Do you know a definition for Ester Egg? I don't. I guess it has to be at least a kind of hidden feature, or supposed to be hidden. Realistic scenery that's always there is basicly not easter egged. But if it's hard to find it's getting a bit more easter egg..... At this page you will find some real easter eggs and some hard to find parts of scenery. Have fun.

Report easter eggs to me, they will be listed immediately.

Buckingham Palace Guards
If you get close enough to the front courtyard of Buckingham Palace you can see a company of the famous Coldstream Guard -- the changing of the guard. Suggest you use the Cessna 182. You've got to be at about 200' altitude (or less!). Circle the palace, loosing altitude on each turn (slow flight is recommended). It's very tricky and you need to resort to Slew to "wiggle" in close for a view out the pilot's side window. Buckingham Palace is the large building due west of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment and Westminster Abbey. It's coordinates are N 51* 29.86' W 0* 8.46' .
On the beach in the Pacific..........A real Easter Egg!!
Go to this location N20*25.54 E136*04.43 (using map view) and feel sorry for this poor sailor.
Yankee stadium in summer and winter....
If you fly over Yankee Stadium in NYC in the winter months it appears as a gray object. But during the baseball season it is shown in great detail with fans in the stands and, if you look closely, players on the field.
Arecibo radio telescope Puerto Rico
At N18 21 99 and W66 48 07 you will find the huge Arecibo radio telescope.
Epcot centre and Disney world
Near Orlando, Florida, you can see Epcot center and Disney World. The closest airport is Epcot.
Hot Air balloons
Hot air balloons in Arizona! Go to phoenix skyharbour (KPHX) runway 26R, fly heading 330, 14.5 miles, alt 5000. fs2000 has 3 and in fs98 I found 5.
Shuttle at Edwards AFB
There is a shuttle near the hangars of Edwards AFB. There is another one at the launch facility in Florida.
1999 Eclipse

Set the date back to august 11, 1999. And time at 12:20. Then go to north France, Reims for example...take a look at the sun. Is it there or is there a sign of the great eclipse of 1999? If you can't find it (don't expect a full eclipse...) use the situation file, select it in fs2000 and look upwards into the sun using shift-backspace.

Did you see Bill Gates house?
Gates' house on Lake Washington. Not very ornate, but it's there, just on the the south side of the north bridge.
Berlin wall or not....

Try this, go to Berlin where the famous wall use to be. Next, set your date back in time, before the wall was torn down. Whala! the wall appears! This is a FS98 easter egg too.

Atlanta Olympics

Go to the stadium in Atlanta where they had the Olympics. Set your date for the period when the Olympics were held, July 19, 1996 August ??, 1996. You will see the stadium fill with people and the Olympic torch will light. This is a FS98 easter egg too.

Wright Flyer
Place yourself on December 17th 1903 in this situation......Ever seen the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk. Berlin, Atlanta and Wright are available as FS2000 situation files.
Hawaii volcano
you can go to Hawaii and set your date back before the volcano eruption and the eruption will disappear.
Never descending glider
I guess this is not a easter egg but a bug. But what does it matter: Slew the glider up to >80K feet (you can go to 100K in case you're wondering!). Now, start flying! The tumbling might be somewhat expected. BUT you will never hit the ground. You can let it go all night and it will actually gain a few feet.
US customs balloon
Would a balloon tethered on the end of a 13,550 cable in the Flordia Keys be considered an Easter Egg? Goto Summerland Key Cove (ID X20) runway 30. Take off and fly runway heading. Very shortly after take off you will see a cable extending from the ground up. On the end of that cable at an altitude of 13,550 feet up is a balloon. Or you can go to N024 41 29.4486 W081 30 51.4133 Alt 13,550 feet, hdg 02 mag. This will put the balloon directly in front of you. These balloons are known as aerostats, balloons with radar transmitters to assist US custom's efforts to stem illegal entry by air.