These sheets are slightly outdated and used in real life but in good condition and just perfect for flight simulation  FS2004 and FSX. Warning: Never use these in real aviation. Jeppesen offers just perfect new charts for professional purpose. Check out the Jeppesen homepage for new.

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Jeppesen: the original publisher of the charts

Enroute charts legend: unique legend based on Jeppesen information




Full HP 6000 Airway Manual Europe including leather binders!!

only one available



  • All area Charts, Departure (SID), Approach (STAR), Airport.
  • ALL civilian IFR airports in Europe with a minimum hard surface runway length of 6,000 feet.
  • Perfect for simulation use (FSX, FS2004) All data on charts are in simulator.
  • Alphabetical tabs
  • Binders
  • Enroute charts!



The costs of this huge package is only € 150 (+€ 30 postage and handling in europe).

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europe only


Offer updated February 2008







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