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Dynamic scenery

The Dynamic Scenery Generator program is a simple DOS utility which lets you select one of the default FlightSim dynamic objects (such as the Cessna, F18, etc.) and compile both simple and complex movement patterns.

For more complex patterns, you will want to use Dynamic Object Designer (DOD). Very accurate flight paths can be created using a variety of methods: drawing the path on a 'map', defining the path using simple direction commands, and using a recording of an actual flight in your FlightSim.

The latter requires the Flight Data Recorder program. This is a small module that is added to Flightsim (FS95 and FS98 compatable), records the movements of aircraft and saves the information in a simple data file. The file is then loaded into DOD and used to compile the dynamic scenery.

If you want to improve on the default FlightSim dynamic objects and add your favorite aircraft, use DynKit. This utility will create a new file which contains the visual model information of any aircraft you want. The file is then used to replace the default dynamic objects within specific sceneries. Furthermore, the original textures are retained so the aircraft look more 'realistic.' Therefore, you can have a 747 flying around automatically instead of a plain-looking Learjet.

DOD 3.0
Dynamic Object Designer 3.0 DOD is a Win95/98 utility to create dynamic sceneries for FS98. You can create flight paths manually using simple commands or by drawing your path on a graphic as well as using recorded flight data files. Easy commands allows you to use a common path by one or more aircraft at different intervals of time and positions. You can also add in your scenery any converted custom aircraft showing the liveries of your choice. This version offers for the first time static libraries with 200 ready made objects. The program comes with a detailed help on line, also you can d/l the demo file EASTDYN3.ZIP (and missing texture) with extra help and information of the program. Raphael Sanchez. (3Mb) Dod 3A update also recommended.
DOD 3.0 Library
This is a collection of 200 static 3D objects for scenery design. Hangars, control towers, buildings, terminal and gates, bridges and more are included in two zip files (one (231Kb) and two (677Kb)). The files are part of the release of DODv3.0. You will also need the standard VOD textures file VODTEX27.ZIP By Rafael Sanchez
DOD Custom Objects
Dynamic Object Designer Custom Aircraft Library (986k) Rafael Garcia Sanchez. Rafael made a full working example of dynamic scenery for London Heathrow Airport (48K)
DynKit (1,4Mb): A program by Konstantin Kukushkin. DynKit is a set of tools for creating new dynamic object shapes, such as different aircraft in varying liveries. New object shapes can be used to enhance dynamic sceneries. Take a look at the included movie and manual before you start! You will need FSASM flight data recorder.(55Kb)
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