. Dual screen gauge technique to display in all 7 different CRT displays. Full integrated GPWS, compatible with GPWS98 sounds. Global Control Logic, Pushback and Crew features for more enjoyment. By Alain Capt & Saul Loeb. Important: You also need to download these files: part 1 (3.350Kb) and part 2 (4.637Kb) If files are not available anymor: please inform webmaster.
Peruvian Air Force Beechcraft A80
Peruvian Air Force Beechcraft A80 (41Kb) Queen Air By Jorge Merino. Shlomo Hakim original.
All Nippon Airways Boeing 727-200
All Nippon Airways Boeing 727-200 (94Kb) By Masazumi Mihara. Jorge Oppenheimer and Brian Quayle original.
Sukhoi S-37 Berkut
Sukhoi S-37 Berkut (1.250Kb). Includes sounds and panel. By Ralph Pegram
Air Afrique Boeing 767
Air Afrique Boeing 767-330. I-AEIY. By: David Bracci. Kim Simmelink and Matthias Lieberech original.
Sahara Airlines Boeing 737
Sahara Airlines Boeing 737-700 (142Kb) . N700AZ. By David Bracci. Rafael Hidd and Matthias Lieberech original.
Lockheed 1049H Connie Constellation
Lockheed 1049H Save a Connie Constellation.(5Mb) New in this L1049H Simulation. Ailerons, elevator, rudders, flaps, and landing gear are fully animated as well as moving props. The fuselage has been redrawn with a 12 sided cross-section. Engine nacelles. This is a repaint of an FS98 model, for FS98. This aircraft was produced by Dave McQueen. The Panel was designed by Tom Gibson. The sound was created by Bernd Drefahl. The MATS paint was created by Darren Miller. This package comes with aircraft, panel, and sound.
AA Douglas DC-4
American Airlines Douglas DC-4 (298Kb) with moving parts By: Brian Horsey. Harry Follas original.
Allegheny Airlines Martin 2-O-2
Allegheny Airlines Martin 2-O-2 (157Kb) Cargoliner By: Joe McNulty. Tom Gibson and Dave McQueen original.
AA Douglas DC-6A
American Airlines Douglas DC-6A (344Kb) Airfreighter By: Tom Gibson. Harry Follas and Tom Gibson original.
TAP Lockheed L-1049G
TAP Lockheed L-1049G 'Super Constellation' v1.22 (92Kb) . ca.1960's. By: Pedro Borges
Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200
Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 (48Kb) . By Camil Valiquette
Air France Fokker 100
Air France Fokker 100. F-GPXA in current livery with Proteus Airlines titles. By: Valerio Perondi. Valerio Perondi original.
Easy Jet 737
Easy Jet Boeing 737-3Q8. HB-IIF. By: Valerio Perondi. Kim Simmelink original.
Jet Blue A320-232 version 1.0
Jet Blue Airbus A320-232 version 1.0 Original A-320 by: Kim Simmelink and the Project Freeware Group. Repaint by: Jason R. DeCesare. Jet Blue is a new New York based low fare airline that serves Buffalo and Ft. Lauderdale from John F. Kennedy International Airport with a fleet of A320s. Jet Blue Airbus A320-232C/n: 1123 Built: 1999 Registration: N503JB By Kim Simmelink.
Sabena collection
Sabena collection (2,6Mb) includes 21 aircraft : A319-200, A320-200, A321-200 A330-200, A330-300, A340-200, A340-300, B737-200, B737-300, B737-400, B737-500, MD11, ATR42, DASH8-300, BAE146, AVRO RJ85, AVRO RJ85, A300-B4, B767-300 all in the new livery '99. This fleet includes the aircraft of Sabena but of here subsidiary companies aswell : DAT (Delta Air Transport) and Sobelair. All copyrights to the original authors, modifiers and painters. Collected by Thomas Billiouw
DHC6-300S Twin Otter
DHC6-300S Twin Otter (230Kb) Freefall Express Twin Otter Collection. By Barry Blaisdell
DHC-2 Beaver
De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Mk I Version 6 (2Mb) . On wheel-skis for FS98. Includes Aircraft, Panel and Sounds. Since it's first flight on Aug.16, 1947, the de Havilland Canada Beaver has become one of the most successful and long-lived designs in aviation history. By Fred Banting. Screenshot available.
Flight West DHC6-320
Flight West Airlines DHC6-320 Twin Otter. VH-FNY (86Kb) . By: John de Miranda
Raytheon/Beechcraft 1900D
Raytheon/Beechcraft 1900D (71Kb) Twin Turboprop Regional Commuter Regional Airlines - Morroco Reg# CN-RLD Ver3 with Steerable Nose Gear. By Barry Blaisdell
Canadair/Bombardier RJ200-ER
Atlantic Southeast Airlines (100Kb) Reg# N849AS 20th Aniversary Edition Paint
777-200 American Airlines
American Airlines Boeing 777-200 (195Kb) . By Brent J. Hebert
Bombardier CL601-3a Challenger
Bombardier CL601-3a Challenger (96Kb). Corporate Livery For FS98 with Moving Parts by AA AF99 Design & Artwork. By Barry Blaisdell & Jens Borgstroem
Continental Boeing 777-200
Continental Boeing 777-200 (ProMax2000) By: Camil Valiquette
Cathay Pacific 777-200
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-200 (239Kb) (ProMax2000) By: Camil Valiquette
Malaysian DHC6-310
Malaysian DHC6-310 Twin Otter. 9M-MDN. By: John de Miranda
Corsair Airbus A330-200
Corsair Airbus A330-200 (239Kb) (ProMax2000) By: Camil Valiquette
Samara Airlines YAK-40 (115Kb) . RA-88307. By: David Bracci. A. Cini original.
USAF Stratofreighter C-97G
United States Air Force Boeing Stratofreighter C-97G.(1,654k) Includes sounds and panel. By R. E. Turner. Dave McQueen original.
Ozark Air Lines Douglas DC-3
Ozark Air Lines Douglas DC-3.(314k) N129D. By Claudio Pedrazzini. John Kelley and Mike Vidal original.
767 Egypt Air
Egypt Air Boeing 767-200, (98Kb) registration SU-GAP. Egypt Air, the first airline formed in the Arab world, operates a fleet of around 50 modern aircraft from its headquarters in Cairo. By Aziz R. Palas.
747SP PanAm
Boeing 747SP (303Kb) in Pan Am's Billboard livery. Completely hand programmed to break all limits: more than 1500 parts, round fuselage and engines, 23 textures, 3D engine inlets, superdetailed landing gear, landing lights and no bleed through's. FDE 747 pilot real as it gets... Panel and flight manuals also available . by Marco Bianchetti. Also new panel for this plane available. (325Kb) By Stephan Grille
Excellent flying version of the F-106.(873Kb) It goes to 10,000ft in 40 seconds, rolls good and flies reasonable at 45,000ft The panel with it is my idea of what it looks like. Unzips to aircraft and puts itself in as F-106DD. By Richard Turner Also F-106 panel available by Richard Turner.
Yakovlev Yak-40
Yakovlev Yak-40 (79Kb) By Andrea Cini. Screenshot available.
Air Pacific Boeing 737-500
Air Pacific Boeing 737-500. (337Kb) Repaint of Bill Alderson's superb Boeing 737-300. By Alvin Lal
American Airlines DC-10
American Airlines DC-10-10 (182Kb) for high density short/medium range routes, registration number N166AA. By Ari Hanninen
McDonnell Douglas 520N Heli
Anaheim(California) Police Department McDonnell Douglas 520N Helicopter. Includes aircraft, panel and sounds.
The C-133a features a unique paint scheme, panels, sounds, landing lights, full array of moving parts as well as a fully tested FDE. Also includes panel. Yu also need this additional file. (Total 8,9 Mb) By FlightSim Developers (FSD)
BA Boeing 737-200
British Airways Boeing 737-200. Features moving parts (including elevators, ailerons, spoilers and landing gears ), maximum textures, and 12 sided fuselage and engines. (118Kb) Jorge Oppenheimer. You will also need this fix.
USAirforce T-43A
United States Air Force Boeing T-43A (73Kb) (737-200) 72-283 version 2.1. The T-43 (737-200) is used by the USAF both as a navigation trainer and as a VIP transport. This is the VIP transport version. By Jason R. DeCesare
L1011 Plane & Panel Package v1.0 (1,5Mb) Aircraft by Mike Vidal. Visual by Brian Quayle. This is a must have package!
USAir Boeing 757
USAir Boeing 757 by Brent Herbert (180Kb) Added animated flaps and landing gear with Abacus Aircraft Animator and has cockpit and cabin lighting.
Eurofly MD-82
Eurofly McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (38Kb) . I-DAVR in Alitalia livery ca.1996. By David Bracci. Kim Simmelink original.
Rio-Sul EMB-110
Rio-Sul EMB-110 Bandeirante (138Kb) . PT-GKN ca.1981 By Rafael Zimmermann. Marty Baclawski/Tony Bolton/Frank Safranek original.
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300. Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures. AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines. Night lighting, including tail logo lighting. (371 Kb).By Camil Valiquette
Fairchild Dornier 528JET
The short fuselage 528JET will be Fairchild Dornier's second member of their new line of regional jets. Scheduled to fly for the first time in 2001, this jet is expected to go into service at the end of 2002. (44Kb) By Eric C. Johnson
Fairchild Dornier 928JET
The 928JET will be Fairchild Dornier's final variant of their new 528/728/928JET family of regional jets. Development work on this plane will start in mid-2000 with the delivery of the first jet planned for mid-2003. (44Kb) By Eric C. Johnson
De Havilland Turbo Beaver Amphibian
De Havilland Turbo Beaver Amphibian. Plane and panel. The panel is updated and features the Collins FCP65 Flight Director gauge set. Optional configuration for GPS98ver3 and ACS.GPS98. Flight Model by Eric Johnson 1997 Update and Paint by Graham Waterfield 1998 Dynamics, and original panel by Fred Banting 6/6/1999.
1999 Cessna 172S
1999 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (Special Performance) Version 3 ( 503Kb) . Meet the "Super" Skyhawk, for those who want more of a good thing. More performance, with 180 horsepower and a more efficient propeller for higher cruise and climb. By Rob Young & Tommy Magee
Lockheed P2V-5 Neptune
Lockheed P2V-5 Neptune (1,463Kb) . Brazilian Air Force. The total of 14 P2V-5 Neptune was operated by the Brazilian Air Force in the 1º/7º GAv "Orungan" unit from 1958 till 1976 in coast patrol.By Heitor Antunes
Zeppelin Collection
Zeppelin Collection (991Kb) By Frank J. Petriccione
Garuda Indonesia Fokker 28-4000
Garuda Indonesia Fokker 28-4000 (116Kb) by OMC'99 Also in Pelita Air version.
Beechcraft 1900D Turboprop
Beechcraft 1900D Turboprop (106Kb). Very high detailed version of the Beechcraft. Overall new design taken from a real picture, see shadow of passengers behind windows, improved flight dynamics, no bleeding. By Frank di Candia.
Cessna 152
Cessna 152 moving parts edition (1,437Kb). Olympic Aviation ( Subsidiary of Olympic Airways ) uses this Cessna 152 for pilot training flights from Athens International airport. FS98 aircraft and custom C152 panel by Lee Hall. Includes panel. ALso available without panel (66Kb)By Spyros Diamantis/Kyprianos Biris.
Hmm. Ever seen a Shuttle starting it's engines? A highly detailed model of the Space Shuttle (556Kb) Orbiting Vehicle OV-103 "Discovery". Celebrate NASA's 40th year and Astronaut hero John Glenn's return tospace. Includes detailed panel for FS98. By Deane Baunton
Sikorsky CH53 Super Stallion
The Sikorsky CH53 Super Stallion (244Kb) model includes a ready made pack for FS98 consisting of: - modified helicopter .air file with retractable landing gear, braking and steerable nose gear. - authentic multiblade helicopter sound. - forward tilting rotor disk at speeds higher then 5 MPH - a dedicated CH53 panel by C. Canup II. By Shlomo Hakim.
Boeing 747 collection

Collection of quite detailled 747's.

All files about 63Kb and by Yannic Cathalina.
Airbus A320-200 collection
Air 2000 Airbus A320-200 This aircraft features moving landing gears, tail lights, illuminated cockpit windows, illuminated cabin windows and round fuselage and engines. Checklists also included. Completely new version with maximum details. By Sami Puro (86 Kb) Also available the Austrian Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, British Midland , Swissair and Finnair version.
Boeing 767-400 ER
House colors new Boeing 767-400 ER (ProMax) (190Kb) 02 Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines. Night lighting, including tail logo lighting. By Camil Valiquette
Indonesia domestic collection

Some Indonesian carriers:

Made by OMC'99.

The Zeppelin " Los Angeles" (998Kb) The Los Angeles was constructed during 1923 and 1924 at the Zeppelin works in Friedrichshafen, Germany.It was designated as the LZ-126and the rigid airship was delivered to the United States Navy.It was the world's largest aircraft when first flown. By Frank J. Petriccione
Douglas DC-6A/B Trans-Air-Link
Douglas DC-6A/B Trans-Air-Link. Moving Parts Version DC-6A/B of Trans-Air-Link, Miami, Florida. Aircraft was used on freighting contracts in the Carribean and Central America. This plane is complete with moving landing gear, flaps, ailerons, elevators, and rudder. It also features; landing lights, realistic engine start, and FS98 checklists. By Harry Folas (279Kb)
Boeing 747-400 Singapore Airlines
Boeing 747-400 Singapore Airlines. (288kb) Registration: 9V-SMV "The closest approach to the original" High quality visual and flightmodel for optimum results and flightpleasure with FS'98. Features: Moving parts, Fully 3D-engines, transparent cockpit, Highlighted cabin windows, very detailed and Anti-aliased textures. (Done with Photoshop 4.0) By Peter Mess
American Airlines Boeing 757-223
American Airlines Boeing 757-223. (263Kb) New color 1999, 40th Aniversery edition. This plane is for pleasure and fun, and is our hope that others enjoy our job. (By OMC'99)
DC-9-51 Panel & Flight Model Package (1.995Kb). The most realistic DC9 available Now includes nite lighted windows detailed paint scheme on all area's now includes Moving parts. PANEL CHANGES: Complete redraw of the main panel! Correct colors for the panel. Placed Correct main gauges in the right locations. Added Press Ratio gauges to the main cluster. Added Correct Autopilot to the Glare Panel. Added working Engine Fire Panel, Cleaned up overhead panel, all Switches relocated to overhead panel, correct ADI w/ GS-LOC-SPD indicators correct, HSI with GS, & other minor changes.By Mike Vidal & David Durst
Lockheed L1049H Superconnie
Lockheed L1049H Superconnie.(211Kb) A four engine airliner with animated parts. Painted in TWA colors with bare metal wing/tail surfaces. By Dave McQueen
Garuda 747-400
Garuda Indonesia 50 Years Of Challenge, Boeing 747-400 Reg.PK-GSI. (304Kb) This a new and improved version of 747-400 for Garuda 50 Years Of Challenge This includes moving parts, such as retractable flaps and landing gear, and landing lights. By OMC'99,
United Arab Emirates Boeing 737-2P6
United Arab Emirates Boeing 737-2P6. A6-AAA.(33k) By: D.Bracci. Brian Quayle original.
Iberia Airbus A340-300
Iberia Airbus A340-300 (257Kb) By: Camil Valiquette
Lockheed L1649
TWA Lockheed L1649 Starliner ( 2,684Kb) with moving parts. Includes aircraft, panel and sound package. By: Dave McQueen
Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Lockheed C-130 Hercules. (176Kb) Includes AFX and PCX files. By: John Cooper
Lufthansa Boeing 737-200. D-ABFW 'Yellow
Lufthansa Boeing 737-200. D-ABFW 'Yellow'. This experimental livey was operated on regular flights during the summer of 1988. By: D. Bracci. Brian Quayle original.
Fokker Dr-1 MP 425/17
Fokker Dr-1 MP 425/17 ( 268Kb) with moving parts. Includes panel. By: Tom Miller
Westland/Agusta EH101
Westland/Agusta EH101 - Civil Variant v3.0 with moving parts. (56k) Jonathan Lane
de Havilland-Viking Turbo Beaver Amphibian
Very good de Havilland-Viking Turbo Beaver Amphibian v1.0. Includes (moving parts) aircraft, panel and sounds.(1,405k) Fred Banting
Continental Boeing 777-200
Continental Boeing 777-200 (ProMax) 01 (196k) Camil Valiquette
Sabena Douglas DC-3
Sabena Douglas DC-3 v2 with moving parts (76k) Frans Vranken
China Xinjiang Airlines ATR72-500
China Xinjiang Airlines ATR72-500 (moving part version).(168k) Chow kai chi Bill Alderson original
Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300
Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 (ProMax) 01 (236k) Camil Valiquette
P-47D Thunderbolt
Republic P-47D Thunderbolt. Includes aircraft, panel and sounds. Oscar Everitt original. (2,081k) R. E. Turner
Airbus A340-200/300
Lufthansa Airbus A340-200 (Pro Series) 2.01 (100k) Camil Valiquette. Also avaolable the A340-300 version.
Shorts 360
British Airways Express Shorts 360 Package. Includes panel, sounds and checklists. (1,898k) Damien Decaix
Delta Air Lines B767-332
Delta Air Lines B767-332. N137DL. Bill Alderson original. (108k) Bruce Bridges
Southwest 737-300
Southwest 737-300 Package. 3d mode only. Includes aircraft, panel and sounds by various authors. (1,710k) David Cougar
Boeing MD-10
Boeing MD-10 Package. 3d mode only. Includes aircraft, panel and sounds by various authors.(2,696k) David Cougar. Screenshot available.
Fairchild/Dornier 328
Mediterranea Airlines Fairchild/Dornier 328 Jet v2.0. Hans-Guenther Schnell and Ulrich Effertz original. (64k) Philippe Boyer
Airbus A330-200 (Corsair)
Corsair Airbus A330-200 (Pro Series) 2.01(493k) Camil Valiquette
Lockheed Electra
Lockheed Electra 10A and 10E "Collectors Edition".(515k) Al Whitney and Richard Boehringer
USAir BAC 1-11
USAir BAC 1-11-204AF. N1112J ca.1985. (140k) Rafael Zimmermann. Rob Bennis original.
Monarch Boeing 757-200
Monarch Boeing 757-200.Camil Valiquette. (201Kb)
LTU Airbus A330-300
LTU Airbus A330-300 (Pro Series) 1.21. The Pro Series will include a more realistic textures on the fuselage, more night lighting effects. Camil Valiquette.
A321-231 Aero Lloyd
Aero Lloydd Airbus A321-231 Trigema. Relaistic texture, landing lights, illuminated cabin window. Bernd Hirnschrodt. (155Kb)
Boeing 757 roll-out
This is a repaint of Brian Quayle's superb Boeing 757-220 in Boeing's Roll Out livery. Brian Quayle & Chris van Bijlert. (74Kb) Screenshot available. Also available the 757-320 roll-out version.
British Airways 747-400
British Airways 747-400 in the traditional paint Scheme. By Mike Franek (199 Kb). Screenshot available.
Austrian Airlines MD-81
Austrian Airlines MD-81. (117Kb) Austrian Airlines MD-81 version 2.22, registration OE-LDU 'STEIERMARK'. With more realistic textures including landing lights (FS98) and illuminated cabin windows at night. For version 2.22 aircraft was completely reworked (fuse, engines, tail) and has a new flight dynamics model.Bernd Hirnschrodt. Screenshot available.
Malaysian Airlines B747-400
Malaysian Airlines B747-400 9M-MHO (177Kb) This aircraft is a new rebuild and repaint of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 747-400 This aircraft correctly displays the actual colors of Malaysian Airlines. Model has Full cabin lights, Tail lighting. Landing Lights added with Siggy Schwarz LLADD97 By Mosher/Randazzo and Ellis. Screenshot available.
DC-2 TWA 1934
Trans World Airways Douglas DC-2. NC13711 ca.1934. Rob Bennis original.(122k) Harry Follas
DC-4 Aerolíneas Argentinas
Aerolíneas Argentinas Douglas DC-4. LV-AGG ca.1952. Kevin Trinkle and Rob Bennis original.(89k) Raul A. Rodriguez and Ignacio Sanguineti
Dutch Dakota Association Douglas DC-4. ZS-NUR. Includes panel.(934k) Harry Follas
Luxair Embraer ERJ-145
Luxair Embraer ERJ-145. Ricardo Mello original(109k) Michael Lyndaker
Northwest Boeing 757-200
Northwest Boeing 757-200 (Pro Series) 1.01 (271k) Camil Valiquette
Finnair Boeing 757-200
Finnair Boeing 757-200 (Pro Series) 1.11(160k) Camil Valiquette
De Havilland DH89A
Classic Wings De Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide. Dennis Simanaitis original.252k) Jan Konstmann
Hot Air balloon
Hot Air Balloon. New version 3.99 Includes "panel".(500k) Rob Thorne
B-29 includes panel and sound. (2.188Kb) Oscar Everitt
Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400
This aircraft is a new rebuild and repaint of the Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400 N753PR. This aircraft correctly displays the actual colors of Philippine Airlines. Model has Full cabin lights, Tail lighting. By Erik Ellis. (161Kb)
Singapore International Airlines B747-400
This aircraft is a new rebuild and repaint of the Singapore International Airlines B747-400 "Mega Top" 9V-SMV. This aircraft correctly displays the actual colors of SIA, in which there is no longer yellow in the livery. By Erik Ellis. (187Kb)
Air 2000 Airbus A320-200
Air 2000 Airbus A320-200 British charter airline Air 2000 operates 4 A320s. This aircraft features landing lights and illuminated cabin windows at night. Version 1.0 By Sami Puro.
Beechcraft B58
Beechcraft B58 Baron. Light Twin in Aerocondor livery. By Carlos Neto, 305Kb
Sabena Airbus A330-200
Sabena Airbus A330-200 (Pro Series) 1.11 Features a more realistic texture on the fuselage, more night lighting, including tail light. By Camil Valiquette. 254Kb
L-1011 TriStar 500
Delta Air Lines Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 500. N753DA. Brian Quayle and Paul Haak original.(78k) Chris van Bijlert
Cessna 208A Caravan
Penair Cessna 208A Caravan(50k) Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton
DHC-2 Beaver on skis
de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver on skis v5.0. Includes panel and sounds. (1,759k) Fred Banting. Screenshot available. Good set.
El Al Boeing 747-400
El Al Boeing 747-400 ca.1999. (46k) The Freeware Works Christine Derksen and Oren Geva original.
Junkers Ju52/3m
Aeroposta Argentina Junkers Ju52/3m. LV-AAH ca.1942. Mike Hill original.(58k) Raúl A. Rodríguez and Ignacio Sanguineti
Braniff DC-4
Braniff DC-4 N65142 ca.1946. Tom Gibson/Raf Geukens original.(121k) Kristopher Crook. Also Available 1950 and 1952 version.....
Braniff DC-3
Braniff Douglas DC-3. NC21773 ca.1946. John Kelley original.(109k) Kristopher Crook. Also available the 1939 version.
De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Landplane
De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Landplane including panels and Sounds. (1.840Kb) By Fred Banting.
Swissair Airbus A330-200
Swissair Airbus A330-200 (Pro Series) 1.11(324k) Camil Valiquette
MD-90-30 Delta Airlines
Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30. N903DA. Kevin Trinkle original.(71k) Chris van Bijlert.
Aeritalia G-222
Aeritalia G-222. Includes panel. (1,078k) Angelo Moneta. Screenshot.
ATL-98 Carvair converted DC-4
Custom Air Service ATL-98 Carvair converted DC-4. Eric Johnson original.(61k) David Henderson.
Sabena Douglas DC-3
Sabena Douglas DC-3(69k) Frans Vranken
Embraer ERJ-145
FS98 Rio Sul Embraer ERJ-145. New delivery colors. Includes Panel. Ricardo Mello original. Panel by Sergio Portela. (841k) Michael Lyndaker
Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-232
Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-232. N107DL. Kim Simmelink original.(430k) Chris van Bijlert.Screenshot.
JAL 777-200
Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200 (Pro Series) 1.01(337k) Camil Valiquette
Hawkeye Hook
US Navy E-2 Hawkeye arrestor hook package. (1,081k) Aaron R. Swindle
Douglas DC-3 (73Kb) by Frans Vranken
Hot Air Balloon
Wow! The first hot air balloon in a simulator (I've never seen it before...) (by Captain Slug (520Kb)
CS Cessna Citation S\II
CS Cessna Citation S\II by Captain Shug (176Kb)
De Haviland Beaver Amphibian
de Havilland Turbo Beaver Amphibian aircraft/panel/sound package for FS98, Version 3a. FS98 conversion of an Eric Johnson/Graham Waterfield original. (811Kb) Screenshot available.
KLM 767-300
KLM 767-300. Repainted version from original Kim Simmelink design. Very detailed textures and High-Lighted 3D windows. Peter Mess (63Kb) Screenshot available.
Dornier 228-2
Suckling Airways Dornier 228-2 Version 2. By Tony Bolton.(48 Kb)
MD500 heli
MD500 heli Nardi Hughes Guardia Di Finanza. Version 2 adds redesigned textures, full 3D virtual cockpit and transparent rotors. By Michael De Santis (129 Kb)
Austrian Airlines DC-3
Austrian Airlines Douglas DC-3. By Hans Schobesberger (111 Kb)
Cessna 150
Austrian private Cessna 150 (OE-CMI) advertising Austrian ski manufacturer ATOMIC Tyrolia. By Hans Schobesberger (50K)
Beechcraft Super King
Beechcraft Super King Air 350 Gold Package. Contains panel, aircraft, and sounds. By Bill Walch. (1.616K)
Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 757-23P
Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 757-23P. Registration: UK-75700 Original design by Brian M. Quayle. Uzbekistan textures by Chris van Bijlert. (74K)
Sabena A340-300
FS98 Sabena A340-300 Ver. C. (108K) Camil Valiquette
Piper Archer
Piper Archer with photorealistic panel. Single engine low wing light plane model derived from Dennis Wasnich's Piper Arrow III model. Features a VFR only panel in addition to the normal panel. (1,451k) John Dow
Swissair Airbus A330-200
Swissair Airbus A330-200(102k) Camil Valiquette
United Airlines Boeing 767-300
United Airlines Boeing 767-300 Version B. (138k) Camil Valiquette
de Havilland Turbo Beaver Amphibian
De Havilland Turbo Beaver Amphibian package. Includes aircraft, panel, and sounds. (1,019k) Fred Banting
Saab 340B - Finnaviation
Saab 340B - Finnaviation (43k) Marty Baclawski & Tony Bolton
Saab 340B - KLM Cityhopper
Saab 340B - KLM Cityhopper (43k) Marty Baclawski & Tony Bolton
Saab 340B - Northwest Airlink
Saab 340B - Northwest Airlink. (43k) Marty Baclawski & Tony Bolton
Dornier 328-110 Air Engiadina
FS5,6 & FS98 Aircraft - Dornier 328-110 Air Engiadina, Version 6.0 (190k) H.-G. Schnell & Ulrich Effertz
Finnair Airbus A320-201
Finnair Airbus A320-201. (40k) Sami Puro
Dornier 328-110
Dornier 328-110 - US Airways Express. (41k) Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton
McDonnell Douglas TA4J
McDonnell Douglas TA4J 1976, features a unique paint scheme, accurate panel, sounds and special night effects. (2,566k) FlightSim Developers
Mi 24 hind D Heli
Mi 24 Hind D, ( 1,5Mb) Russian Helicopter. Very good heli including panel. By Michael De Santis. Using Winzip easy installation.
Northwest Airlines Boeing Stratocruiser (106k) Dave McQueen.
Lufthansa AG - fleet
Complete Lufthansa AG - fleet (10 planes). Airbus A340-300, A300-600, A310-300, A319, A320, A321, Boeing 747-400, 737-400, Canadair Regional Jet 100, Avro RJ 85. (446k) Ansgar Dasenbrock
Douglas DC-3 Academy Airlines
Douglas DC-3 Academy Airlines. John Kelley/Richard Potts original. (200k) Jan Visser. Jan Visser is famous beause of his hightly accurate planes.
Douglas DC-4 TWA
Douglas DC-4 Trans World Airline (1946). Kevin Trinkle/Les Penridge original. (220k) Rich Boehringer
Airbus A300B4-200
Indian Airlines Airbus A300B4-200. (53k) Chris van Bijlert. Bill Alderson original
MD80 American Airlines
MD80 American Airlines (143K) perfect plane by Project Freeware. This plane needs to be converted using fs98 converter.
America West A320-232
America West A320-232 in new colors (51k) Kevin Trinkle/Mike Vidal.
Bell Boeing 609 Tiltrotor
Bell Boeing 609 Tiltrotor. (83k) Captain Slug. Screenshot available. Also panel available (398K)
S-61N Sikorsky
Greenlandair S-61N Sikorsky Helicopter. Large 25 Passenger Helicopter painted as "Tulugaq" The Raven. (280k) Tom Miller. And a screenshot!
Boeing Stratofreighter USAF
United States Air Force Boeing Stratofreighter (137k) Dave McQueen
Lockheed L188 Electra QANTAS
Lockheed L188 Electra QANTAS Early 1960s. (130k) Harry Follas. Kevin Trinkle original. Screenshot available.
Piper Pa31-350
Piper Pa31-350 Chieftain Tulip Air (v2.0).(1404k) Ferry Herfst. Also includes sound and panel. Plane by Terry Hill original. Screenshot available of panel and plane.
Eastern Airlines DC-10-30
Eastern Airlines DC-10-30. (48k) Bryan Shrode/Chrisitne Derksen/Sean Tolmasoff. Bill Alderson original.
Douglas DC-4
Douglas DC-4 Pacific Air Freighters. (107k) Harry Follas.Raf Geukens original. Screenshot available.
Boeing 777-200
Boeing 777-200 Cathay Pacific Ver. B. (94k) Camil Valiquette. Screenshot available.
Airbus A330-200
Airbus A330-200 Canada 3000. (84k) Camil Valiquette. Screenshot available.
BOEING 777-236
BOEING 777-236IGW British Airways G-VIIJ `Benyhone` New BA Livery. (123k) Garry LewisKIM Simmelink original.
Douglas DC4
Douglas DC4 Reg. VH-ANC "Warana" of ANA (Australian National Airways).(139k) Les Penridge. Kevin Trinkle/Tom Gibson original. Screenshot available.
United Airlines Boeing 767-200ER
United Airlines Boeing 767-200ER.(55k) Chris van Bijlert. Kentaro Kaneko original.
Douglas DC-6 BCPA
Douglas DC-6 BCPA (British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines). (123k) Harry Follas. Raf Geukens original. Screenshot available.
Douglas DC-8-54
Douglas DC-8-54 Connie Kalitta Services.(47k) Steve Kempf Bill Alderson original. Screenshot available.
Grumman F8F Bearcat
Grumman F8F Bearcat. Paul Kimberling original (179k) Oscar. Screenshot available.
Vickers Viscount series 807
Vickers Viscount series 807 National Airways Corporation of New Zealand (NAC). Dave McQueen/Tom Gibson original (95k) Harry Follas. Screenshot.
Boeing 737-200 UA
United Airlines Boeing 737-200. Brian M. Quayle original. (52k) Chris van Bijlert
B757-232 Delta
Delta Airlines Boeing 757-232 (N620DL) (v1.1). (80k) Emmanuel Parot Brian Quayle original. Also available as American Airlines
Grumman F6F
Grumman F6F Hellcat of WWII (v2.0). (1924k) plane, panel and sounds. Screenshot panel and plane available
Lockheed L188 Electra
Lockheed L188 Electra of TEAL NZ LTD 1959 - 1972. (167k) Harry Follas. Kevin Trinkle original. Screenshot available.
KLM Boeing 737-306
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 737-306. (104k) Chris van Bijlert.Jan Moons original.
Lockheed C-130E
Lockheed C-130E Hercules U. S. Air Force 37 AS (Airlift Sq) Ramstein AB, GERMANY, USAFE (United States Air Force Europe). (158k) Gabe Eisner Barry Blaisdell original
757-200 US collection
Updated Boeing 757-200 US Collection - 10 planes . (783k) Emmanuel Parot
DC-3 Fieldair
Douglas DC-3 Fieldair Freight NZ. John Kelley original. (124k) Harry Follas
Airbus A321-200
German Wings Airbus A321-200. (105k) Oliver WeidlichD. Mrawek original. Screenshot available
Learjet 45 improved
Learjet 45 Greenlandair (1865K) .Improved model including soundfiles by Jens Borgstroem.
DASH7-103 Greenlandair.  "Nipiki", is one of the first two DASH7s Greenlandair aquired in 1979/80. By Jens Borgstroem. Special Soundfile available.
Boeing 767-323 AA
Boeing 767-323 American Airlines by Jens Borgstroem. One of the best planes available. Very realistic flight model.
Boeing 757-251
Northwest Airlines Boeing 757-251 (N509US). (77k) by Emmanuel Parot. Brian Quayle original. Also available the TWA version.
Bell Jet Ranger
Bell Jet Ranger CHOPPER13 - Channel 13, KOLD-TV in Tucson, Arizona. (54k) Walt Gholson Bill Lyons original. Screenshot available.
Canadair Jet 200
Canadair Regional Jet 200 Maersk Air UK G-MSKK `Wings` (BA franchise airline - new BA livery).(102k) Garry Lewis Marty Baclawski/Tony Bolton original.
Boeing 737-236 BA
Boeing 737-236 British Airways G-BGJE `Rendezvous` (New BA livery)(123k) Garry Lewis . Brian Quayle original.
Sikorsky/Westland S.51
Sikorsky/Westland S.51 helicopter. (67k) Mike Hill
Lockheed C-130H
Lockheed C-130H Hercules Royal Air Force, plane and sounds. (177k) By Gabe Eisner. Barry Blaisdell original.
Airbus A310 - 300
Airbus A310 - 300 P2-ANA of AIR NIUGINI. (50k) by Les Penridge Daniel Mrawek original.
Eurocopter AS350B2, CHOPPER4 KNBC-TV Los Angeles.(803k) Walt Gholson Bill Lyons original.
deHavilland DH114
deHavilland DH114 Heron Series 2D/A VH-NJI "Arthur Butler" Heron Airlines. Includes .AFX files for repainting. (176k) By Les Penridge
Airbus A3XX
Airbus A3XX Super Jumbo Jet. (82k) The Airbus A3XX project. Plane that will probably never fly in real world. But we do have it! Camil Valiquette
Lockheed L-1011-1
Lockheed L-1011-1 Tristar Delta Airlines.(48k) by Christine Derksen, Brian Quayle original
USAir 757-225
USAir Boeing 757-225 (77k) (N603AU).Emmanuel Parot Brian Quayle original.
Siai SF260
Plane and panel -Airmacchi Siai SF260.(577k) Angelo Moneta. Angelo is well known in FS community. If you see his name you can be sure the product is very good (and free...) Take a look at this and you will never fly a Cessna again! See text file information and preview (92K gif). Also visite Angelo's homepage.
Airbus A340-300 Austrian
Airbus A340-300 Austrian Airlines.(82k) Camil Valiquette
Airbus A330-300 Garuda
Airbus A330-300 Garuda Indonesia.(85k) Camil Valiquette
British Airways Concorde(103k) Graham Waterfield
Aerospatiale HH-65A
Heli, panel and sounds - Aerospatiale HH-65A Dauphin US Coast Guard.(616k) Ken Castree. Screenshot panel and heli available.
Lockheed L-1011
Lockheed L-1011-1 Tristar Eastern Airlines. Brian Quayle original.(43k) Christine Derksen. Screenshot available.
Jetstream 41
Plane, panel and sounds - JET STREAM 41.(1,240k) Nick Sciortino. Screenshot available.
Jetstream 31
Plane, panel and sounds - JET STREAM 31.(1,320k) Nick Sciortino. Screenshot available.
747-400 Thai
Thai International 747-400. Craig Mosher/Robert Randazzo original.(86k) James Jackson
Sikorsky S-22
Sikorsky S-22 "Ilya Murometz" ser. B Russian Imperial Air Service, Jablonna, 1914.(81k) Alexander A. Belov . Screenshot available
Aermacchi MB 339
plane and panel - Aermacchi MB 339 PAN (v2.0).(880k) Angelo Moneta. Screenshot panel and plane available
A310 Air Jamaica
Air Jamaica A310-300ER. Brian Quayle original.(584k) Kamal Clarke. Screenshot available.
Lockheed EC-121R
Lockheed EC-121R Super Constellation (v2.0). Doe & Joe Aircraft Unlimited original.(858k) Jim Goldman. Screenshot available
Piper Tomahawk PA-38-112
plane, panel & checklist - Piper Tomahawk PA-38-112.(955k) Dean Mountford

Panel and Plane screenshot available

Cargolux 747-400F
Cargolux 747-400F (v2.0). Craig Mosher/Robert Randazzo original.(96k) James Jackson. Screenshot available.
Cessna model 185
1980 Cessna model 185 Skywagon II on floats and wheels (v3.0).(283k) Donn E. Bohde/Frank Lloyd Wright Brothers Aircraft Company
Embraer EMB-120
Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia.(37k) Chris Bawden. Screenshot available.
Lockheed 1049 Iberia
plane and sounds - Iberia Airlines Lockheed 1049 Super Constellation.
Doe & Joe Aircraft Unlimited original.(1,444k) Dave McQueen
DC-3 Basler
Douglas DC-3 BASLER TURBO 67. John Kelly/Mike Vidal/Trevor Morson original. (76k) Mauricio Rozo
DHC3 Otter
De Havilland DHC-3 Otter. Steve Baugh/Eric C. Johnson/Jim Kelly original.(1,001k) Bushman
SAS collection
SAS plane collection! Fokker 50, the good old DC9-51, new MD90-30 and latest MD11.   This is looking VERY good. View MD11 screenshot.
ATR 42 Air Tahiti
Aerospatiale/Aeritalia ATR 42 Air Tahiti.(101k) Jan Visser
Piaggio P-180
Piaggio P-180 Avanti AMI.(26k) Leonardo Querzoni
747-300 Saudia
Boeing 747-300 Saudi Arabian Airlines. Ken Chan original.(95k) Tareq Ayub
Bae-146 Virgin/Lufthansa
FS98 Bae-146 Virgin.(99k) by Aeronautic Conceptor's Team/Pierre Mardaga. And a Lufthansa Bae-146, same model.
Airbus A 320
Airbus A320 United Airlines.(116k) Aeronautic Conceptor's Team/Pierre Mardaga
Pilatus PC7
PILATUS PC 7 Turboprop.(92k) Aeronautic Conceptor's Team(A.C.T.)/Th.Mathijs
B757 German Wings
Boeing B757 German Wings. Brian Quayle original.37k) Walter Wilson/German Wings
L1011 Tristar
L1011 Tristar with all new stereo surround sound files.(2,118k) Jim Goldman/Flightsim Developers Group
You can use all good-old fs95 planes now using this FS98 converter.(1,5Mb) More info on my patch page.....
Boeing 777
FS98 Boeing 777-200 KLM.(31k) David Milton
Eden B757
FS98 Eden Xpress Boeing B757. Requires  msvcrtd.dll (158k) installed in windows\system\
B757 KLM
FS98 new textures for the B757 - KLM .(9k) David Milton.
KLM textures
FS98 new textures for the default B737 - KLM.(11k) David Milton
F15 Eagle
F-15 Eagle (300K)  that's pretty fun to fly, with a test panel included! By Chuck Dome. Please report download problems to me!