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Falkland Islands
Falkland Islands (107Kb) by by Matthis Haeuptli
Iceland 3.0
Iceland 3.0. Perfect free scenery of this island. Very realistic and complete. By Frank Jager, Rob Shuitemaker and Sveinbjorn Olafsson(1,5Mb)
Canary Islands v 6.0

Canary Islands v6.0.Francisco Urquia and Antonio Quintana. Two Canarians worked together for this full update of the Canary Islands. They did a very good job using satelite images converted to textures and detailled airports. You need a 266+ processor to fly the scenery.... You need 6 files:

A small but detailed scenery of the Madeira island, including city of Funchal and the airport. Not an exact copy of the real airport, but better the desert island is FS98's default world. Performance is little slower than in "normal" airports due to static aircraft and many other details. Funchal is known as being a dangerous airports because of the strong winds coming from the mountain slopes. By Frederico Lacerda. (142K) Airport 2.02 and VOD 2.7 textures required.
Canary 98 patch
Canary 98 patch. (98K) Solves some problems in Alfonso Bello's Canary Islands scenery (find it below). By Alfonso Bello.
Canary Islands

New version of Alfonso Bello's Canary Islands. previous version was buggy, but this version is better. Not compatible with other Canary Islands version! You need four files: one (89K), two(752K), three (1.061K) and four (1.018K). Give it a try. Looks good. If you don't like the included clouds scenery, just disable the 'clouds' area in your scenery library.

Canary Islands (by Urquia)
Canary Islands (v5.0) (167k) (981k) (1104k) (880k) (789k) (180k) Francisco Urquia (All 6 zips required). Not compatible with Alfonso Bello's version (below)
Canary Islands (by Bello)
New version of Canary Islands (1.485K) by Alfonso Bello. Not compatible with version made by mr. Urquia (below) I prefer the Urquia version 5.0 as the Bello version gives some fatal errors......