The Fly Static Model Tutorial
This is Version 2.0 of "The Fly Static Model Tutorial" (5Mb) that will get you started making simple static models using a free program called trueSpace V1.0. The following subjects are covered: deform, move, scale, glue as child, object & scene, sweep, normalize rotation, slice, rotate eye, primitives, the shape editor. By Jeff Davis
TerraScene (32Mb!!) is a freeware scenery generation system that uses digitized maps available for free download from the USGS and realistic land type textures (included) to generate realistic scenery images. By Todd Klaus. Datapacks available here.
A powerful, all-in-one METAR utility (1.627Kb)from the author of ThinMetar. Graphically plots METARs on a world map, or decodes into English with other station data. Includes random weather generation, and all ThinMetar functions (with point & click flight route selection) to tweak METARs for improved results in Fly!. Performs automated METAR downloads via Internet. Also converts RWX format METARs into the NOAA format required by Fly!. Built-in wizard to get you started. Runs under Win9x/2K. (NOTE: Win95 users also need MSIE 4.01 SP2 or newer.)
KingAir GPS
The KLN89B GPS (617Kb) is used and installed slightly above the radar as in many real Kingair 300's. The GPS will not couple with the autopilot as of yet. I think this may be a limit with the KA autopilot. By Are Barstad.
ThinMetar 1.1
A utility for quickly optimizing raw METAR files for use with Fly!. Removes observations outside of the flight area, decreases overlap of reporting stations, and tweaks the METAR observations themselves to yield a "thinned and cropped" METAR file that is "ready to go" for import into Fly!, and which greatly improves the fidelity of the resulting weather in the sim.
Convert elevation data
This is a program (167Kb) to convert USGS digital elevation data from their DEM format to Fly!'s RAS format. The program will also produce the necessary text file used by the Fly! scenery editor to correctly import the data. Basically, the program allows users and scenery designers to import elevation data directly into Fly! By Robert Parsons
Scenery/Objects editor

Official release by the authors of Try! a first version of a designer. Buggy, but it's a start....(4363Kb) Includes tools for:

  • Slicing satellite imagery for use in Fly!
  • Importing digital elevation model (DEM) data for elevation meshes
  • Placing 3D scenery objects
  • Importing 3D models from 3D Studio 4/3D Studio Max
  • Extracting, Creating, and Cataloging .EPD files
  • Creating and editing taxiway models
  • Creating and editing databases
Texture editor
RAW2BMP (72Kb) contains 2 utilities for editing RAW files (default graphics format for Fly!), RAW2BMP and BMP2RAW. As you might expect, RAW2BMP combines an RAW and ACT file to create a BMP file, and BMP2RAW reverses the process. By Frank Racis)
AutoMETAR (2.182Kb) automatically downloads the latest METARs for the USA directly from the NOAA directly into Fly, effectively giving the sim pilot 'real world, real time' weather. Many simmers use the AutoMETAR icon to launch Fly!
A utility (145Kb) to process raw METAR files. Removes observations outside of the flight area, decreases overlap of nearby reporting stations, and optionally makes some tweaks to the METAR observations themselves. All of which yields a "trimmed and cropped" output METAR file that is "ready to go" for import into Fly!, and which improves the fidelity of the resulting weather in the sim. By David Sandberg.
Runway textures
New runway textures (124Kb)(Apshalt/Cement Runway, Taxiway, landing light, taxiway lighting) by Michael E. Smith.
Thrustmaster setup
HOTAS controller setup for the ThrustMaster FLCS stick and TQS throttle. The text file enclosed in the ZIP file explains more about the use of the various included files. (8Kb by David Sandberg)
Voice recorder
This utility helps you record your voice (31Kb) for use as the pilot voice in Fly!. After you have recorded your voice set, you also can share your voice (for use as an AI pilot voice) with others.
ILS altitude changer
A utility to change the altitude of ILS installations By Martin Peters File (29 Kb)
Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks on Using the Vector Map in Fly! (590Kb)