Worldwide weather maps. Enter the ICAO code or Airport name and receive a free actual weather map of the involved area.
USA visual aviation charts (VFR) available online. Also a basic worldwide flightplanning tool.
List of all US aviation accidents and incidents investigated by the NTSB.
Site with al lot of GLIDERS and SAILPLANES. And if you like it you may visit the soaring pages.
Stunning site of a manufacturer of accurate cockpit panel replicas 1:1 sized to build your own private 1:1 real cockpit! Too expensive for your humble webmaster. Beware: Prices are Canadian dollars. Look at this "how to" page.
Official Pilot Series Checklists website. 54 different checklists, for 31 seperate aircraft, designed for use within Microsoft's FS98 or FS2000.
At this site you can request a repaint to your favorite companies colours.
Central Park, the site of Allessandro Antonini. He is the author of Super Planner, a free planner, and some other useful utilities. Announcing a new version of Super Planner at his site.
Pretty good site giving you a lot of panels (about 500) sorted by manufacturer and type including screenshots.
Site made by Enrico Schiratti. FlightSim developer from the early day's. Wrote Schiratti Commander for FS5/FS95 and jumped back in the FlightSim world several months ago. It is rumoured that he build a FlightSim cockpit into a real DC9 cockpit and wrote his own software for the panels. He starts to release brand new free and commercial products like the PFD (professional Flight Display) and a new version of the Schiratti Commander. Site is worth being visited!
Coastline extractor. Official US government site giving you vector based information about coastlines. You can import the result in Abacus scenery designer.
New virtual FS magazine, FSMAG
A site by Rick Lee, who started the first Compuserve FsForum and made beautiful scenery in the fs4 years,, containing information about how to control the FS98 helicopter.
Keith Virtual Helipad site: All you need when you are looking for a heli.
Nice Brazilian page showing you may possible GPS and FMC available on the net. Lot of screenshots so you will get an idea about how they look. Inclusing download links. It's in Portugues language but with some common sense you will find your way around.....
Great index of ALL US airports. Includes all information you need, including airport layout. Perfect for navigation and scenery design....
Ferdy Serena made a nice FS98 site. Lot's of files

Plane index: Very good indexed page with planes sorted by Airliner, Manufacturer or by Country/Continent. ALL files are converted to a self-extracting format. Just copy them into the main fs98/aircraft section. Great! No site can beat this index.....even the independent FS98 site can't<g>

Scenery Hall of Fame by Tom Gregor Sr.
Benchmark site. Benchmarks systems and Video boards using FS98. Very useful if you consider buying new hardware. Didn't work the last time I was there but maybe it works now....
Andre Bruton from South Africa made a very professional flight simulation dedicated site "The Africa Way". Including a special "African Scenery" Area.
Nels Andersons site: a professional one!
Microwings: some people consider this to be commercial but what the heck...
NEW:: Georges Lorsche homepage the author of the Approach Chart Atlas FINAL APPROACH and the flight planner NAVIGATOR 6.0, both for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Flight Sim Central. Another ship runned by Aaron Anderson.
The official Microsoft flightsimulation site.
Brand new product of Jeppesen: jeppview - Airway Manuals on CD-rom. And a the Simcharts product. Buy the cheapest EUropean package at Jeppesen and my European charts set and you have the best maps collections you can wish.
Apollo, distributor of Europe I II, III and more.
CH products of the Virtual Pilot, the Flightsticks and Pedals
The longest url in cyberspace. And it IS the real name of a village in the UK!
Microsoft Terraserver: A database with all russian satelite images. Find your own street on the real picture. Under this link you will see the city I live in: Spijkenisse, a bit south of Rotterdam, Netherlands. My street is somewhere under Xld 8848 and Yld 13616 (you can see the coordinate in the bottomline of the browser) You can click on it to see it enlarged. I can see my house on the enlarged picture!
All real-world airliner sites on one page!

National Geographic Society Released a 30 CD-ROM library of every page of every issue from
1888 through 1997. Every article, every photograph, every advertisement, and every page map is presented exactly as it was in print. And for only $149,95, that's only $5 a CD-ROM! A must-have for children and grand-children.Also available in DVD version (4 DVD's).

The site of the former president of Indonesia, Mr. Habibie. He had this site before he became president. You can ask him for reforms using his e-mail adress...And the site of the Indonesian resistance.
Nice satellite picture of the earth showing night/day line of this very moment.....
This is IMHO a best satellite picture (1250x1250!) of the world. It shows the globe in great detail and it is updated every day at noon. Hint: Use the picture as your wallpaper and update it every day. Just by hitting your right mouse button after loading the complete picture and click on 'save as wallpaper')
Country indexed sites

Actually a continent but interesting enough to add this link. Lot of African scenery. A Mozambique site delivers even more!

Argentina Marioadd Argentina site including the latest Argentina scenery and some planes
Australia Homepage of the OZpack design team: designers of the complete Australia scenery.
Austria Austrian flight simulator site for FS 98 & FS 2000 by Austria FS team.
Chile Site dedicated to Chile. Also lot of other South American scenery available.
Denmark A site covering Denmark.
Egypt The first Egyptian FlightSim site. Egyptian aircraft and scenery.
Estonia Estonian site including planes and scenery en navigational information.
Finland The site where you can expect the latest Finland scenery.
Greece In Greek language: A Greece dedicated site
Italy Site of the Federazione Italiana Volo Simulato, yes, the Italian Simulator club, with a special Italian scenery section
Japan Japanese language site with a lot of Japanese airport scenery. And there is another Japanese site...And a page with all Japanese language flightsim links.
Malaysia Malaysian scenery and planes of MAS
Netherlands Site with a lot of Dutch scenery and planes,
Norway Norwegian support site by design team
Portugal The official Portugal98 scenery site. Also other Portugal related information.
This place is giving you the latest Russian scenery developments. Russian site with partly English explanation!
Sweden Site dedicated to a Swedish scenery project
Scandinavia All Scandinavia related simware. And this Scandinavian site is good too, dedicated to online flying and you will find fs5.x stuff here.
South Africa Some South African aircraft at this South African page.
Turkey Site about Turkish Scenery and Adventures
UK Site Magrathea : All Free UK scenery's by the UK design team
Ukraine Virtual Air Ukraine.


Some links to real (paper) magazines with worldwide delivery:

Microwings (USA)

Flight Simulator World (from USA:former Full Throttle)

Computer Pilot (from Australia former PC Aviator)

PC Pilot (from UK)

Micro Simulateur (French)


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magazine Simulation dedicated sites about one country you will like these links.... they want to sell something non cemmercial sites