There are basically only a few real graphical designers available. Airport 2.60 and SCbuild. A new version of SCbuild is available in a commercial version: Abacus scenery designer. Since Mid 2000 a new visual designer is available: FSSC.

FS Scenery Creator v1.2.5
Flight Simulator Scenery Creator v1.2.5 (3.578Kb) . FSSC is a very good freeware scenery designing program. This new major release includes even more support for FS2000/CFS features, better macro handling, AFD and Area16N support, detailed tutorials, Autosave, and an intuitive user interface. SCASM, by permission of Manfred Moldenhauer, is also included. The program is available in English and six other languages. No prior installation needed. By Derek Leung.
Airport v2.60
Airport v2.60 Build 82 Full Install (4.753Kb). Freeware program for composing scenery, especially airports, for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator. This version of Airport supports all FS version from 5.1 through FS 2000 and CFS. By: Tom Hiscox. Pascal Meziat original.
Scenery Designers Toolkit
This program (691Kb) lets you manipulate Airport (APT) files so that you can translate (move) and rotate your scenery. This version lets you choose which objects to manipulate and import/export features are added. By Pelle F. S. Liljendal.
Airport 2.10
Airport 2.10 (4611Kb) Latest version of the FREE ultimate FS95/FS98 scenery designer for Windows95/98/NT. Latest improvements:

-3D Virtual fly through during and after scenery design.
-Over 300 photorealistic pre designed objects to place into your scenery.
-Over 200 textures to make your scenery look as real as possible.
-VOD 2.7 3D object designer to allow you to make your own objects without need to learn how to program.
-Full visual design of the scenery.
-A comprehensive help system.
-Full compatibility for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4 and Windows NT5.
-Ability to load BGL files directly and edit them visually.
-Moving objects that look real.
-True placement of shadows.


ScBuild is a graphical scenery designer for FS5.1 and FS6 that works in conjunction with either of the two popular scenery compilers: FSASM or SCASM. It can be used to create scenery for roads, lakes, rivers, coasts, mountains, islands, etc. It incorporates an airport design module for creating all of the components of an airport including runways, taxiways, ramps, buildings, ILS, polygons, etc. It can also be used to VORs, NDBs, ATIS, menus, and exclude areas. ScBuild is Windows 95 program and must be run on Win95 or Win NT based computer. Made byPeter A. Jacobson Big file, about 2,3 Mb If the server is down you can also try it here.Peter released a final version of this designer in a commercial version. Check Abacus software.
Scenery tester
This is version 1.0 of a BGL Jump tester/analyser. This program will show you wrong directed Jump instructions if the scenery file was compiled with SCASM 1.7 (or 2.0) with the "-m" command line option active. But even if the scenery file was not generated by SCASM, or if a map file is not available, BGLTST is a usable "good/no_good" scenery tester. Copyright by M. Moldenhauer. (33K)
scenery file viewer
BGLVIEW vs 5.0 is a Windows program which allows you to look at navaids, airports, and runways of arbitrary *.bgl files displayed on a map. You can also list these objects in a table and save them in a text file. In addition, the program contains a flight planner and a bgl-file inspector (which bgl-files contain what). For a full description of the program read bglview.wri. Freeware by Sascha Felix
technical stuff: compiling/de-compiling add dynamic scenery make 3D objects make,view and change textures designers