Commercial product review


Read installation warning below.

Product name and company

EFIS'98 Electronic Flight Instrument System for FS98, made by Chris Brett and relased by PapaTango in February 1999.

Product objectives

EFIS is build as a graphical Flight Planner including a very realistic Flight Management System. It is basicly a PC-based flight navigation system, integrated planning software gives you the option to plan your own flights by clicking on your departure and destination airports actually from inside the cockpit of your Airbus whilst the program is operating. Or pre-plan those flights from the planner and "upload" them to the Airbus flight computer when you are ready using similar interfaces real captains and F.O.'s actually use. The program includes a moving map display. You can still use other linked programs like Real Weather.EFIS'98 uses the Aerad navaids database. It contains the same data as the Jeppesen and Dafif databases. If you buy the product you will get a extensive manual and about 100+ original Aerad airport sheets of Amsterdam, Munich, London, Paris and San Francisco (complete sets!)

Is it good or is it bad?

Without doubt: the program is very good. It eat's a lot of HD space (160Mb) but it's worth the trouble. Using the FMS requires a lot of time investment in reading the very good manual.


Installation warning: If you are using Explorer 5.0 Beta visit this site first and get the Service Pack 1. If you install EFIS'98 using the Explorer 5.0 beta this will result in a complete system crash without the possibility to recover! New Windows 98 install is needed. Of course you can install this product when you are using Explorer 5.0 , but read this page first. You will also need this service pack 1.

Can it be improved?

No. (except for the installation problems. But maybe this is a IE5.0 problem....)