_bm7            _bm8            

_bm9            _bm10            Seaplane Base

_bm11            _bm12            Heliport

_bm13      Airport not having a Jeppesen Approach Chart

_bm14            LAA Local Airport Advisory

_bm15            AFIS (Aerodrome Flight Information Service)

_bm16            Airport elevations are in feet AMSL

_bm17            Authorized landing Area

Airport locations labeled in capital letters indicate a Jeppesen Approach Chart is published for that airport and is indexed by that name.

_bm19 _bm20 _bm21
When the airport name is different, it is shown following the approach chart indexing in small letters. Available terminal communications are provided in the COMMUNICATIONS tabulations. Airport is listed under the name in capital letters - Douglas Mun is listed under CHARLOTTE. When only the airport name is shown, the airport is listed under the airport name - Owens is listed under Owens Apt.