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Harrisburg Pennsylvania East Portion v 1.0
Harrisburg Pennsylvania East Portion v 1.0. (21,5Mb) This is the east portion of the Harrisburg-Carlisle-Reading. Area. Harrisburg is the Capital City of Pennsylvania, on the southern portion of the Susquehanna River. The area is mountainous with a wide river valley. The river is studded with islands, including the infamous Three Mile Island of nuclear meltdown fame. In the combined east and west epd's, there are numerous Gen-Av fields, as well as the Harrisburg International Airport. The far west edge of the west epd borders near Lewistown Pa in the PennState scenery. PennState-east will be revised to meet the border correctly.(There is currently a gap of about 5 ground tiles.) The eastern border of the east scenery epd is Reading, Pa. Hershey, Pennsylvania is in the scenery area as well, for chocolate fans. By DocTron/Maire'ein
Appalachian Scenery - Sinnemahoning Valley 2.1
Appalachian Scenery - Sinnemahoning Valley 2.1 (14,7Mb)This is a revision and improvement of the original Sinnemahoning Valley Scenery for Fly!; expanded to include most of the elk range in Pennsylvania. The Sinnemahoning Valley is one of the most sparsely inhabited and mountainous regions in Pennsylvania. The valleys are narrow and steep. The elk herd moves throughout the area covered by this epd(elkrange.epd)By DocTron/Maire`ein
Akron, Ohio
This scenery covers the city of Akron, Ohio (41Mb!!)and surronding communities. By Bob Lyddy.
Fort Myers\Naples
Fort Myers\Naples (42Mb) By Kristian Nader
Miami and central Dade
Miami and central Dade (60Mb!!) county scenery for FLY! extending south to Key West. This scenery was created using Terrascene with the default texture set. It includes all major waterways and roadways. The Florida Keys are amazingly rendered with Terrascene. By Kristian Nader
Detroit Michigan
Detroit Michigan. (16 Mb) A massive 1500 square miles of computer generated scenery to fly over in a 35 by 45 mile area. Take in the airports of Detroit City (DET), Willow Run (YIP), Grosse Ile Muni (ONZ),and Detroit Metro Waine (DTW). Follow the rivers, roads, subrubs and landscape features as you fly true VFR over Michigan.
Andes Mountains elevation
Andes Mountains elevation scenery (Santiago area) V1.0 (1Mb). Includes the cities of Santiago, Chile (SCEL), Mendoza, Argentina (SAMQ), and San Rafael, Argentina (SAMR). This scenery dramatically improves the topography but the default textures are still used. By Joel Patterson
Hamburg(EDDH) and Finkenwerder(EDFI) (8Mb) by Simeon Schuerer.
Delaware Valley
Delaware Valley covers roughly the area from Delaware City, DE north to Pottstown, PA west to Trenton, NJ. This version has better color at the cost of some detail. Taxiways have been included, see the readme.txt file
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon (17Mb) , the KGCN airport and Tusayan, the town near the south rim. It was created using 16-meter satellite images with 4-meter images around the airport and town. A second version of this area by Todd Claus
Mt Ranier
Small scenery area of MT Ranier. (3,9Mb) Although it is not perfect, I thought it looked pretty good. By Colin Welsh
Bavarian scenery (31Mb) part1 for Fly! This scenery covers a area of 6000kmē of the south part of Germany. Geographical this scenery is situated along the south border of the Alps and on the north to the plains around Freising. By Juergen Schaeble
Delaware Valley
This scenery covers roughly the area from Delaware City, DE north to Pottstown, PA west to Trenton, NJ. There are a few detail tiles for Brandywine, Limeric, Chester PA. These are preliminary colors only, the coloring if far from being completed. By Marty Schultz. Terrible file size (30,7Mb)
Block Island
Block Island. (1,1Mb) By Marty Schultz
This file includes detailed scenery for the area from Orlando (22,7Mb) south towards Kissimmee and the theme parks. By Alan Prideaux. Fix (18Kb) needed to solve conflicts with upcoming Tampa scenery.
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Ver 1.01. (22,9 Mb!!!!) This scenery is a 2 degree area that covers from 36N 114W to 37N 112W and features a major portion of the Grand Canyon. By Jeff Hanna
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