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The Netherlands 2000 has been made by NLteam:

  • Arno Gerretsen
  • Bert Kuyper
  • Christian Bionda
  • Erwin Horjus
  • Graham P. Oxtoby
  • Guido van Wijngaarden
  • Jeroen Arends
  • Kees Sonneveld
  • Mark Arends
  • Rob de Vries
  • Robbin van Dijk
  • Steve Gryskiewicz
  • Thomas Diderich
  • Tom van Maastrigt

Without doubt the best and most detailed country wide scenery. 38 Mb download

The following two files are required:

There are a few optional files:

Unzip all files to temp directory and run nl2000.exe.

During unzip you need to use the folder names included in the zip. This will make the nl2000.exe program files and the scenery installation files be copied into separate folders. If these are all copied to the same folder nl2000.exe/setup will not be able to find the to be installed scenery files.

Don't forget to delete the files in you temporary folders after installation. They sit on 170 Mb of your Hard disk.....

Important: On the end of the installation you will get some hints how to setup your fs2000-display. You cannot see those hints anymore without a new setup. Write these hints down. They are important. Ignoring those hints and running NL2000 scenery with max display settings will result in system crashes on non-top-end systems....