Newest versions on top
Kathmandu, Tribhuvan Nepal
Kathmandu, Tribhuvan Intl, Nepal (201k) Eugénio Napoles. Also update available.(34Kb)
Dhaka Zia Bangladesh
Dhaka Zia International Airport (VGZR), Bangladesh. (609k) Theodore Mourabas
Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
Ulaan Baatar Airport (ZMUB) Buyant-Ukhaa, Mongolia (506k) Theodore Mourabas
Jianqiao, China
Hangzhou Jianqiao (ZSHC), Jiangsu, China v1.0. (291k) Jeffrey Lung
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo "Katunayake Airport", Sri Lanka.(164k) Frederico Lacerda
Venezuela v2.0. Includes 84 airports in Venezuela. (159k) Lino Ayala. Replaces previous version.
State of Utah vs.2.0. (4,318Kb) This scenery requires FS98 converter patch, VOD2.7 textures, ASD textures and Airport 2.05 textures. All public use airports, Michael AFB (Dugway Proving Grounds), Bonneville Speedway included. Custom dynamic scenery in most areas. 3d card recommended but not required. Accurate rendention of roads, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Custom buildings at KSLC and downtown Salt Lake City. Patch available.(32Kb)
Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (OMDB) v0.3.(214k) Sean Hart.
Solovki archipelago
Solovki archipelago, White Sea, Russia. (98k) Alexander A. Belov
Moscow, Russia. Includes 3 airports, static and dynamic scenery. You will find three new airports in Moscow - Bykovo, Tushino and Ramenskoe. (904k) Vladimir Shilnikov
Yakutsk, Russia Airport (UEEE)(358k) Theodore Mourabas
Vladivostok Knevichi
Vladivostok Knevichi Airport (UHWW)(263k) Theodore Mourabas
Dubai International Airport
Scenery - Dubai International Airport (DXB) v0.2, United Arab Emirates(190k) Sean Hart
Yakushima Island
Yakushima Island v1.1(578k) Kazuo Kawamura
Former USSR part 3
Former USSR part 3(478k). Requires (1620k), (643k) and the complete GBS2EE?.ZIP set and GBS2TXR.ZIP (to be found below).By Fernand Verbraecken
Saudi Arabia
Western Saudi Arabia airports (257K) by Talal A. Alhaj
Christmas Island
Christmas Island, Indian Ocean (52k) Mark Dickinson
Very detailed scenery for the Maltese islands with accurate coastlines, villages, taxiways, centrelines, stands, etc. Included are also aerial photos of Luqa airport. By Reuben Bonnici (821Kb) Not compatible to the Malta "Grech" version (below)
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur International Airport v1.5. This is an improved rendition of the Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport. It includes static aircraft, terminal buildings with gates, improved taxiway centerlines, aircraft hold signs with red lights near runways, and much more.(627,5K)
Pakistan including lot of detail. Almost all airports and including lots of landmarks. By Faique Khan.(109K)
Indonesia's Bali (249K) By Mark Dickinson.Accurate coastlines made by coastline extractor.
Israel . This is a new version of very detailed Scenery Israel for FS98. Also textures needed. (509K) By Mirko Stefanovic replaced by new version 2.0 in July 1999)
Maldives scenery by Dazeflight Visit this Indian Ocean paradise.
Hong Kong(3)
Another HongKong scenery (147K) covering the new airport Chek Lap Kok. By Wayland Lee.
Hong Kong(2)
New Hong Kong scenery (280K) with the new airport Chek Lap Kok . IMHO this is the best one. By Aaron Seymour.
Hong Kong(1)
Extends Hong Kong to include Chek Lap Kok Airport, Ching MA Bridge, Sek Kong Military Airstrip, and nearly all hills and towns found in the territory.
Nagoya photorealistic scenery (8Mb!!!) by Michimasa Sakagawa
Philippines scenery(676k). Requires Alfred Grech's
The new Hong Kong airport (52K)! Officialy opened on July 6th 1998 and now available on this site! You need Airport2.02 (155k), and VOD2.7 (768k) textures. By Norbert Seibert.
Nagoya, Japan (v2.0). (143k) Takuya Murakami
Maledives scenery vs 2.1(956K). Very professional, almost perfect scenery by Daniel Zenker. Also collection of screenshots (680K) available
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia.(304k) by Robert Painter
former USSR for GBS
Former USSR. Requires the complete visual basic scenery of Eastern Europe GBS2EE?.ZIP set  and below(approx 20Mb). This is the perfect combination: The superb visual landscape scenery combined with a superb airport scenery.(1620k) Fernand Verbraecken   If you installed Fernands previous versions
of former USSR you don't need the USSR texture files
It also requires the airport 2 textures (155K)  and VOD2.7 textures (768k).
Israel (438k) Tomer Haim.Covers country and includes all major airports
HongKong extension
Extends Hong Kong to include Chek Lap Kok Airport, Ching MA Bridge, Sek Kong Military Airstrip, and nearly all hills and towns found in the territory.(139k) Wayland Lee
Enhancement to Changi International Airport Singapore.(290K) by Shayne Butler and Bob Jones.
Requires textures from Airport2.02 (155k).