Current and recent METAR reports from around the world are available from the NWS either through this Metar site or via anonymous FTP at . METAR observations are available as individual reports or in cycle files.The information available is in represented in a meteorological code and is not generally readable, however, extensive information is available about the METAR Code. You can easy read the metar reports using the program InfoMetar below.

A aviation weather site in the UK giving you all information about actual weather on airports around the world.

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Weather radar gauge
FS2000 weather radar gauge.(79Kb) It's fake but it responds to the aircraft's speed and heading and includes on/off and range switches. By Chuck Dome. Please inform me when the file is not available anymore.
FS Meteo v4.79
FS Meteo v4.79 (538Kb) . FS_Meteo with an Internet TCP/IP protocol connection sets cloud layers, temperatures, altimeter settings, visibility, wind speeds and directions from the surface to high altitudes. It also can set gusting wind conditions at the surface and at high altitude. With Flight Simulator 2000 you will also get snow, rain, and thunder when conditions warrant. FS Meteo checks your plane's location and sets the parameters in Flight Simulator with real weather data. FSUIPC included. Shareware (registration $24.99 US).By Marc Philibert. You may visit the FSmeteo site.
FSUIPC and Weatherset
FSUIPC and Weatherset (150Kb) . FSUIPC is the connection module for FS2000 with external add-ons. Weatherset is a basic FS2000 weather manipulation program, using the Advanced Weather interface in FSUIPC (version 1.50 onwards) By Pete Dowson
WETTER 2000 v1.1
WETTER 2000 v1.1.(1,228Kb) Creates random and real weather. You may create enroute weather with departure and destination airports, world weather for pre-defined or your own areas, weather from a FS2000 flight plan, changing weather, real weather (METAR or SAO files). By: Klaus Prichatz
InfoMETAR 1.0
InfoMETAR 1.0 (1,627Kb) is a powerful, all-in-one METAR utility, with a wide array of features and enough flexibility to serve the needs of both beginning and advanced METAR users. The program visualizes the world weather as downloaded from the NOAA world weather service. By David Sandberg
Weather Adventure
Roger Weather Adventure v2.0 (173Kb). An adventure that provides changing meteorological conditions, making flying more realistic. By: Ruggero Osto and Philippe Boyer