This site is completely independent. This means the existence not depends on financial contributions other then the financial contribution of myself. The site costs me about $100 a month and I try to cover these costs by selling Jeppesen enroute charts every now and then. I just started to add some commercial banners giving me a extra income of about $10 a month..... But no problem. I like to offer this site to you: simworld.

My site is hosted by Compuserve. But since October 2000 I have moved the site to a virtual server at ICOM and two new domain names ( and Compuserve will remain a mirror of my complete site. I use the ICP professional account for $89 a month.

No changes?

You are perfectly right. This site has not been updated for centuries. (except for this line.....) I decided to keep the site alive because there is still a bunch of information on it and it's still wanted. Grab what you find.... Maybe I will jump in one day in 2011 do a major refreshment.

The file collection

The files in my files section are collected from various sources. Every day about 30 files become available but it is a real problem to find the good files between all of those. We can see new files which are just cheap remakes of existing panels and planes and dynamic scenery of Nanisivik airport in Canada. At my site you will always find a huge collection of great files. And if you are looking for that specific file you can find it using the search function at my fs2000files.htm page or by just using

Most files are not located at my own server and come from all over the world. To explain this I will show you how flightsim files are handled on the Internet.

Most files were originally uploaded to the server of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). The most important Flight Simulator files server on the Internet. Thanks to a very dedicated webmaster overthere I guess (Marc Strawcutter). This site became extremely busy (slow) and this is why the IUP server is daily mirrored by several other sites. Most important are a Swedish (sunet) server, and a server in Canada ( hosted by Al Pelletier and his friends. Those site can be pretty fast. IUP stopped service in September 2000. Since that moment Eldon Radda made uploads possible at his Compuflight site.

At some locations people make information about all uploaded files available, like Hans Stoekenbroek with his semi-automated upload section at simflight ( and manually at compuflight by Eldon Radda ( Compuflight takes care for the mirroring process of iup. ALL files uploaded to flight-sim/uploads section will be there forever and mirrored within a few day's. So: if you have a file you want to publish: upload it ti the Compuflight site and it will be available.

Another source of files is the Avsim files server. A very good organized US site with a large staff. Many files found at IUP can also be found here.

Most difficult to handle source of files are all other, mostly private locations on the Internet. You will find beautifull files overthere but locations are subject to change and it's quite some work to keep all links working. If you find a not-working link, please inform me ASAP.