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If you like to know what information you can find on enroute charts, just visit my lesson page, on which you will find a part of a chart and an explanation of some main symbols.


Jeppesen enroute charts offers! Available again December 2005!!

Europe: 16 charts FULL set high and low altitude enroute charts covering Europe. Only € 25 (+€ 8,50 postage and handling in Europe) . Go to the dedicated page to find more detailed information.

Very limited offer: European set of airport and approach and departure sheets (SIDs and STARs) !! Also including above offered 16 enroute charts. Only € 150 (+ € 15 postage and handling) Find you way around all public airports in Europe and Eastern Europe.

WORLD SET, almost 100 charts Unique offer covering almost the entire globe for only € 100 (+€ 15 postage and handling in Europe)



If you prefer Visual charts you can best buy these new. There are a few possibilities.

You can try Jeppesen for VFR/GPS charts covering Europe soon. This company released this new product just in February 1995. The first released charts covered Belgium/Netherlands (code EB/EHV) Germany (6 charts coded code ED-1V to ED-6V), Austria (LO-1V) and Switzerland (LO -1V). In 1996 Jeppesen released a lot new coverage's. France, Poland, Italy have been covered and Spain can be expected in 1997. If you like flying VFR in Europe you can perfectly use these charts. The charts can also be obtained laminated (not folded).
You can buy these at JEPPESEN or order them in your local flightshop. Per Piece these charts costs about 16.36 German Marks (exc. VAT laminated DM 21.50). For a full set you need to pay several hundreds of German Marks but of you get high quality for this.

Of course you can also buy new IFR charts at Jeppesen . This company got famous with the leather binded Airway Manuals. These are covering certain area's and includes the folded enroute charts and thousands of SID, STAR, Terminal and airport sheets of almost all public airports in that area. The Airway Manual is quite expensive but as usual for Jeppesen of high quality. With one-year revision service the European set costs about 1.850 German Marks. The leather binder can be obtained for 140 German Marks.

For flightsim pilots who definitely are looking for new charts the Country Trip kit is a good solution. It has no binder and no revision service and it covers only the country you want. For instance: the trip kit of Austria costs about 48 German Marks. The trip kit of Germany goes for 62 German Marks.

For more information about Jeppesen contact Jeppesen . This is a nice web-site including a lot information about the availability of new charts and airway manuals. Outside Internet Jeppesen can be reached at the following address:

Jeppesen &Co GmbH
Frankfurterstrasse 233
63263 Neu Isenburg
Tel: +49 61025070
Fax: +49 6102 507999
You are advised to ask for the Jeppesen Products and Services Catalog.


Another provider of mainly VFR charts is NOAA (National Ocean service). They have extremely cheap charts scaled 1:1.000.000 covering the globe. These charts are called ONC charts. They contain all visual information but no nav-aids. Charts H-25 J-26, J-27 and K-27 cover Microsoft Caribbean. The price of these charts is only about $ 5.00 including postage. If you order charts ask also for the catalogue and price list. You will find much more nice stuff in there.

Since December 2000 all USA visual charts (VFR) are available online


It is difficult to get cheap approach sheets, but you need them for realistic flying. Georges Lorsche made a perfect program, Final Approach, which enables the user to design approach sheets and (less creative <G> but more important) makes it possible to use sheets designed by others.

Quite growing is the amount of online available copies of real aviation airport sheets. Approach sheets and SID's and STAR's of about 150 major airports worldwide available on this Swedish location based on SAS Airline sheets. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader needed.


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