Newest versions on top
Melbourne, Australia v2.3(2,334k) Colin M. Lock Updated to version 2.3 in August 1999. You can find the latest version above.
New Zealand
New Zealand including 90 airports,All navigation beacons (ILS, VOR, NDB, DME),roads, mountains, rivers. By Philip Middlemiss 2,069 Kb. Also textures required.
Australia's Tasmania (414K) By Mark Dickinson. Accurate coastlines made by the US Geological Survey coastline extractor.
Wegener Station, Antarctica
Wegener Station, Antarctica v1.0. Very detailed imaginary scenery with a lot of features around. Land on an iceberg, on a runway on pylons, near a lava geysir. (678k) Volker Raab
New Zealand
New Zealand. Version 1.30. Covers all of New Zealand with over 120 Airports. Two zip files required 1 (1.218K) and 2 (405K). Also requires Airport 2.02 textures (155k) .
Australia Northern Territories
Australia Northern Territories.(591k) Also includes static scenery (planes and other objects), towns, roads, mountains, islands, rivers and lakes as well as much more accurate coastlines. Version released september 5th 1998, replaces previous versions. Requires textures from A&SD (61k), Airport2.02 (155k), and VOD2.7 (768k).
New Zealand
New Zealand (v1.2). Texture (874k) and Scenery (1359K) files required.P. G. Middlemiss
Professional FREE Australia scenery made by the Australian Ozpack team for all files you need the Fsasm library (56K)

Victoria (1,7Mb)

New South Wales (881Kb)

South Australia  (2,3Mb)

Western Australia (2,2Mb)

Brisbane/SE Queensland
Scenery - Brisbane/SE Queensland, Australia (revised)(631k) Dean Bielanowski/Barry Chaseling
South Australia
South Australia (Windows auto install ver.).(2,333k) OzPack (DONATION-WARE) If you want to install manually choose the manual version (file one (347K) and two (1362K) , both needed)