La Desirade
La Desirade v1.0. Located in the Caribbean.(210k) Antoine de Mas Latrie
Guadeloupe v1.5. Located in the Caribbean, West Indies. (569k) Antoine de Mas Latrie
Les Saintes
Les Saintes v2.0. Located in the Caribbean, West Indies. (424k) Antoine de Mas Latrie
Isla de Culebra
Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico (177k) Freddie Merheb
Mexico98 by Horacio Pozos (934K)
Simon Bolivar Venezuela
Simon Bolivar International the main airport of Venezuela for FS98 default. (440Kb) By Henrique Uslar.
Falkland Islands
Falkland Islands (107Kb) by by Matthis Haeuptli
Valparaiso, Chile
Valparaiso, Chile v2.0 (239k) Andres Valenzuela
Argentina99. More complete version of Argentina with a lot of new airports, more detailed areas, static and dynamic aircraft. (3,784k) Mario Aguirre. Not cvompatible to other versions of Argentina.
Chile v5.0.
Chile v5.0.(2,772k) Gonzalo Oyarzun
This scenery covers all main Airports of Argentina (2,3Mb) , (more than 100 Airports, that means that this scenery is the largest Scenery of Argentina realized by the moment ) with Special emphasis in the Provinces of Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Also included Colonia and Montevideo (Uruguay) ,the Airport of Asunción in in Paraguay and Port Stanley Airport (Malvinas Islands)By Alejandro Pablo D'Adamo. Also the special Argentina Textures (3,1Mb) needed.
Argentina98 Scenery enhancement -1998 Mario Aguirre (1277K)
Brazil (Mid-West) (v2.0)
Middle-Western Region of Brazil (v2.0). (1078k) Fernando Cronemberger Miranda
Argentina Static Aircrafts
scenery - Adds static aircraft to almost all airports in Argentina98. Requires argentina.
Argentina (459k) Version covering only Argentina. Also extended version available.
Argentina update
Update for Argentina98 1.0a (442k) or Samerica.
Requires (446k). Mario Aguirre .Updated (see above)
VOD Textures 2.7
VOD - Visual Object Designer complete package of textures (v2.7).(768k) Rafael Sanchez . This is no scenery. You will need the file for some scenery's and if you want to design objects using VOD 2.7 (see utils page).
Part of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil (v1.0a).(446k) Mario Aguirre.  Update available 19/12/97 (executable 442K)