Easter Island Dynamic
FS98 Easter Island Dynamic Scenery. This is a demo made with the Dynamic Object Designer DOD v3.0 utility program, a freeware program to create dynamic sceneries for FS98 Available in the designer section. All source files are included in the files as well as some important notes and help on how the scenery was made. You will be able to see some unused objects in the scenery and some special effects as well. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. (735K)
Hawaiian Airports
Major Hawaiian Airports, Version 2.0 This is a detailed addon for the default airports included with FS98's Hawaiian scenery. Lihue, Kahului, Kona-Keahole, Honolulu, and Hilo have all had detail added to them. (364K) By Aaron Seymour.
Shayne Butler's Nadi (Fiji) International Airport
Very detailed Kiribati scenery (984K) by HansPeter Strub, Michael Grueterich and Daniel Zenker.
Easter Island
Rapa Nui (Easter Island). By Stefan Doebereiner's .
Another Pacific Island group: The Marquesas, made by Jean Claude Embry's
This scenery includes: - All 6 Austral Islands - All 14 Gambier Islands - Temoe, Minerve & Morane - 8 Tuamotu islands which are not included in Wilco's commercial Tahiti add-on - Pitcairn, Oeno, Henderson & Ducie. You need 5 files: The actual scenery files (146K), the documentation (168K), and one, two, three texture files. (398K,744K and 593K) Compatible with the free Society Islands scenery by Chris Wilkes
Tahiti haze
Replacement Haze File for 'Tahiti and the Society Islands'
by Chris Wilkes.(3k) Ian Donohoe
Society Fix
Society Island fix for database error (56K) Chris Wilkes
Society Islands
Society Islands (Tahiti, BoraBora, Uturoa, etc) SUPERB scenery of French Polynesia. Is a must have, together with the Baleares (below). Realistic Visual scenery. Great colors. FREE! and it beats commercial scenery. It is a huge 10 files download but you definitely need to do this. Finally it will eat 75Mb of your HD... Navigation information about these islands including official approach sheets can be found on my Tahiti page.

 society0.zip (649k) society1.zip (844k) society2.zip (738k) society3.zip (894k) society4.zip (1,237k) society5.zip (687k) society6.zip (649k) society7.zip (1,663k) society8.zip (1,493k) society9.zip (1,065k) and a fix. (56K Chris Wilkes. Replacement Haze file for better horizons  (3K)