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Q .After installing FS98 and first start-up I got the following error message: "FS98 caused a GPF in FACILITIES.DLL"

A. You need to download the latest Indeo Codec from Intel's website.
After you installed those drivers perform a reinstall of FS98.

Q. After  the introductory avi movie the game froze.
CTR-ALT-DELETE brought me back to Windows95. Help!

A. On the FS98 CD you will find a Indeo4 subdirectory. Try and install
the 32 bit version of the Indeo Codec and then start FS98 again. If this doesn't help you need to get the latest one from Intels site (see above)

Q. Why is Windows asking for over 4000mb on the system drive so it can install FS98??

A.  The problem is that the MSVCRT.DLL and MFC42.DLL files on your system are older versions You need to copy the correct versions from the FS98 CD-ROM. The answer is actually in the readme file on the FS98 CD-ROM. Microsoft released a installation patch for this problem (2,9Mb!) (for US/English versions only)

Q. Is FS98 working under Windows NT?

A. FS98 will  work well but as NT4 doesn't support  DirectX 5.0 you will not be able to see the 3D effects. The to be released NT5 will support DirectX 5.0/6.0. Be sure you installed NT service pack 3 before installing FS98. Without FS98 will crash in a kernell32 error. FS98 sound may be stuttering in NT4 but in some cases turning sound off and on again (using Q) solved this.

Q. I installed RealPlayer 5.0, and am not able anymore to use FS98!

A. When you insert the CD, you'll get the startup screen as usual. If you click to start FS98, everything will look OK, but the video clip will play slowly and the program will bring up the splash screen and then stop responding. After a reinstall of FS98 and DirectX, I uninstalled RealPlayer and got back full functionality.

Q. Can you explain how the Autothrottle works. I can't find it in the Help file....
A. Microsoft forgot to include the Autothrottle help. So here it is.:

The Learjet has a speed control but not the typical autothrottle system
as in the 737. But, the Learjet 45 does have a speed control on the
autopilot system thus in effect, it is an autothrottle system although
you cannot use it like you can in the 737 for takeoffs.

On the Learjet 45 just be sure your A/P is engaged (keyboard K) and
bring up the speed either in mach or airspeed on the selector on top of
the autopilot. Then click on your speed hold which is CONTROL R or for
mach hold use CONTROL M.

On the 737 it is sort of neat because you can use the autothrottle for
takeoff without exceeding the temperature limits on the bird as you can
by slammming the thrust levers forward.

I'd first again get your desired climb out speed set in airspeed control
window and then arm your autothrottle either by clicking on the button
next to the autopilot or clicking on SHIFT R. After you get your
clearance for takeoff and have your landing lights on, strobes on,
configuration set spoilers down, flaps set to 1, 2, or 5 degrees, pitch
trim set, nose pointed straight down the runway centerline hit the TOGA
button (takeoff -go around thrust) either next to autopilot or click
CONTROL SHIFT R for keyboard command. You should see the thrust levers
coming up and just as they start go ahead and auto arm the spoilers in
case of a rejected takeoff by clicking on SHIFT /

Right after takeoff you can click CONTROL R to have the airspeed control
activate thus overriding the TOGA condition and this should set the
thrust to a good climb speed in the 737 (220-250 knots recommended or
whatever you set in the airspeed control window).

Q. Lots of people can't get the Sidewinder Pro buttons or rudder working


1. Check if the switch at the bottom of the stick is set correctly. See the manual for more info.

2. In the Flight Simulator directory, there is a .CFG file called DEVICES.CFG.
open this file, and copy the section for your stick. Open FLTSIM98.CFG, and
replace the generic joystick section. Restart FS... Voila!!!

Q. Can I add the Monster 3D board to the STB Lightspeed?

A. The Diamond Monster 3D board can be added to other main graphical boards like STB boards.

Q. I have a 2Mb graphical board and these problems:

1. Frame rate is worst with Direct3D than without (FPS from 14.5 to 5.5 at
Meigs at 640x480x16)
2. When I select MIP mapping, textures get confused, I see clouds on
ground, ground textures in sky...
3. I can't select 800x600x16 in Direct3D mode (is it memory ?)
4. Some panel instruments are harder to read than with FS-95 in 640x140

A. 2Mb is the bottom end of what FS98 needs. Try to get an extra 2Mb or buy a accelerator board

Q How do I know I am seeing 3D?

A. Find some comparison examples. You can find one in this 2Mb file containing 5 3D pictures and one 2D picture made using the Hercules Stingray 128/3D card (3Dfx Rush chipset) You can also view comparison pictures on this Simflight.com page.

Q. I Don't Think I'm Seeing 3D Graphics

A. You need to set Hardware Acceleration to On in
The trick isn't on the 3D card, it is set within FS98. Go to Options| Preferences|Display|Display Options|Hardware Acceleration.
Within that applet, under Fullscreen Device, select 3Dfx Interactive
DirectX Driver (Direct3D) and Fullscreen Mode 800x600x16. Select all other available options, except 8 bit image textures.
Q. Parts of the Lear and B737 panels are almost non readable in FS98. What to do with this?

A. Resize the instrument panel. Just position your mouse over the rim of the panel and drag it a wee bit upwards. Also, when selecting a higher resolution (1024x768) the instruments will be more readable.

Q. When running in 3D, I lose the menu bar across the top of the screen, and I'm unable to see the chat window when I'm doing multi-player. If I right click on the screen to get a menu, the system changes to the 2D view, which is really annoying.

A. What you describe is simply the way that specific hardware works. The current (September 1997) crop of 3DFX chipsets (like Monster 3D) can't do 3D in a window.
There are some  new chipsets which can handle both 2D and 3D like the Riva and Rendition chipsets. You can find the in the Hercules Stingray 128/3D and STB Velocity 128/3D. You can also wait for the latest chipsets, the Rendition V2200 (Hercules Thriller) and the Voodoo Rush.

Q. I can't get the point of view hat to work, instead it's controlling the flaps, how can fix that.....

A. Try this

1. go to Options\custom controls
2. click on the Joystick device
3. click on the assignment tab
4. Click 1 time in the far right device column...this is the col. for
joystick settings
5. Click your Reset Defaults button on the bottom left of this screen.
6. Click OK.
7. Try Fs again. does this work???

Q. How can I best add function to the Sindewinder Pro buttons

A. Download MS FREE game device profiler. Adding and editing buttons will be a piece of cake!

Q. I can't get "the other" Force Feedback stick, the CH Force FX, to work.

A. Get the latest driver, specially made for FS98, at CH's site.

Q. Lots of people can't get the Sidewinder Pro buttons or rudder working


1. Check if the switch at the bottom of the stick is set correctly. See the manual for more info.

2. In the Flight Simulator directory, there is a .CFG file called DEVICES.CFG.
open this file, and copy the section for your stick. Open FLTSIM98.CFG, and
replace the generic joystick section. Restart FS... Voila!!!

Q. Can anyone tell me how to prevend double scenery using Europe1 and 2 scenery in FS98. I installed it just like I did before with FS95. But FS98 has Amsterdam Schiphol and many more airports build in. So I see double control towers. If I disable the default FS98 Europe scenery Holland is Ok, but countries like Spain doesn't contain any airport because Europe 1 doesn't contain Spain.

A. 1. Follow the instructions mentioned in the readme.txt file included on your FS98 CD-ROM.

2. You should give Europe-II a higher priority than Europe-I, your
performance wont be degraded then.

3. But you will still find some double airports.The solution here is to create an exclusion file for the Amsterdam (and other) area's. You can do so with a tool called Areaexcl.exe, which is included in the SCUTILS1.ZIP file. You can download this file from most of the FS-related websites. But the ready for use EHAM (Amsterdam SPL) exclusion file can be found here. Just place this plain .bgl file (1K) into you EuropeI\Scenery folder. File is made using Areaexcl.exe by Sindar of the microsoft.public.simulators newsgroup.

If you don't like to do this you need to live with some double airports untill Apollo releases a FS98 patch for Europe I and II. But they don't seem to plan this....

Q. I want to keep FS95. Can I use Southern California expansion pack without installing it twice?

A.  You may want to manually add SoCal to your FS98 library. Just go into your World/SceneryLibrary/Files menu, add SoCal to this list by, amongst others, entering the path to the FS95 subdirectory where SoCal is installed. After you've done that copy the file SCALFAC.BGL from your FS95's \Scenery subdirectory to your FS98's \Scenery subdirectory. This method will save you a lot of time and hassle. You can use this trick also for other scenery's.

Q. I can't enter the zone. It stops right behind the main page.

A. If you installed zone software before October 1st 1997 you need to uninstall this, reboot the computer, enter the zone and install the new zone software.

Q. I don't like the zone but I don't know how to find other players who want to join a multiplayer flight

A. You have a few possibility's:

1. Just announce a meeting in one of the newsgroups available (f.i. rec.aviation.simulators) for a given time. You need to add you IP address to host the session. Mostly this can be a problem as you need to stay connected.

2. Visit the Microsoft Zone (www.zone.com) FS98 room and ask who want to make a private multiplayer flight. You will probably find people other people with connecting problems who want to join. There are probably people hanging around who offer host IP addresses to join!

3. The easiest way is to find a specialised web site offering online-hosting. TOne of these is: the site of Ryan.




Q. FS98 is running on Windows98. I use the right click 'what's this' help and FS98 minimizes and will not return - I have to kill the task.

A. This is a know Windows98/FS98 bug. Flight Sim won't restore from full-screen if you access Help. The workaround is to alt+enter back to windowed, then access Help.