Commercial product review

747-400 precision simulator

Product name and company

747-400 precision simulator (PS1) developed by Hardy Heinlin/AeroWinx

Product objectives

The 747-400 precision simulator (PS1) is a completely independent simulator for those people who don't feel challenges anymore using FS98 and want to simulate 'the real thing'. PS1 is 'the real thing' and fully dedicated to real 747 procedures. Loading the program results in a big panel with real time simulation of Electrical, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Fuel Distribution, Power Plant, Flap Mechanism, Complete EFIS, Fully working Flight Management Computer. GPWS and other warning systems. Worldwide are about 1500 runway's available.

Real 747 pilots confirm that this is a very realistic simulator!


Is it good or is it bad?

PS1 is the most realistic 747 PC simulator available but the product is made for IFR flying. Don't expect stunning visual scenery: there is not much visual scenery included and only a small (Elite alike) windows is available for outside view, the runway's however are realistic.

If you have seen Fs98 and you want more indepth simulation PS1 is your product. It includes a 200 page manual which you will really need. Don't expect to make VOR to VOR flights. You need to enter a pre-defined flightplan in you FMC. A lot of flight-plans and to be imported SID-STARS are available on the internet.

The program runs under DOS environment. Install and uninstall (not needed....)is a piece of cake. It consumes only about 7Mb of your HD.

The product has a nearly professional price, about $199.......

Can it be improved?

The simulation is OK. I would like to run it under Windows 98 using a multi monitor environment. Just imagine......