Commercial product review:

Dangerous Airports

Product name and company

Dangerous Airports by Abacus. Released October 1998

Product objectives

Scenery Adds a collection of 10 difficult to approach airports to FS98. And 4 new planes, one of them a DHC-2 Beaver (waterplane)

Is it good or is it bad?

Full install leaves about 13 Mb on your HD: scenery of 10 airports, 4 planes, including panels and new sound files. The manual comes with approach information for the airports.Abacus choose the ten airports, Innsbruck, Katmandu, Dutch Harbour, Funchal, Kodiak, Akureyri, Sondre Stromfjord, Tempelhoff, Aspen and Guatemala. Some of them are well know airports because of the difficult approach, like Innsbruck. But why isn't Quito included? Or Gibraltar? OK, never mind, the ten airports can give you a lot of work, and you can make it more difficult by adding cloud layers and winds.

But the 10 airports are very well detailed and approaches are really challenging. High mountains and heavy turbulence can turn your flight into a disaster.

If you don't have tons of scenery on your HD already (like me) Dangerous airports may give you some nice new airports. I had to find out which scenery's I had to disable to prevent double scenery.

The planes and panels are OK, good contribution to my collection.

Any more to say?

Paying $35 for ten airports and some planes can be much for people who downloaded hundreds of airports and planes free from the Internet. But these kind of packages has a advantage: Easy setup of scenery, planes and panels. As a webmaster I receive a lot of questions about how to install the free planes and panels and even about how to install scenery. For those people Dangerous Airports can be quite a relief.