idea and copyright Katy F. Pluta - Sandy, Utah
1) Get and use a proper tool - not the chain saw - to open the box and get rid of the most recalcitrant piece of scotch ever tied to cardboard
2) Do not, I repeat, do not inadvertently open your CDRW or the Macrovision captors will detect it and spread a powerful acid on the CD, after sending a micro-wave signal with a print of your fingerprints to the MS Paranoia Department
3) While the full install occurs go make some coffee and wait until the last drop
4) Drink the entire pot
5) Follow your instinct, ignore the readme file, erase the logo avi and mess with every cfg file you can find in the FS2000 root folder
6) Re-install FS2000 and go back to commandments 3 and 4, skip 5 and 6
7) Scrape you finger hitting SHIFT+Z twice before the program is even fully loaded
8) Get an appointment with an ophthalmologist after reading the fps counter, and follow his advice to check with a psychiatrist once you told him why you came
9) If you still have some money left after the psychiatrist treatment, check what you can afford to buy to upgrade your computer
10) Don't forget to tell us your story, we want to have some fun too