Mississippi update
Mississippi 99: State of Mississippi second UPDATE. Requires miss99.zip (4,517k) and miss_txtr.zip (102k).
San Luis Obispo, California
San Luis Obispo County plus Santa Ynez, California Version 3 (4/9/99) Includes: Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Cayucos, Atascadero, Avila, Pismo Beach, Grover City, Oceano, Santa Ynez, California (1,222Kb) by Al Wheeler .Airport2.02 (155k), and VOD2.7 (768k) textures required.
Dynamic Orlando
Dynamic Orlando International V1.0 - adds dynamic scenery aircraft, landing and departing Chris Gilbert's Fantastic Orlando International Airport scenery for FS98! Requires four files mcodyn1.zip mcodyn2.zip mcodyn3.zip and mcodyn4.zip. Total size of four files: 3,372Kb.
Mississippi update 2
Mississippi 99: State of Mississippi UPDATE2. Requires miss99.zip (4,517k).(102k) Ken Dacey and Russ Smith
Florida 99
Total Florida 99 Update (1,973k) Ken Dacey and Russ Smith
State of Michigan v2.0(2,053k) Jim Bosworth
Southeast Virginia
Southeast Virginia, Version 4.1. (990k) Ray Stephens
Halifax Nova Scotia
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Release Version 1.2 Includes accurate data from Canadian Centre for Mapping of energy, Mines and Resources and Dept. National Defence Info. Includes Canadian Forces Base Shearwater. Also Includes stunning Harbour Scenery, Cape Breton Highlands. By Christof Langland. (269Kb)
Mississippi 99
Mississippi 99: State of Mississippi (4,517k) Ken Dacey and Russ Smith
Alaska v9.0
Alaska v9.0 . Not compatible with Basil Copelands version. (2,646k) Dean Salman
Alaska98 Scenery additions
Alaska Scenery additions. Developed to AK98 enhance scenery created by Basil Copeland Jr.(160k) Randy Whistler
San Diego
San Diego.(689k) Kevin Trinkle. Not compatible with Aaron Seymours version. This new version is the best one.
Halifax and Nova Scotia
Halifax and Nova Scotia Scenery v1.1(136k) Kristof KG Langland
Meights upgrade
Meigs Scenery Upgrade v2.0 -(637k) Nathan G
Texas vs10
Texas Version 10, covers the state of Texas, USA. 280 airports and static aircraft. By Boyd Morris (5.6 Mb)
Port Canaveral
Port Canaveral, Florida. Includes the cruise ship and freighter terminals just south of Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, plus additional port scenery. For FS98, and will fit in with my H-ICFv5 release. By Larry Kinsley (217 Kb)
Denver Stapleton
Denver (Stapleton Intl.) Accurate remake of this airport. By Ben West.
Aspen, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado. Features new winter textures, winter mountain night effects, seasonal changes, completely reworked Colorado mountains and an ATC adventure touring the scenery areas. Extensive documentation for all airports and features. (786Kb) By William Behnke.
Canada (west)
86 Airports of Western Canada v3.0 (965Kb) by Frank Moore. And he made exclude files for 86 Airports of Western Canada v3.0 to avoid double runway's(2K).And you need some files more: Hydrographic (678Kb), Individual (1.297Kb), texture (713Kb) and a patch (2Kb)
Total Florida '99. Full new version by Ken dacey and Russ Smith.Requires three zip files. 1/3 (1.768Kb) 2/3 (3.727Kb) 3/3 (4.101Kb). Not compatible with Diebold c.a. version (below). Also a fix available to solve some problems. (149Kb) Update available (above)
US + Canada airport signage

Project of John Blahm to add realistic airport signage to airports. New files on bottom.

Steve Gonwa (east) and John Voznak (west) worked together making a scenery covering Wisconsin. Great visual detail and about 100 airports included. Two files: Eastern Wisconsin (includes the previously released WashCo_v1) (476k) and Western Wisconsin (previous released as Central Wisconsin) (1,966Kb) You need a missing texture file to use the Western Wisconsin scenery. (194Kb)
Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador v1.0 (2,312k) Patrick L. Gaul

Alaska scenery made by Basil Copeland. Extremely detailled scenery. Very good and free. You need the main scenery file (3.698Kb) and two texture files 1/2 (831Kb) and 2/2 (530Kb). You are advised to visit the authors site for more information about Alaska and it's airports.

Alaska 8.2
Alaska Scenery v8.2 (1,305k) Dean Salman
Complete Greenland scenery. Thanks to the Greenlandic Airport Authorities, Construction Dept. version 1.5 of the scenery contains four of the new airports. Two of the airports (Sismiut og Aasiaat) open in October 1998, while Uummannaq and Maniitsoq open in 1999. (974K)
Montana: All known (122!) aiports and airstrips in Montana that data could be found for. All the runways and taxiways are done except for communication settings. By Gary Anderson (347K)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada by Ralph L. Tofflemire.
Southeast Virginia
Southeast Virginia Version 4.1a by Ray Stephens (1089K)
SanFrancisco Metropolitan vs 3.0
San Francisco Metropolitan (325K) Area for FS98, Version 3.0 This scenery greatly enhances the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose metro area, as it is a combination of many sceneries. In it are detailed and accurate versions of these airports: OAK, SJC, LVK, CCR, HWD, SQL, Q99, WVI, PAO, RHV and SFO. Also, over 300 roads and 55 mountains have been added. San Francisco has hills and a more detailed downtown now as well. All airports were done from FAA and Jeppesen diagrams. By Aaron Seymour
USA Middle Atlantic States
USA Middle Atlantic States Scenery Enhancement. Enhances FS98 scenery for Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. (1,421k) Dave Lang
San Diego Metropolitan
San Diego Metro Area for FS98. (160K) This is another metro area enhancement for the state of California. Detailed scenery of San Diego Intl/Lindbergh Field is included, as well as San Diego Gillespie and Montgomery Fields. By Aaron Seymour.
Five airports located in the Bahamas region (334Kb) of the Caribbean. By Shug Ballantyne. Second file (released November 1998) adds 6 airports (508K) Also updated needed (35K)
Los Angeles Metro Area
Los Angeles Metro Area version 2.0 (293K) by Aaron Seymour. This is a combination of several projects to enhance the default Los Angeles metropolitan area in FS98. Ten airports have been done in detail - LAX, BUR, ONT, SNA, VNY, EMT, TOA, FUL, CPM, and HHR. This scenery also adds over 200 roads to the LA area, greatly enhancing the look at night. Lastly, over 60 new mountains have been added as well. Six zip files are included.
State of Georgia ver. 5. Three files required:ga98a-v5.zip (1,970k) ga98b-v5.zip (2,520k) ga98c-v5.zip (1,039k) by Ken Dacey & Russ Smith. Requires ASD textures (asdtextu.zip, 61k) vodtex2.zip (768k), and Microsoft FS98 patch 1 (including converter) installed.
Quebec Version 5.1. (3,394k) By Quebec Virtual Pilots. Contains 116 IFR/VFR airports within the province of Quebec and the airport of Wabush, Newfoundland.
Covering Canada's National Capital Region. (297k) Jim StevensTextures from Airport2.02 (155k), and VOD2.7 (768k) .
San Francisco Dynamics
Static and dynamic aircraft for San Francisco, ver. 1.0
Scenery for the entire state of Kansas. Four zips required: kansas98a.zip (1390k) kansas98b.zip (1840k) kansas98c.zip (1850k) kansas98d.zip (1820k) Tim Dickens.
Chicago Dynamic
Dynamic aircraft for Chicago. (558k) Brian McWilliams
Western Wisconsin
Western Wisconsin (formerly Central Wisconsin). (1794k) John Voznak.
Mississippi update
Updates Mississippi 98 Version C. Requires ms98-verc.zip (2262k). (623k) Ken Dacey/Russ Smith
State of Alabama (v3.0).(5Mb!) Ken Dacey and Russ Smith. Replaced by 99 version
Requires textures from A&SD (61k), Airport2.02 (155k), and VOD2.7 (768k).
British Columbia
North Coast of British Columbia. (1345K) version 1.1 replaces version 1.0 Douglas R. Keech
Southern Alberta
Central (227Kb) Southern (543Kb) and Northern (342K) Alberta by Douglas R. Keech. Texture files needed: Txtur202, Asdtextu, and Vod2.7
State of Mississippi (ver. C). Requires textures from A&SD (61k), Airport2.02 (155k), and VOD2.7 (768k). (2262k) Ken Dacey/Russ Smith
State of Missouri (2381k) Noel Krieger
Texas (v5.0)
State of Texas (v5.0). (4263k) Boyd Morris. Replaces previous versions. New Version available (above)
Georgia Textures
Updated textures for State of Georgia (v4.2).(859k) Ken Dacey/Russ Smith Requires Georgia 4.2 (below)
Georgia (v4.2)
State of Georgia (v4.2)(1858k) Ken Dacey. Requires textures from A&SD (61k), Airport2.02 (155k), and VOD2.7 (768k). Replaces previous versions.
State of Texas (v4.0)(4079k) Boyd Morris. Not compatible with the Tom Jones Texas scenery (below). Replaces version 3.0. Now version 5.0 available (see above)
Minnesota (4.0)
Minnesota (v4.0)(1897k) - Minnesota with portions of western Wisconsin. By Don Bouchier Requires textures from A&SD (61k) and Airport2.02 (155k).
North East USA
Northeast US(839k) - NY,NJ,CT,MA,RI,VT,NH,ME including Revised and Updated NY/NJ Ground Texture Scenery. David Lang
State of Alaska (v8.1).(466k) Dean Salman. Also for FS95. Replaced by version 8.2 (above)
State of Oklahoma.(1997k) Noel Kreiger
Realistic state of Florida.(1908k) Rob Diebold/Chris Gilbert/Bill Otten. You will also need this update (82K), released shortly after the release of this scenery.Not compatible with Ken Daceys Florida (below).

You may add static aircrafts to this scenery (1.255K).

Texas update
Patch #2 for Texas (V1.0).(146k) Tom Jones/Michael Aday. Read the doc about what it does....
real Meigs Field, Chicago, IL USA (v1.0c).(206k) Gregory Zonsius
State of Texas.(1,470k) Tom Jones/Michael Aday. Update   16/12/97(146K)
Georgia vs 3.0
State of Georgia (v3.0)..515k) Ken Dacey. Requires ga98-v2.zip (489k) Replace by version 4.0 on April 1st 1998
Florida update 3
Update 3 for Florida version 2.(61k) Ken Dacey Requires fl98v2.zip (1,406k). Updated by new version (above)
Quebec (v5.0) (3 Zips required: 1(1.262K) , 2 (1,384K) , 3(537k)) by Quebec Virtual Pilots . Version 5.1 available since August 1998.
Georgia update
Georgia (v2.0).(489k) Ken Dacey Requires ga98c.zip (1,081k) Update 3 released 22/11/97
South Carolina
South Carolina (v2.0). (415k) Ken Dacey
Requires sc98a.zip (927k)
British Columbia (North)
North Coast of British Columbia.(1,239k) Douglas R. Keech
C. Wisconsin
Central Wisconsin (v7.0).(1,095k) John Voznak
British Columbia
British Columbia.(706k) GeoWright Group
Florida Update
Update for Florida 98 (V2).Requires fl98v2.zip (1,406k). Update 3 released 20/11/97
Florida vs2
State of Florida (v2.0).(1,406k) Ken Dacey. Requires textures from Airport2.02 (155k) Also download update (13K)
State of Oregon (v5.0).(76k) Andrew PLunkett
Requires textures from Airport2.02 (155k).
New England
New England states. All 3 .ZIPS required: ne_par1.zip (917K), ne_par2.zip (808K) ne_par3.zip (963K) by Dave Lang
Vancouver B.C. and 135 airports in British Columbia, Canada.(1,178k) Donnie Chisholm (Shareware: version is full working but Donnie asks to send him $5: DO IT guys!)
State of Florida. (1,364k) Ken Dacey
Requires full install of FS98 and textures from Airport2.02 (155k).
State of Georgia (ver. C)(1,081k) Ken Dacey. Update (489K, requires previous version)
Racing course Reno
Reno/Stead, Nevada airport Race Course.( 4k) Joseph Albert
Requires textures from Airport2.02 (155k).