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  Patches are programs getting bugs out of FS2000. Sometimes they bring new in....


MDL repair for Windows 2000
Wow, MDLrepair (7Kb). As you probably know Windows 2000 has problems displaying some aircraft files. Especially the more complicated animated aircraft. This is a very clever and extremely small windows application checking if the aircraft is Windows 2000 compatible. If not. It repairs the model (*.mdl) file. By Dave Parsons.

How about cracks.....

You don't need a crack if you are using original disks.

But if you are not able to insert your original CD's, lost them, your dog chewed them or even worse, a NO-CD crack will be helpfull.

I can't offer you the NO CD crack for legal reasons. But I can show you the way where to find:

1. Try to find your way at: Gamecopyworld

or a more useful and direct link:

2. Scroll down at this place for no cd crack for Flight Simulator 2000, Flight Simulator 2002 and Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX no cd crack.


How to install the crack:

1. Install FS2000 (if you choose full install it will never ask you for the second CD if you installed the crack);

2. Install the official Microsoft patch (below)

3. Make a backup copy of your original fs2000.exe file (find it in the fs2000 root folder);

4. Copy the fs2000.exe file from the crack-zip to the fe2000 root folder.

5. That's all.

So this crack will replace the fs2000 executable fs2000.exe and prevends fs2000 to search for the copy protection. The result is that you can use fs2000 with a backup copy of the flightsim CDrom. If you did a full fs2000 setup you will even be able to play the game without any CDrom in the tray. The copy crack works for any fs2000 setup but FS2000 will not ask for any CDrom anymore if you choose the full fs2000 setup.

Please report me when this file is not available anymore at all of the locations above.

Disclaimer: You are ONLY allowed to download the file when making a backup of an original game of which you are the legal owner.....

Official FS2000 patch

Microsoft released a second version of the new update for the standard (7,06 Mb) and the professional (8,90Mb) version on March 30th 2000. Most important part of this patch is the inclusion of the shadows and a better framerate flying in clouds , we missed them in the release version of FS2000. All patched issues in this update can be found here. This patch is a replacement for the official first patch and for the withdrawn patch of March 13th 2000.

No new problems reported with this patch.


FS1, FS2 and FS4....

Talking about updates. Ever seen the Flightsimulator 1.0 (26K)and 2.0 (70K) ?You will need the Apple emulator.......(74K) Unzip all files in one folder, run apple.exe. It took me 20 minutes to get the thing working: Type D (disk drive), 1 and Tab, select *dsk file. It brings you back to the early day's of flightsimulation.

You can find some backgound information about these versions at this historical simsite.

I also found Flight Simulator 4.0 (594Kb) available on the net as demo but as far as I can see it is the full version and it includes the good-old scenery designer, the one we lost with FS5.x fs95, fs98 and fs2000....... Please inform me as soon as the links don't work anymore.

Beware: fs1, fs2 and fs4 files are not FS2000 updates or patches. They will not harm your system however.