Brief introduction on challenges:Microsoft added only four challenges to the challenges in the -FLIGHTS- menu. Challenges should be unrealistic flights but just fun to fly. On this page you will find challenges which will give you great fun for many hours.
Combat Race
Combat Race '99 is a package of race courses for use in multiplayer for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, including a 2-turn, tri-oval, slalom, canyon, speedway, and combat derby coures. By Peter Tanner
Togo Air Race
Bert Vierstra designed a beauty of a fantasy scenery placed near TOGO in Africa. You will be placed on a runway and around you, you will see various static and turning boxes. The goal is to perform a crashfree and fastest possible right hand or left hand circuit through these boxes.

Download the file clicking on the big red box in the picture

You will find a togo.stn file in the zip. Place this one into your X:/flight simulator/challenges directory. Copy the togo.bgl file in your scenery directory. Read the documentation and jump into the program, choose the TOGO challenge. Have fun.

If you want to report your experience and tell others how you survived, please tell it to me using the Guestbook below.

This file is copyrighted.Bert Vierstra gave me exclusive permission to make this file available at this homepage. Please do not copy this file to other servers and of course, distribution on commercial BBS-ses, commercial or non-commercial CD-ROMs or disk is strictly forbidden.

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